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How are all you fine folks this week? I and my family are fine, surviving a heat wave and so thankful for our big shade trees. How did you like last week’s blog on the rapture? I’ve had some good reports, so let’s continue.

First, however, I would like to know if you all have noticed an upsurge of interest in UFOs. A friend of mine has pointed this out to me and I must say he is correct. Upon looking on the internet, and seeing all the new documentaries of aliens and UFO’s even on TV, it does seem that interest in “extraterrestrials” and their “transportation” are at an all time peak (keep this in mind as you read through this blog). If you are new to my blog, you will find in the past I have written

several on UFOs and the different phenomena that explain most UFO sightings. For a refresher, most sightings are either weather balloons, military training/experiments, the supernatural (as in demons), swamp gas, and/or bioluminescence in various insects and animals. Please search through my blog and read them to get greater details. My friend David “B” sent me some information along with this note, “You can see a ton of Supernatural
stuff in videos. A lot of fake stuff too but it’s easy to see the difference between government, supernatural and fake. It’s all just to distract and miss direct people. What's the end game in all of this and why is the devil using UFOs to do it? People are eating this stuff up like crazy! It’s really mind blowing and they (the media) use the bible in most of it. They use a little truth to hook you then the lie to deceive you.” For example here is a statement form “When a UFO is reported, or say, someone bothers and knows who, what and where to report it to, the most common ending is, these sightings turn out to be, 90%, probably more, are perfectly identifiable objects. Most UFOs are not UFOs at all. For decades now, sky and eyes have met to witness the buzzing unidentified flying objects. Termed as UFOs, they are simply flying vessels. Extraterrestrials have come a long way to revealing their colors purportedly. As the saying goes on, aliens have remained to be a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Why? First of all, the field demands evidence, which is clear and actual. However, most people present awful video and blurry photos. However, then there are also puzzled and well-intentioned witnesses.”1  As with any scientific observation, there has to be something solid. What we have so far is…well really
Depiction of the rapture
nothing! Yet people still believe in aliens. Even worse, they have the desire to believe in aliens. And this takes them away from God.nothing! Yet people still believe in aliens. Even worse, they have the desire to believe in aliens. And this takes them away from God.rapture (the meeting of together of believers with Jesus in the sky in a twinkle of the eye) is imminent and I believe one of the signs of the end times is all this hype on aliens. It is desensitizing people and in a way preparing them for an “abduction”. 

Depiction of the rapture

So what does this have to do with the rapture? What better explanation can there be for the rapture other than extraterrestrials? Remember, the people left behind will be, for the most part, unbelievers. They will be looking for a “scientific” explanation. We as Christians know that the

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel


Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Hi everyone!

How are you all? Taking one day at a time? That is how I am living right now because so much is happening I can’t fit it all in in one day, lol! It is so nice to have my husband’s parents here staying with us for most of the summer. And it makes me sad to think that they will leave sometime in August. 

Speaking of leaving, what exactly is the ‘rapture’? Let’s take a look…
The idea of a rapture comes from 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and several other scriptures as well. But 1 Thessalonians is the main reference: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. “The event prophesied in this verse is often called ‘the rapture’; the
return of Christ at the end of this present age, when all believers, both living and dead, will be raised in immortal bodies and caught up, or ‘raptured’ to meet Him in the air.”1

Can this really happen? Well, according to scripture, it already has! Hebrews 11:5 states By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. The reference to being “translated” refers to a rapture.This remarkable assertion of Enoch’s rapture into heaven while still in human flesh seems scientifically impossible, both by the law of gravity and the inhospitability of outer space to human life. Nevertheless, with God nothing is impossible, and the writer of Hebrews confirmed that the amazing event briefly described in Genesis 5:21-24 (When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. After he became the father of Methuselah,
Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.)really happened.”2

So now we know not only can the rapture take place, but it is possible for such an event to take place. Only a great God, a supernatural Creator, could do such a thing. Stayed tuned next week for more on the rapture, until then…

God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Sunday, May 15, 2016



Good day all you fine folks out there! And how has life been treating you? Very well I hope. My week was pretty good up until yesterday. Then it seemed like one thing after another happened, you know mostly small stuff, and certainly things to laugh about later on. But I was so ready to crawl into bed and thank the Lord for the end of the day.

Speaking of laughing…did you know humans aren’t the only
ones who can smile? Certain vertebrates have some of the same muscle in their face as humans. Horses actually have more than dogs, and dogs have more than chimps. This would seem to be a bit backwards on the evolutionary scale as chimps are supposed to be mankind’s closest cousins. However a very clever Intelligent Designer such as our Creator God, choose to make certain facial expressions universal. Avery
wise choice if you ask me—of course because God omnipotent! 

For example, if you are walking by a pickup truck with a dog in the back and it has it’s lips drawn back and brows furrowed, you know to give it a wide birth. Same thing if you came up to a counter where two men stood, one with lips drawn back and brow furrowed, the other with a smile—which one would you
choose to go to. The same thing can be said for cats, bears, horses and other animals.  

“Horses share some surprisingly similar facial expressions with humans, a new study finds. The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that, like humans, horses use muscles underlying various facial features, including their
nostrils, lips and eyes. These alter their facial expressions in a variety of situations.”1

Even though animals can express emotions on their face, nothing compares to human facial expression. Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis states, “the skin on our face has over 40 voluntary muscles that, among other things, allow us to move our skin around to create an amazing variety of facial expressions. These facial muscles originate in the skull bones but attach
to the skin of the scalp, ears, neck and face. All facial muscles are controlled by the facial nerves that emerge from the skull behind our ears and split into five branches on each side of our head…No animals, including apes and monkeys, can communicate such a wide range and nuance of emotion. By moving different muscles, we can show about 20 expressions, from smiles to anger and surprise…These expressions convey specific meanings to other people much like a spoken l
anguage. But just as in verbal languages, we can lie or deceive with our facial expression. Consider an insincere smile—it’s a smile but something isn’t right. What is it that tips us off?

“Fake smiles use only certain muscles going to the corners of the mouth, while real smiles involve many facial muscles, including those around our eyes. One can even be
trained to discern if someone is hiding their real emotions by masking facial expression. Studies have shown that trained observers can recognize concealed emotions by detecting “micro expressions” lasting for about only a quarter second.

“Did the Lord’s confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel affect this ‘skin language’? Researcher Paul Ekman studied people from different cultures all over the world to learn if people of different cultures have the same facial expressions or if
they are learned behaviors unique to each culture. He found that all humans, even from the most isolated tribes and cultures, share at least seven primary facial expressions with identical meanings: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, and contempt. (Something I portray in my novel Of One Tongue).
Quite simply a smile indicates pleasure and a frown indicates displeasure everywhere in the world.

“Facial expressions are not only the same everywhere, but they are contagious. We often notice people mimicking our own expressions. As they say, smile and the world smiles with you.”

I was recently asked during an evolution/creation debate (I was not the speaker) whether the animals in the Garden of Eden could speak. That is really an unknown. It certainly
would be exquisite if those animals did speak to Adam and Eve, Such an event is possibly as illustrated by the account in Numbers 22:30 where Balaam’s donkey speaks to him. I do think the Creator made provisions for Adam and Eve to interact with his other creations through facial expression and body language. We all know when a dog is happy. Not only does it
use its facial muscles to pull its lips upward and crease the muscles around the eyes but there is usually a mad wagging of the tail to go along with it. It is my belief that this form of communication was highly refined before the Fall.

So yes, there are similarities between humans and animals in
the way we all express ourselves. And yes, evolutionists claim this is proof of evolution. But as stated earlier, when you look a little closer, horses and dogs have more expressive facial muscles than chimps. Oops, how does that fit into evolution? There is a much more reasonable explanation. That is all of us—animals and humans alike—have a loving, kind and extremely intelligent Creator who
wants mankind to care for each other and the animals. And not just care for but to communicate, have dominion over, with them as well. But God doesn’t want us to communicate with only each other and the animals, He especially wants us to commune with Him, Creator of the universe. 

God bless and take care!
May you week be full ofJesus’ love!

Willow Dressel


Monday, May 9, 2016



Hi everyone!

How did your week go? Mine was busy with extra work with another client, extra work marketing my novel and extra work getting the next book in the series written. Ahhh! I would love it a lot more if I also had extra time for sleep, ha-ha!

Speaking of extra’s…have you ever heard of the 67th book of the Bible? In the Protestant Bible there are 66 books; the Catholic Bible has 73. I looked it up and got a variety of answers. Someone who is obviously Catholic said, “Count back from 73.” That would be 1Peter in the Catholic Bible. Someone else said it was the maps in the back of the Bible. Another person said it is the Lamb’s book of Life. But others say it is nature. Can this be true; can nature actually be a “book” from God? It sounds good. After all, didn’t God create the earth and the
rest of the universe? Isn’t that nature?

The problem with that is, even though God gave nature (every natural thing around us) to mankind, humanity then worships it—the creation—rather than the Creator. The fact is God gave nature “to humanity so that we could look into the universe around us and see His glory.”1 

The Bible mentions nature multiple times. God loves his
creation too. Scripture tells us in Genesis 1 that God made the animals, the plants, the sun, moon and stars, and mankind: and that God saw that it was good.  1 Corinthians 9:9 says “For it is written in the law of Moses, thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take
care for oxen?” Proverbs 12:10 says “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Mathew 10:29 states “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.” 

It is obvious that God cares about all of His creation. But “those who promote nature as a missing aspect of God’s revelation (the so-called ‘67th book of the Bible’) need to
understand two crucial fallacies with this idea: first, nature is cursed; second, our observations of nature are not independent from our presuppositions (to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance). 

“Many who trust in humans as the highest authority reject the Curse as true history and thus deny its effect on our observations…while nature does reflect some of God’s qualities (Romans 1:20), if we trusted the nature we see now to show who God is, we would see the death, violence, and plant and
animal defense and predatory structures and imagine God as reveling in death and destruction.”2

Likewise “nature itself does not lead to false conclusions about the past, but people who look at nature can be misled by their own mistaken presuppositions. Those who look to nature as an objective source of God’s revelation (or an objective source of scientific truth) are ultimately looking, instead, at their own
preconceptions—even if they don’t realize they have them.

“When we examine these problems, we see that nature should never be put on the same level as the Bible. When the Bible mentions nature and the Word together, we find that only one of them is permanent and
foundational for knowing and fulfilling His will. Nature—this universe—will pass away and be rolled up like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4), but God’s Word will endure.” 3
As for the 67th book of the (Protestant) Bible…nature is the Lord’s creation, not a book. 

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Monday, May 2, 2016



How are all you fine people out there today? I am well and enjoying our beautiful spring weather. So many flowers coming up everywhere and blossoms on the trees, I love it! Or if you are in the southern hemisphere, you are hopefully
enjoying the gorgeous autumn leaves. Either way, trees give us a lot!

 And that brings us to Arbor day. Arbor comes from the Latin word arbor which means tree. So Arbor Day is the holiday set aside to encourage people and organizations to plant and care for trees. Many countries celebrate this investment so make a national day of Arbor Day varies according to the country. Most places try to correlate it with a spring date as this is the most advantageous time for planting. Here in the United
States of America most states celebrate it on the last Friday of April. 

The first recorded Arbor day was held in the Spanish village of MondoƱedo as an arbor plantation festival, organized by its mayor in 1594. Also in 1805 the small Spanish village of Villanueva de la Sierra held their first modern Arbor Day.  It was organized by the local priest and had joyful support of the entire

We had our first  Arbor Day here in North America in 1854 put into motion by two pioneers from Detroit, Michigan. “Missing the trees and forests of home, J. Sterling Morton and his wife planted trees, shrubs, and flowers around their property. Soon Morton, the editor of a Nebraska newspaper, was urging his neighbors to plant trees as windbreaks, to keep
Sterling Morton
soil from eroding away, for shade, for fuel, for building materials, and simply for beauty. As the idea caught on, people began planting and caring for trees. 

“Eventually, after Morton became a member of Nebraska’s State board of agriculture, he was able to influence more people to plant trees.On April 10, 1872, at Morton’s suggestion, the state celebrated its first Arbor Day, and eager individuals and counties planted over one million trees. Eventually Arbor Day was adopted by other states, and in 1970 President Richard Nixon declared the last Friday in April to be National Arbor Day. This holiday is still celebrated though on different days, depending on the state, to coincide
with the best tree-planting weather.”1

Many countries have adopted this great way to care for out planet. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Central African Republic, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lesotho, Republic of Congo, Maiawi, Mexico,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, and Venezuela are just a few countries that participate in this global effort of caring for God’s creations.

And trees are a gift from God. Created on Day Three of Creation Week. But Jehovah in His infinite wisdom made
trees for much more than aesthetic value. When God was designing things He made most living animals to breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. And He also designed trees and other vegetation to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Didn’t God create a wonderful interdependent system? Also trees need to have sunshine in order to
process their ‘food’ and grow, so trees (for the most part) “strive” to be big with spreading branches. Which can be very beneficial to other living things, especially in a hot environment. “The shade provided by the trees helps cut the use of air conditioning, saving you money and conserving energy. Trees planted around a city can even cool the city up to ten degrees Fahrenheit by shading homes, sidewalks, and businesses and by releasing water vapor into the air. During the winter, deciduous trees lose their leaves and let that warm sunlight come through when we want it most—a brilliant design
indeed. And any evergreens planted near your house serve as windbreaks, to keep the cold winter blasts from hitting your house full force.

“Despite needing water themselves, trees actually help conserve water. Their shade reduces water evaporation from lawns; and their leaves release water vapor, which can increase atmospheric moisture.

“In addition to removing the carbon dioxide, trees also absorb odors and even pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides,
Kiwi orchard
ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone from the air. Their leaves and bark can trap particulates out of the air making it cleaner and less polluted.

“When rain falls and hits a tree, it runs down the trunk and into the ground at the base of the tree. This prevents it from flowing down a drain, carrying pollutants with it. When planted on hillsides or other slopes, tree roots prevent erosion and runoff by holding
the soil in place.”2 

And dont forget the most obvious; delicious fruit and nuts. Who doesnt love apples or oranges, avocados, almonds, pecans, cherries, mangos, papayas, bananas, figs, and maybe the most important…olive trees (the oil is used for eating, lotions, medicine and burned for light). So God made trees to feed us and the animals, to help us breathe and for medicines, shade and beauty. I bet you can think of a few more thing too, like shelter!

Trees have been very important in our history as well. What would the Garden of Eden have been without trees? It would have been difficult for Noah to build the ark without trees. And of course, the most important, is that the “sinless Creator of the world took the penalty of our sin upon Himself as He died
nailed to a cross made from a tree.”

Jesus loves us soooooo much. 

May you all view trees with just a little more thought of the spiritual connection they bring, and of the great love Jesus has for us.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


Monday, April 25, 2016



Hi everyone! How has this past week been for you? Mine was a good one. As a matter of fact I just got off the phone with my daughter who lives in South Carolina. She told me she may be flying out to visit in a few weeks. It is always a pleasure to see any of my children!

Speaking of flying, have you ever thought much about flying? The airline companies do a good job of keeping us safe. They make the airplanes and jets arrow dynamic and provide pressurized cabins so we can breath at the high altitudes that planes travel in. The commercial airlines even provide
oxygen masks should the pressure in the cabins fail. 

People and animals that are born and live in high altitude regions get or are used to such low oxygen levels. “The highest-lying permanent settlements, in the Andes and in Tibet, are situated at just above 5000 m. [16,400 feet]. Not even people belonging to these mountain communities would
be able to survive more than a few hours in the oxygen-deficient air above 8000 m. [26,200 feet]. The oxygen content of the air is about 21%, independent of altitude, in the troposphere; the oxygen pressure consequently decreases in parallel with the decreasing air pressure at increasing altitude. At 6000 m. [20,000 feet] the oxygen pressure is only half what it is at sea-surface level; at 8000 m. [26,200 feet] it is a third of that and at 10,000 m. [32,800 feet] only a quarter.”1

But what about the high flying birds? “How can they survive elevations of 15,000 feet and sometimes higher without a
supplemental source of oxygen? Many bird migrations occur at extremely high elevations: 21,000 feet for the mallard duck, 27,000 feet for swans, even 36,000 feet for vultures!…How are birds able to breathe in such oxygen-starved conditions? What they have—thanks to their Creator—is much more efficient than Antis’ custom-made oxygen mask! A bird’s lungs function according to the
through-flow principle: the inspired [inhaled] air collects in the bird’s posterior air-sacs and flows through the lungs to the anterior air-sacs before it passes back out. In the lungs the blood is oxygenated by fine air capillaries, where air and blood flow in opposite directions. Owing to this counterflow, the oxygenated blood that leaves the bird lung acquires a higher oxygen concentration than that corresponding to the oxygen pressure in the expired [exhaled] air. In addition to flow-through lungs, birds have
hearts that are proportionately larger to their bodies than those of mammals—from 0.8 to 1.5% of total body mass, compared to mammals, which average around 0.6%. The birds’ larger hearts enable speedy blood transport and intensive oxygen renewal.”2

Oxygen masks and pressurized cabins in airplanes and jets
are a wonderful inventions. Even more so, the Creator God’s creations of birds high in the sky!

Until next time, look up look high—you just might spot some of these birds on their way down!

God bless,
Willow Dressel