Monday, November 28, 2016



Good day everyone!

Well, we have had our first snow here last night! It is all melting away now but this morning it was beautiful. And cold. So the first thing I did was build a fire so now it’s so cozy and warm. But if I don’t put the logs in just right, it will become a blazing heat in this room! lol!

Speaking of a blazing heat, what is going on with global warming, if anything? There has been a lot of debates and even scare talk about global warming and mankind’s contribution to it. And if it is real, is life on earth in trouble? So what’s the truth? 

CAGW stands for catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. In other words, global warming caused by humans. Many studies have been conducted since the late 1980’s. Scientist Larry Vardiman of the Institute for Creation Research-and someone I trust- did his own research analysis of three different datasets on the subject. He discovered that warming had probably occurred for at least the last 30 to 50 years. He also says, “…past warming is no indication that
Courtesy of Institute for Creation Research 
such warming will necessarily continue. In fact, there has been an apparent pause in this warming trend for the last 18 years. Nor does a warming trend automatically prove that human activity is responsible.”

Historical data also reveals that significant climate fluctuations that last for hundreds of years have indeed taken place in the past. As a matter of fact, “there have been two
significant changes in climate within the last thousand years—the Medieval Warm Period (roughly 950—1250 A.D.) and the Little Ice Age (roughly 1300—1850 A.D.).”2 The dates of these significant climate changes indicate that they occurred before humans could have been the cause. 

So what could be the cause of such climate changes? Three entities have influence on global climate; erupting volcanoes, the sun, and the ocean. A single erupting volcano can put out more atmospheric Co2 than all the carbon dioxide humans do worldwide. The sun can effect climate by affecting the number of cosmic rays (energetic protons) entering the atmosphere. The ocean can release CO2 in larger rates thus
increasing the temperature. 

Interestingly enough, secular scientists completely ignore this data. They even ignore the data that shows atmospheric CO2 parts per million (ppm) has been high in the past as well when humans would have had very little or no influence whatsoever. For example, today’s value is about 400 ppm. Something the secular scientists assume is an abnormal value. Data shows that atmospheric CO2 had high values around the years 1825, 1857, and 1942 with 1942’s value virtually the same as todays.

So where does all the fear come from? “Much of the alarmism surrounding this issue results from climate computer models that predict considerably higher
temperatures in the coming decades as a result of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide…However, in the past these climate models have consistently overestimated the amount of future warming…Clearly, there are major disagreements between different models about any significant global warming. But the data accumulated thus far seem to support the models (hypotheses) predicting global warming of no more than 0.5°C through 2050.

“It should also be remembered that carbon dioxide was part of God’s “very good” creation (Genesis 1:31). Plants “breathe” carbon dioxide, and there is evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is causing more plants
to grow, even in dry areas. There are also indications that the pre-Flood world may have had more atmospheric carbon dioxide than we do at present, and this increased CO2 may have contributed to a much more temperate pre-Flood climate. So even if CO2 is warming the planet today, Christians have no reason to panic over this issue.

“So many variables affect Earth’s climate that it’s difficult to see how a computer model can accurately predict future changes, especially given our present imperfect understanding. Earth’s atmosphere is subject to numerous intricate interactions, and we still don’t have a firm understanding of its overall long-term sensitivity. If we want a realistic assessment of climate change, we need to 1) do our homework and learn from history, 2) continue to study the data with great diligence, and 3) refrain from jumping to conclusions based on skewed climate models and short-sighted assumptions.

To be sure, God has appointed man to be custodian of His Earth. We should be good stewards of what He has given us, but we enter dangerous territory if we presume to be able to control and shape to our will what God has made. The law of unanticipated consequences inevitably intervenes.”3

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel


Sunday, November 20, 2016



Good day all you fine folks out there!

It has finally turned cold here where I live in the northern hemisphere! But its nice and cozy inside my home with a warm fire crackling in our wood stove. Some people might think it nice to have a fireplace, but for us it is essential to keep warm. I always chuckle at the thought of lighting a fire
to keep warm so I can turn on my computer to write! Ha-ha! It’s like having a living fossil!

Speaking of living fossils, what exactly is a living fossil? A living fossil is a term given to an animal or plant life that is found in the fossil record in which its present day forms are essentially unchanged and have been unchanged over time. For example let’s look at the Nautilus. The beautiful nautilus is a mollusk—a water invertebrate (both fresh and marine) that are highly diverse in anatomical structure and behavior. They very from squids and octopi to shelled animals such as snails and the nautilus. The nautilus lives in coral reefs in the night and feeds during the day in deep waters. It travels backwards at high speeds using jet propulsion. A fascinating and highly designed feature that is difficult if not impossible to explain by evolution.

“The fossil nautilus has been dated to a supposed 530 million years. Why the nautilus didn’t evolve is a deep mystery to the evolutionists. Of course, it’s only a mystery if you reject the Bible’s history (the unaltered truth). The nautilus was created on Day Five of creation week over 6,000 years ago. The nautilus fossils we find today were buried in a global flood a few thousand years ago. So it’s no surprise that a nautilus fossil looks like the ones we see living in our oceans today.”1 (emphasis added by the blog author).

See how many of these “living fossils” you recognize!

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel

1 Ham, Ken, Answers in Genesis, Newsletter volume 23, Issue 4. April 2016, p16

horseshoe crab

goblin shark



Monday, November 14, 2016



Hi guys and gals! 

Another beautiful week has gone by already. I am not able to get outside everyday because I am nearing the finishing chapters of my new novel, the second one in the series of Sign of the Oth. Much of the research I have done is all coming together now as the series advances along the time line. When I am in the thick of writing I am so tuned into the ancient Mesopotamia era that it is almost a culture shock when I stop and interact with the real world I live in, lol! It feels very much like I have traveled back in time.

Speaking of time travel, I read an interesting article on this phenomena. You must first understand, though, that really we all travel through time. If you look at a clock and see the second hand ticking away, it demonstrates that we move from one second on to the next. And there is no way to stop it, or reverse it. 

But the most shocking part about time travel is that most scientists, secular and creation, both have discovered that time travel is, in fact, possible. Even more fascinating is that time travel has actually been documented. Can you believe that! But before you get your hopes, or your doubts, up read a little more. Several factors play a part in how time travel in this day and age is limited. “First, it is limited in direction. It seems that time travel into the future is permitted, whereas time travel into the past is not. In principle, it’s possible to send a person forward 100 years or more to see his distant descendants. However, he could not come back. Second, time travel into the future is limited in degree by our current technological level. While it is theoretically possible to send a human into the distant future by traveling close to the speed of light, such speeds are far beyond the limits of our current technology. The velocity necessary for noticeable time travel requires energy that drastically exceeds what we can currently produce. For the moment, we can only accelerate subatomic particles through time in any noticeable way.”1

It would seem at first that us humans cannot accelerate passage through time by any means. It might feel like time
passes faster or slower, thus we say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. But a glance at the clock will show the actual passage of time has been unaffected by our emotional state. “Our intuition suggests that the forward progression of time is absolute and unaffected by anything we do. But our intuition is utterly wrong.

“The famous physicist Albert Einstein discovered that the
passage of time is affected by motion. A moving clock does not tick at exactly the same rate as a stationary clock of identical construction. We don’t notice this effect in our everyday lives because the effect is minuscule at the velocities we ordinarily experience. But imagine an astronaut traveling through space at 99% the speed of light—over 660 million miles per hour. He would experience one year for every seven Earth years! That is, he would be moving through time seven times faster than observers on Earth. If he were to return in 70 (Earth) years, he would have perceived and aged only 10 years. This effect is called time dilation. It’s strange but true.”2 Through logic and basic geometry, Einstein was able to calculate how velocity affects the measurement of time. Since Einstein’s time actual
experiments have confirmed his calculations. For example
this effect has been measured by atomic clocks on jets. “Furthermore, physicists have accelerated subatomic particles to nearly the speed of light, at which the effects of time dilation become quite pronounced and are easily observed.”

So is time travel for humans possible? If the velocity was sufficiently high enough, the answer is yes. However there
are other factors that inhibit this at this time, and make going back in time impossible. First, “Einstein’s equations show that if a person traveled faster than the speed of light, then he could travel back in time. The problem is that it would take an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light. As a mass is accelerated, it becomes more massive (“heavier”) and increasingly more difficult to accelerate. Since it takes an infinite amount of energy to accelerate a mass to the speed of light, a mass can obviously never go faster. Hence, anything with positive mass cannot go faster than light and therefore cannot go back in time.”4 

Second, is the grandfather paradox. If a person is sent “back to a time before his grandparents met, it would then be possible for him to prevent his grandparents from ever meeting each other, thereby preventing their marriage and any subsequent descendants, including himself. But if he were never born, then how could he possibly travel back in time to prevent his own birth? In this situation, the man must both exist in the present (to travel back and prevent his grandparents from meeting) and not exist in the present (since his grandparents never met) at the same time and in the same way—a contradiction. And it will not solve the problem to have the man simply vanish when he prevents his grandparents from meeting. After all, if they never met, then the man could never have existed, in which case he could not have prevented them from meeting.”5

Third and most importantly, the Bible indicates time travel to the past is not possible for humans. You see “God alone is beyond time, and hence He alone knows the future. In Isaiah 46:9-10 the Lord says, ‘I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done.’ Only God can say at a given time what will certainly happen at a later time. Humans can only make educated guesses. But if time travel into the past were possible, then we could simply jump back to 1970 and know with certainty what will happen over the next four-and-a-half decades. This contradicts God’s claim that He alone can declare those things that have not yet happened. Also, in regard to His coming, Jesus said, ‘But of that day and hour no one knows…but My Father only.’ But if we could travel through time, we could jump ahead to the moment of His return and then come back to the present. Then we too could know the day and hour.”6

I used to think time travel was possible if we had the technology. But God’s word reveals everything including time travel. He even knew we would be very curious about our origins and ancient past. And He was caring enough to oversee the writing of scripture which has important details of history and even a glimpse into the future. The Bible shows us that time, the past, present and future is under God’s sovereign control. And past, present and future reflect the awesome and mighty trinity of the Holy Godhead. 

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Monday, November 7, 2016


Beautiful Monarch Butterfly


Greetings all you good people out there! 

How is everyone doing? How is the weather there? I am well and the weather here is beautiful! My oldest daughter is having her baby tomorrow so I am about to be a new grandma. And it’s a girl this time. I’m so excited! It will be fun to dress her in all those cute baby outfits. Shell look so beautiful!

Just like the Monarch butterfly. If you haven’t been privileged to view this beauty, check out these pictures. But did you
Monarch butterfly
know that this gorgeous insect is toxic? Listen to this interesting article the Creation Research Society put out last year…

“Enzymes are specialized proteins that make more efficient, or catalyze, chemical reactions in living organisms. Milkweed plants contain toxins called ’cardenolides,’ which, when they enter the bloodstream of most animals, they inactivate a specific…
Monarch caterpillar eating milkweed
enzyme, making the plants poisonous. 

Enter two butterflies of the Danaus genus, Monarch and Queen butterflies. These creatures possess an extraordinary ability, the ability for their caterpillars to eat milkweed plants without being killed in the process. You see , these caterpillars possess specially adapted sodium-potassium pump enzymes that are resistant
to these toxins. It allows them to accumulate large quantities

of the cardenolides within their bodies, making them and their adult butterfly forms poisonous to the many birds that would otherwise like to eat them. 
Queen Butterfly

By the way, there is another species of caterpillar, of the Common Crow butterfly, that can also eat milkweed, but it
Queen butterfly caterpillar
does not possess special enzymes to combat the toxins; it is able to excrete the toxin rapidly without its entering the bloodstream (thus these caterpillars are not able to store the toxins for self-defense).

It has been shown that Monarch and Queen butterfly caterpillars consume milkweed at the same rate as the Common Crows, and not more. Thus, the cardenolide-resistant enzyme was concluded to be present to provide Monarch and Queen butterflies with a form of self-defense from birds. 

Common Crow Butterfly
How did these insects acquire such unique defense mechanisms? Were they eating milkweed prior to acquiring the modified form of the enzyme or the ability to excrete the toxin without absorbing it? If so, how would they have survived? Or, did the Danaus species possess the adaptive form of this enzyme before they ‘discovered’ that they could eat milkweed? Either way, this specialized relationship was not formed by accident, but required incredible design.”

And why would evolution select for a caterpillar to possess the ability to eat a toxic plant but not benefit from it? That sounds more like design with a sense of humor!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


O’Quinn, Jonathan C., D.P.M., M.S., Monarch Magic. Creation Matters, Vol 20, No 6, Nov/Dec 2015, p 12.

Monday, October 24, 2016




Greetings! How are all of my fine friends out there today? Are you all enjoying these beautiful autumn and spring days? I am! The color of autumn is so beautiful here rivaling the spectacular spring bloom we get. I hope you take the time to experience God’s beautiful creation wherever you are.

One thing about God’s creation is it doesn’t have to be taught to have beautiful colors or shapes. That was all part of the original creation. Mankind also was created with great beauty and soundness. It was only after the fall of man (Genesis 3) that our sin nature appeared. And every generation since Adam and Eve has inherited the sin nature. If you don’t like that idea, just think of young children. They constantly get into things and you have to teach them to be good, to do the right thing. You never have to teach them to do the wrong thing, they just do it. Because its in our nature. 

So along those lines of thinking, here are a few words of wisdom for doing right. And the amazing pictures of God’s creation just make it better:

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

all photos commons

Monday, October 17, 2016


Public domain


Greetings all! 

I just came from a wonderful creation seminar near my home. Presented was a small list of physical evidences that support a young universe. I will share this below but first how are all of you? I pray you are in good standing and enjoying the life God gave you (or at least for the most part, lol!).

Here is a short list with short explanations: 

  • Comets. A comet is an icy mass that orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern.  When a comet moves around the sun it looses a small percentage of its tail. This loss of material
Halles comet. commons
(ice, gas, dust and rocks) gives the comet its distinctive tail. Because of this loss, a comet can only last a certain amount of orbits around the sun before it runs out of material. Scientists estimate an ordinary comet can only orbit the sun approximately 100,000 years at the most. So since there are a lot of comets out there, they support a young earth as opposed to billions of years the secular community proposes. 

    Mississippi delta. wikipedia commons
  • The Sea Floor. Mud accumulates at approximately 400 meters per year. It is estimated that 20 billion tons of mud have entered the oceans so far in history. And 1 billion tons exit the oceans through plate tectonic activity. That means if the earth were several billions years old and 19 billion tons of mud per year entered the oceans, the oceans would cease to exist. They would have become dry land by now. However since we still have very deep oceans, this is physical evidence the earth is young.

wikipedia commons
  • Sea Salt:  Sodium enters the oceans at about 450 million tons per year at its current rate. If our earth was billions of years old, the sea would be so salty nothing could live in it. 

  • Earth’s magnetic field. Simply put, the earth’s magnetic
    Earth’s magnetic field. public domain
    field looses energy too fast. It looses around half its energy every 1400 years. At this rate the oldest the earth could be is 20,000 years old.

  • DNA. DNA dissipates in approximately 10,000 years. DNA needs regular maintenance in order to survive. That is why your cells are constantly repairing your DNA. Yet
    secular scientists estimate the age of Neanderthal man to be 40 to 70 thousand years old. And dinosaurs to be 65 to 70 million years old. If DNA has long since degraded and vanished by 10,000 years, why do we find DNA in Neanderthals and dinosaurs? If we are finding DNA in these fossils, there is only one logical explanation. The fossils are less than 10,000 years old. This is more evidence of a young earth.

Carbon cycle courtesy or Answers in Genesis
  • Carbon 14. Carbon 14 (c14) has a half life of 5,700 years. That means no c14 should be detected in fossils after 500,000 years. Yet all fossils contain c14. And significant amounts of it too! Interestingly enough, the same amount of c14 is detected in fossils at the top of the fossil layer (the KT boundary layer) as the fossils at the bottom.  Again, evidence of a young earth and a global flood.

I hope this has helped to clarify doubts you may have about the Bible’s authenticity; word for word, cover to cover.

Have a wonderful week and may God bless you all!
Willow Dressel


Dr. Humphries, PhD, Creation Seminar, 10-2016.