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Good day everyone! How have you all fared this past week? Here across North America we are still in a heat wave. I am looking very much forward to autumn as I am sure some of you readers living below the equator are looking forward to warmer weather. It’s amazing how us humans have spread all over the world and can now keep in touch with a simple keystroke.

But what about centuries or even millennials ago? Did people travel all around the globe? What about ancient artifacts that are found out of place? Where did they come from? Many think they are messages or parts left by aliens.

Let’s take a look at two; the Phaistos Disk and the Coso Artifact. The Phaistos disk is an interesting “circular clay disc covered with inscribed symbols on both sides that are unlike any signs in any writing system. It was discovered in the ancient city of Phaistos in Southern Crete in 1908. It is thought to date to around 1700 BC (from associated archaeological context), roughly contemporary with. This object has been the subject of many studies. Steven Fischer has claimed to have deciphered it and that it was a document in an archaic form of Greek. Because no other similar artifacts have ever been found anywhere in the Crete, it is thought that the object was foreign and brought in from another place. The place of its origin is extremely speculative, although subtle clues may exist in the highly pictorial signs on the disc. A sign depicts a helmet with crest, which was used later by Philistines. Another sign depicts a structure similar to sarcophagus used by the Lycians of Asia Minor.”1 

Believe it or not, there are those people who think this disk was left by aliens from a different planet. This is partly due to the fact that “no one seems to have been able to translate the mysterious language inscribed on the disk, which dates back to 1700 B.C. and the height of the Minoan civilization — until now…The disk can be read in a spiral direction from the outside rim to the inside. Using what previous studies have shown about Cretan hieroglyphics, and the scripts Minoan Linear A and Mycenaean Linear B from ancient Greece, the researcher was able to identify three key words: IQEKURJA, which may mean ‘pregnant mother’ and/or ‘goddess.’ IQE, which may mean ‘mother’ and/or ‘goddess’ and which appears repeatedly on the disk. IQEPAJE or IQE-PHAE, which may mean ‘shining mother’ or ‘goddess.’ ”2  Now that part of the code has been broken, you would think there wouldn’t be any more talk about the disk being of alien origin. But there is! For example states “It was made of fired clay. Whoever or whatever (some theories involve alien intelligence) made it by pressing hieroglyphic seals into a soft disc of clay to form symbols spiraling from the disk's center.”3 Wikipedia even says the hieroglyphics tell of a date the aliens will return and attack the earth. Wow, really? Why would they (if they existed) do that? That surely wouldn’t give them the advantage. Not to bright for a supposed scientifically advanced culture. 

What I am trying to point out is how un-factual the whole alien  theory is. Even when evidence is provided to the contrary, there are those who refuse to believe it. They would rather stick with weak, un-factual theories. 

After the language split at the Tower of Babel, many languages came into being. Linguists believe there were seventy-eight. Out of those original seventy-eight more languages developed and changed as people changed from generation to generation and moved around the earth. It is quite natural that some tongues would become outdated and unrecognizable altogether after a while. And that would go for the written language as well. 
After all, in the USA and other places in the world, there are many words that have different meaning that they did one hundred years ago. Bad does not necessarily mean bad any more!

But one thing never changes and that is God and His word. We can always rely on it and Jesus is always true to it.

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel



Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Courtesy of Answers in Genesis


Hi everyone! Soooo how was your last two week? Mine were fine and busy helping family out!

Speaking of families, did you know that mitochondrial DNA
only gets passed from Mother to daugher? “Every cell stores genes in its nucleus. But a small set of genes are also stored in the energy factories of the cell, called the mitochondria. The mitochondrial genes are separate from the nuclear genes. Our nuclear genes come from both parents, but our mitochondrial genes almost always come only from our mothers. If a woman fails to have daughters, her mitochondrial genes won’t be passed on to future generations. They go extinct, as it were. As a result, it is
relatively easy for mitochondrial gene diversity to be lost during a bottleneck. Sure enough, when we examine people’s mitochondrial DNA today, we find very little diversity. Generally, mitochondrial genes are very similar. That also implies that there has been little time for mutations to occur. The ancestor of our mitochondrial genes, the woman from whom humans inherited their mitochondria, must have lived relatively recently.”

 Location of mitochondrial “Eve” within the three-node structure of the human mitochondrial DNA tree. Whole genome alignment and resultant phylogenetic tree of 828 human individuals … show three major nodes...and “Eve” was located at one of the nodes which happened to be the node containing the most individuals in the dataset. Courtesy of Answers in Genesis.
In the early 2000’s scientists released several articles in journals such as Nature and the Journal of Science that identified mitochondrial DNA as being only several thousand years old. They even called this “origin” mitochondria DNA, Eve. 
A more recent study has identified three bottlenecks and one origin. It also discovered that mitochondrial DNA patterns within families has occurred at constant rates. Amazing! These studies  all match up with the history recorded in the Bible. And that my friends, is because the Bible has recorded the unaltered truth!

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel


Monday, July 4, 2016



Hi you all! How was your week? Mine has been very hot! But it looks like the temperatures are going to drop a little and give us some relief. Thank you Jesus! I don’t know how some of you fine people who live in such hots climates get along so well. Here are the hot places some of my readers reside in; India, Cambodia, South Korea, Arabia, Israel, Brazil, Kenya, Taiwan, just to name a few from the top of my head. I hope and pray you all have air conditioning or a swamp cooler or dehumidifier and many, many large shady trees!

Speaking of electricity, have you ever hear of the Baghdad batteries? It is a very interesting bit of our ancient history. Wait a minute, you say, how do batteries and “ancient” go together? Let’s take a look…

“A 2,200-year-old clay jar found near Baghdad, Iraq, has been described as the oldest known electric battery in existence. The clay jar and others like it are part of the holdings of the National Museum of Iraq and have been attributed to the Parthian Empire — an ancient Asian culture that ruled most of the Middle East from 247 B.C. to A.D. 228. The jar itself has been dated to sometime around 200 B.C. It was first described in 1938 by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig, and to this day, it is uncertain
whether Konig dug it up himself or found it archived in the museum. So how is it that a 2,200-year-old clay jar can be called a battery?

Those who’ve examined it closely say that there’s little else
that it can be. The nondescript earthen jar is only 5½ inches high by 3 inches across. The opening was sealed with an asphalt plug, which held in place a copper sheet, rolled into a tube.This tube was capped at the bottom with a copper disc held in place by more asphalt. A narrow iron rod was stuck through the upper asphalt plug and hung down into the center of the copper tube — not touching any part of it. Fill the jar with an acidic liquid, such as vinegar or fermented grape juice, and you have yourself a battery capable of generating a small current. The acidic liquid permits a flow of electrons from the copper tube to the
iron rod when the two metal terminals are connected.”1

Two questions boldly stick out: One, what did they use the batteries for and; Two, where did the ancients get the technology.

The first one is fairly easy to answer. Actually there are several answers as to this question and I believe the batteries where used for all. It is thought by some that the batteries were used in medical therapy. “Paul T. Keyser of the University of Alberta in Canada …claims that these
batteries were used as an analgesic. He points out that there is evidence that electric eels were used to numb an area of pain, or to anesthetize it for medical treatment. The electric battery could have provided a less messy and more readily available method of analgesic. Of course the 1.5 volts that would have been generated by such a device would not do much to deaden a patch of skin, so the next conclusion was that these ancient people must have discovered how to link up several batteries in series to produce a higher voltage. Keyser says that ‘Mesopotamian medical practice included a number of elements conducive to the reception of an electrotherapeutic device of this sort.’ In Sumeria, Akkad, and Babylon, there were two types of physicians, the ‘Asu’ and the ‘Asipu’. The latter practiced diagnosis of the patient’s symptoms, or
Modern experiment utilizing the ancient technology
of the Bagdad batteries and dendera bulb.
divination to determine the nature of the affliction. The former prescribed the medicine, or used incantation, to provide healing. They may have been the ones to apply electric currents to the patient’s stricken parts…Keyser considers it significant that bronze and iron needles were found with the battery devices discovered in Seleucia, an ancient city located along the western bank of the Tigris River in what would be today, Iraq. He considers that these needles may have been used for acupuncture. He points out that acupuncture was already standard practice in China.”2

Other scientists believe the batteries were used as a source
of light, especially in Egypt. Several hieroglyphics even depict what could only be a light bulb, called the dendera bulb. It is believe these bulbs where powered by batteries. Scientists have duplicated both the batteries and the bulb and were able to produce light. Still other scientists believe the batteries where utilized for electroplating with gold and silver. 

Question number two is a little harder to answer, unless you are a creation scientists. Secular scientists mostly believe in the alien astronaut theory. Conspiracy college states this about the Baghdad batteries, “How indeed did they accomplish electroplating without some form of electricity? Did the ancient aliens give them the knowledge?”3

Ancient Code asks, “Is it possible that these batteries were used to power devices such as the ‘Dendera bulb’? According to Ancient Alien Theorists the answer is yes…The only question that is perhaps more puzzling then the use of the batteries is who or what gave this ancient technology to mankind? Was it simply a random discovery? Or is there something otherworldly to these batteries? How could
ancient Persian science have grasped the principles of electricity and arrived at this knowledge? To what purpose would ancient mankind have used these batteries for, did they have access to power sources and electricity thousands of years before history tells us? Is it possible that this technology was obtained from extraterrestrial visitors like the Ancient Aliens theory suggests? When connected could these batteries power ancient devices such as the Dendera Bulb? All of these questions are still unanswered, and the Baghdad Batteries remain as one of the most mysterious discoveries that still remain unexplained.”

Two things I would like to point out. One; it is so sad that the answer (ancient man was intelligent and had the knowledge for advanced technology from the Former World before The
Noachian Flood) is right in front of these people yet they still refuse to believe it. Two; instead they would rather believe aliens from a distant planet brought this knowledge. Notice how the paragraphs are eloquently written, drawing the reader into their beliefs. Evolution has blinded these people from even considering that there could be a reasonable and logical explanation right here on Earth.

When the rapture happens, I believe people left behind will come to the conclusion that aliens had been involved. Instead of opening their eyes to the truth—that the Christians have been raptured—the unbelievers would rather accept aliens abducted them. After all, in there minds, aliens have been to Earth before to drop of batteries, right?

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel


Monday, June 27, 2016



Hello all you good people out there! Sorry I missed the last two weeks…I have been visiting my sister and there was a family emergency and on top of it all I couldn’t get into my email! But I believe I’ve got things under control now (ha ha!). Or at least in all my wisdom I hope so!
So what is wisdom? The bible states that the fear of God is the hatred of all evil in Proverbs 8:13a. Also Proverbs 1:7 states that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; wisdom and instruction fools despise. As a matter of fact wisdom is mentioned 55 times in Proverbs alone! So what does this have to do with our teeth? Let’s take a look…
Wisdom teeth erupt from the ages of twenty to thirty. They have in the past been looked at as problem teeth, something left over from the past ape-like creatures we are supposed to have evolved from. “Evolutionists have taught that humans evolved from ape-like ancestors that possessed larger jaws and teeth than us. (They say) in the process of evolution the jaw has become smaller, allowing less room for the third molars (wisdom teeth) and causing numerous dental problems. Our better understanding of the complex teeth-jaw relationship has revealed this explanation is far too simplistic. Research now indicates that the reasons for most third molar problems today are not due to
evolutionary changes but other reasons. These reasons include a change from a coarse abrasive diet to a soft western diet, lack of proper dental care, and genetic factors possibly including mutations. Common past dental practice was a tendency to routinely remove wisdom teeth. Recent empirical research has concluded that this practice is unwise.”1
Why is it unwise? Because there is nothing wrong with those teeth. Removal of perfectly healthy teeth can lead to jaw alignment problems, dry socket problems and teeth alignment problems.
Did man always have “problems” with their third molars or their theeth in general? Dr. Jack Cuozzo, author of Buried
Alive the Startling, Untold Story About Neanderthal Man, did intensive studies on the original Neanderthal skulls and teeth. His conclusion was rather startling, and from a biblical point of view, exciting. He discovered our ancient forefathers’ primary (baby) teeth were not lost until they had reached twenty to thirty years of age. In addition a midline closure of the lower jaw of Pech de l’Aze was present in the lower mandible (jaw). Pech’s skull is the youngest Neanderthal skeleton discovered. He is estimated to be 2.5 years old. However in the “center of this little (lower) jaw was an open slot which extended about one-half of the way down from between the two front teeth. This was an open remnant of the original line of fibrocartilage and connective tissue (found in babies).”2 At two and a half years this line in modern children is not present. Many other discoveries allowed Dr. Cuozzo to come to the very reasonable and logical conclusion that our ancient ancestors physically aged differently, slower, than we do today. 
I would like to think that the term wisdom teeth, has been passed down from generation to generation all the way from Noah, and even before his time into the Former world
before the global flood.  Doesn’t it make sense that at age twenty or thirty we are just beginning to attain some wisdom. About the time, if we lived in very ancient times, that we would lose our primary teeth and grow in all our “wisdom” teeth. Whether or not this terminology has actually been passed down from the former world, I am going to believe it has and embrace this particular ancient “wisdom”.
Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

Cuozzo, Jack. Buried Alive, the Startling, Untold Story About Neanderthal Man. Master Books, Inc. 1998. Pp 204-205.

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How are all you fine folks this week? I and my family are fine, surviving a heat wave and so thankful for our big shade trees. How did you like last week’s blog on the rapture? I’ve had some good reports, so let’s continue.

First, however, I would like to know if you all have noticed an upsurge of interest in UFOs. A friend of mine has pointed this out to me and I must say he is correct. Upon looking on the internet, and seeing all the new documentaries of aliens and UFO’s even on TV, it does seem that interest in “extraterrestrials” and their “transportation” are at an all time peak (keep this in mind as you read through this blog). If you are new to my blog, you will find in the past I have written

several on UFOs and the different phenomena that explain most UFO sightings. For a refresher, most sightings are either weather balloons, military training/experiments, the supernatural (as in demons), swamp gas, and/or bioluminescence in various insects and animals. Please search through my blog and read them to get greater details. My friend David “B” sent me some information along with this note, “You can see a ton of Supernatural
stuff in videos. A lot of fake stuff too but it’s easy to see the difference between government, supernatural and fake. It’s all just to distract and miss direct people. What's the end game in all of this and why is the devil using UFOs to do it? People are eating this stuff up like crazy! It’s really mind blowing and they (the media) use the bible in most of it. They use a little truth to hook you then the lie to deceive you.” For example here is a statement form “When a UFO is reported, or say, someone bothers and knows who, what and where to report it to, the most common ending is, these sightings turn out to be, 90%, probably more, are perfectly identifiable objects. Most UFOs are not UFOs at all. For decades now, sky and eyes have met to witness the buzzing unidentified flying objects. Termed as UFOs, they are simply flying vessels. Extraterrestrials have come a long way to revealing their colors purportedly. As the saying goes on, aliens have remained to be a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Why? First of all, the field demands evidence, which is clear and actual. However, most people present awful video and blurry photos. However, then there are also puzzled and well-intentioned witnesses.”1  As with any scientific observation, there has to be something solid. What we have so far is…well really
Depiction of the rapture
nothing! Yet people still believe in aliens. Even worse, they have the desire to believe in aliens. And this takes them away from God.nothing! Yet people still believe in aliens. Even worse, they have the desire to believe in aliens. And this takes them away from God.rapture (the meeting of together of believers with Jesus in the sky in a twinkle of the eye) is imminent and I believe one of the signs of the end times is all this hype on aliens. It is desensitizing people and in a way preparing them for an “abduction”. 

Depiction of the rapture

So what does this have to do with the rapture? What better explanation can there be for the rapture other than extraterrestrials? Remember, the people left behind will be, for the most part, unbelievers. They will be looking for a “scientific” explanation. We as Christians know that the

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel


Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Hi everyone!

How are you all? Taking one day at a time? That is how I am living right now because so much is happening I can’t fit it all in in one day, lol! It is so nice to have my husband’s parents here staying with us for most of the summer. And it makes me sad to think that they will leave sometime in August. 

Speaking of leaving, what exactly is the ‘rapture’? Let’s take a look…
The idea of a rapture comes from 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and several other scriptures as well. But 1 Thessalonians is the main reference: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. “The event prophesied in this verse is often called ‘the rapture’; the
return of Christ at the end of this present age, when all believers, both living and dead, will be raised in immortal bodies and caught up, or ‘raptured’ to meet Him in the air.”1

Can this really happen? Well, according to scripture, it already has! Hebrews 11:5 states By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. The reference to being “translated” refers to a rapture.This remarkable assertion of Enoch’s rapture into heaven while still in human flesh seems scientifically impossible, both by the law of gravity and the inhospitability of outer space to human life. Nevertheless, with God nothing is impossible, and the writer of Hebrews confirmed that the amazing event briefly described in Genesis 5:21-24 (When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. After he became the father of Methuselah,
Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.)really happened.”2

So now we know not only can the rapture take place, but it is possible for such an event to take place. Only a great God, a supernatural Creator, could do such a thing. Stayed tuned next week for more on the rapture, until then…

God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Sunday, May 15, 2016



Good day all you fine folks out there! And how has life been treating you? Very well I hope. My week was pretty good up until yesterday. Then it seemed like one thing after another happened, you know mostly small stuff, and certainly things to laugh about later on. But I was so ready to crawl into bed and thank the Lord for the end of the day.

Speaking of laughing…did you know humans aren’t the only
ones who can smile? Certain vertebrates have some of the same muscle in their face as humans. Horses actually have more than dogs, and dogs have more than chimps. This would seem to be a bit backwards on the evolutionary scale as chimps are supposed to be mankind’s closest cousins. However a very clever Intelligent Designer such as our Creator God, choose to make certain facial expressions universal. Avery
wise choice if you ask me—of course because God omnipotent! 

For example, if you are walking by a pickup truck with a dog in the back and it has it’s lips drawn back and brows furrowed, you know to give it a wide birth. Same thing if you came up to a counter where two men stood, one with lips drawn back and brow furrowed, the other with a smile—which one would you
choose to go to. The same thing can be said for cats, bears, horses and other animals.  

“Horses share some surprisingly similar facial expressions with humans, a new study finds. The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that, like humans, horses use muscles underlying various facial features, including their
nostrils, lips and eyes. These alter their facial expressions in a variety of situations.”1

Even though animals can express emotions on their face, nothing compares to human facial expression. Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis states, “the skin on our face has over 40 voluntary muscles that, among other things, allow us to move our skin around to create an amazing variety of facial expressions. These facial muscles originate in the skull bones but attach
to the skin of the scalp, ears, neck and face. All facial muscles are controlled by the facial nerves that emerge from the skull behind our ears and split into five branches on each side of our head…No animals, including apes and monkeys, can communicate such a wide range and nuance of emotion. By moving different muscles, we can show about 20 expressions, from smiles to anger and surprise…These expressions convey specific meanings to other people much like a spoken l
anguage. But just as in verbal languages, we can lie or deceive with our facial expression. Consider an insincere smile—it’s a smile but something isn’t right. What is it that tips us off?

“Fake smiles use only certain muscles going to the corners of the mouth, while real smiles involve many facial muscles, including those around our eyes. One can even be
trained to discern if someone is hiding their real emotions by masking facial expression. Studies have shown that trained observers can recognize concealed emotions by detecting “micro expressions” lasting for about only a quarter second.

“Did the Lord’s confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel affect this ‘skin language’? Researcher Paul Ekman studied people from different cultures all over the world to learn if people of different cultures have the same facial expressions or if
they are learned behaviors unique to each culture. He found that all humans, even from the most isolated tribes and cultures, share at least seven primary facial expressions with identical meanings: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, and contempt. (Something I portray in my novel Of One Tongue).
Quite simply a smile indicates pleasure and a frown indicates displeasure everywhere in the world.

“Facial expressions are not only the same everywhere, but they are contagious. We often notice people mimicking our own expressions. As they say, smile and the world smiles with you.”

I was recently asked during an evolution/creation debate (I was not the speaker) whether the animals in the Garden of Eden could speak. That is really an unknown. It certainly
would be exquisite if those animals did speak to Adam and Eve, Such an event is possibly as illustrated by the account in Numbers 22:30 where Balaam’s donkey speaks to him. I do think the Creator made provisions for Adam and Eve to interact with his other creations through facial expression and body language. We all know when a dog is happy. Not only does it
use its facial muscles to pull its lips upward and crease the muscles around the eyes but there is usually a mad wagging of the tail to go along with it. It is my belief that this form of communication was highly refined before the Fall.

So yes, there are similarities between humans and animals in
the way we all express ourselves. And yes, evolutionists claim this is proof of evolution. But as stated earlier, when you look a little closer, horses and dogs have more expressive facial muscles than chimps. Oops, how does that fit into evolution? There is a much more reasonable explanation. That is all of us—animals and humans alike—have a loving, kind and extremely intelligent Creator who
wants mankind to care for each other and the animals. And not just care for but to communicate, have dominion over, with them as well. But God doesn’t want us to communicate with only each other and the animals, He especially wants us to commune with Him, Creator of the universe. 

God bless and take care!
May you week be full ofJesus’ love!

Willow Dressel