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Greetings! How are all of my fine friends out there today? Are you all enjoying these beautiful autumn and spring days? I am! The color of autumn is so beautiful here rivaling the spectacular spring bloom we get. I hope you take the time to experience God’s beautiful creation wherever you are.

One thing about God’s creation is it doesn’t have to be taught to have beautiful colors or shapes. That was all part of the original creation. Mankind also was created with great beauty and soundness. It was only after the fall of man (Genesis 3) that our sin nature appeared. And every generation since Adam and Eve has inherited the sin nature. If you don’t like that idea, just think of young children. They constantly get into things and you have to teach them to be good, to do the right thing. You never have to teach them to do the wrong thing, they just do it. Because its in our nature. 

So along those lines of thinking, here are a few words of wisdom for doing right. And the amazing pictures of God’s creation just make it better:

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

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Monday, October 17, 2016


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Greetings all! 

I just came from a wonderful creation seminar near my home. Presented was a small list of physical evidences that support a young universe. I will share this below but first how are all of you? I pray you are in good standing and enjoying the life God gave you (or at least for the most part, lol!).

Here is a short list with short explanations: 

  • Comets. A comet is an icy mass that orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern.  When a comet moves around the sun it looses a small percentage of its tail. This loss of material
Halles comet. commons
(ice, gas, dust and rocks) gives the comet its distinctive tail. Because of this loss, a comet can only last a certain amount of orbits around the sun before it runs out of material. Scientists estimate an ordinary comet can only orbit the sun approximately 100,000 years at the most. So since there are a lot of comets out there, they support a young earth as opposed to billions of years the secular community proposes. 

    Mississippi delta. wikipedia commons
  • The Sea Floor. Mud accumulates at approximately 400 meters per year. It is estimated that 20 billion tons of mud have entered the oceans so far in history. And 1 billion tons exit the oceans through plate tectonic activity. That means if the earth were several billions years old and 19 billion tons of mud per year entered the oceans, the oceans would cease to exist. They would have become dry land by now. However since we still have very deep oceans, this is physical evidence the earth is young.

wikipedia commons
  • Sea Salt:  Sodium enters the oceans at about 450 million tons per year at its current rate. If our earth was billions of years old, the sea would be so salty nothing could live in it. 

  • Earth’s magnetic field. Simply put, the earth’s magnetic
    Earth’s magnetic field. public domain
    field looses energy too fast. It looses around half its energy every 1400 years. At this rate the oldest the earth could be is 20,000 years old.

  • DNA. DNA dissipates in approximately 10,000 years. DNA needs regular maintenance in order to survive. That is why your cells are constantly repairing your DNA. Yet
    secular scientists estimate the age of Neanderthal man to be 40 to 70 thousand years old. And dinosaurs to be 65 to 70 million years old. If DNA has long since degraded and vanished by 10,000 years, why do we find DNA in Neanderthals and dinosaurs? If we are finding DNA in these fossils, there is only one logical explanation. The fossils are less than 10,000 years old. This is more evidence of a young earth.

Carbon cycle courtesy or Answers in Genesis
  • Carbon 14. Carbon 14 (c14) has a half life of 5,700 years. That means no c14 should be detected in fossils after 500,000 years. Yet all fossils contain c14. And significant amounts of it too! Interestingly enough, the same amount of c14 is detected in fossils at the top of the fossil layer (the KT boundary layer) as the fossils at the bottom.  Again, evidence of a young earth and a global flood.

I hope this has helped to clarify doubts you may have about the Bible’s authenticity; word for word, cover to cover.

Have a wonderful week and may God bless you all!
Willow Dressel


Dr. Humphries, PhD, Creation Seminar, 10-2016.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lithobates sylvaticus, amphibian, frozen frog, cryogenics, #CHRISTIAN #CREATION SCIENCE #Lithobates sylvaticus


Hello all my fine friends out there!

And how do you all fare? I know the southern hemisphere is welcoming spring with open arms. But here in the northern hemisphere, we are preparing for the winter months ahead. Many animals are doing so as well. Bears are consuming large amounts of food to prepare for hibernation, geese and many other birds are heading south for the winter, others are lining their dens to keep out the cold and storing food. 

But there is one animal that might surprise you. A frog; Lithobates sylvaticus. This amphibian it found far to the north in the northern forests of Canada and Alaska. It is not the typical habitat of frogs who are found in more temperate or tropical areas. For many years amphibians were classified as warm weather animals. 

Yet Lithobates sylvaticus commonly called the northern wood frog, survives winter temperatures of minus do to 80 degrees. What happens to the frogs then? Do they freeze to death? Well, that is half correct. They do freeze, just not to death. “Come winter, (these) wood frogs burrow under leaf litter on the forest floor and, when it gets cold enough, they freeze solid. Normally, freezing is dangerous, because ice crystals forming within the body can rupture the cell walls, and of course, frozen blood cannot circulate and deliver oxygen and nutrients to organs.”1

So what keeps L. sylvaticus alive in frigid weather? Unlike cryopreservation (cryogenics) of the human body in which
legal death must occur first then the blood is drained and
replaced with a cryoprotectant solution to try to stop ice crystal formation in the organs and tissues as the corpse is cooled,  “At the time the frogs begin to freeze, the wood frogs’ livers produce massive amounts of glucose, which enters all the body cells, preventing ice from forming within the individual cells, and binding water molecules inside the cells to prevent the animals’ becoming dehydrated. They can tolerate glucose levels 100 times normal without the sort of damage diabetic patients would suffer with blood sugar levels only  2-10 times normal. This glucose prevents ice crystals’ forming inside the cells while allowing ice crystals to form outside the cells, allowing for a controlled freeze
without tissue damage.”2

We humans like to think of ourselves as intelligent, so why is it so hard for evolutionists to understand that such a fantastic thing as a frozen solid frog that comes back to life when it’s thawed out was created by an Intelligent Designer? If humans ever succeed in the realm of cryogenics, they will claim loudly and boldly of their inventions, their creations. When the truth is “the Mighty Creator designed each type of animal (and humans) with great care and attention, providing each living thing with exactly what it needs to survive.”3

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

1-3O’Quinn, Jonathan C., D.P.M., M.S., Frog-sicle, Anyone?, Creation Research Society, Creation Matters, Vol 21 Number 3, May/June 2016, p 12.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Cognizant of needs

Greetings all my fine friends! And what good news do you bring this week? The good news I bring you is God keeps giving us evidence of His existence! We but only have to be aware (or cognizant) of it! 

Being cognizant of something takes intelligence, I think we can all agree on that. So it is safe to say that “lower” forms of life are not aware of certain things, especially their need of something for the future. For example, would an ameba be aware what it would need to possess the ability to
reproduce? Was it aware that it needs to have a nuclei in each part as it divides to make two daughter pairs from the single parent amoeba? What about more complicated animals? Can abilities and structures just evolve for something in the future the animal will need? No, why would it? You can take the easy way out and say evolution selected for this. But what if there are perfectly good structures that get replaced. Why? Unless it is needed for the future. So the question is; “How can any living creature be cognizant of its need for a more specialized structure, and then proceed to
develop it?”1 Like the Remora fish. Let’s take a closer look…

The remora fish, also known as the shark-sucker fish, are thin, elongated, darker in color and can grow up to 3 feet. Found worldwide, there are eight different species and they live in warmer waters. Remoras feed on the leftover pieces of their hosts’ meals. Sometimes they even
act as cleaners by eating external parasites of their transporters. They hitch rides on larger marine animals such as whales, turtles, sharks and even ships. What is truly fascinating is how these creature “hitch” their rides.

Remoras have a suction disc located on the top of their heads which allow them to attach by forming a suction to their host. When they want to feed, they simply detach, and when they are done, they reattach. “Amazingly, the suction disc is not present in remora hatchlings, which
begin life with a normal dorsal fin. Early in development, the dorsal fin moves forward to the top of the head. The dorsal fin spines and associated bones flatten and widen out, much like the shape of a moose’s antlers. Tiny spikes develop along the edges of the bones in order to grip their host. Muscles then develop, connecting these bones to the top of the remora’s skull, and a lip of loose skin forms around the edge of the
suction disc to create a watertight seal. The remora can contract the muscles, creating a very strong negative pressure, pulling it tightly to its host. The suction disc has formed by the time the remora is 3 cm long.”2

Wow! Trading in a perfectly good dorsal fin for a suction cup? Where in evolution is the advantage of the dorsal fin moving forward to the head? How many millions of years did that take? And how many more millions of years did the
transitional form of this fish swim around with a non-working dorsal fin and a non-functional suction cup on the top of its head?

People please! I know you may have been raised to believe that evolution it the gospel truth, but please, can you just this once see the evidence. What good does a half dorsal fin, half suction cup do? Why would something like that evolve? What advantage is there? How would these “transitional” forms know, be cognizant of, their need in the future for a suction cup?

The remora screams of design. By an Intelligent Designer. As does the whole universe! I do not mean to offend anyone, I just want to help take off the blinders. 

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

O’Quinn, Jonathan C., D.P.M., M.S., The Enigmatic Remora, Creation Research Society, Creation Matters, Vol 20 Number 4, July/August 2015, p 12.

Monday, September 26, 2016


My favorite dwarf actor (of course) who played Willow, lol!


Good day mates! Has everyone had a great week? Even if not, count you blessing for if you believe in Jesus you truly are blessed. 

But there are those among us that have been lead so astray that they will do anything. One such person was Mengele, the death angel. But a whole family, the Ovitz, survived his sadism…

The Hungarian jewish family, the Ovitz, had twelve members, seven of which were dwarfs. They were a working family as a singing and musical instrumental group. The seven dwarfs were the performers while the rest of the average sized family worked back stage. In 1944 they were captured by the Nazis. “The war was a little less than a year from closing, yet this was the most dangerous time at Auschwitz. Fresh trains arrived daily, bringing new loads of Jews from Hungary, who the Nazis had just recently begun deporting and murdering. Nearly all of these new arrivals were sent immediately to their deaths, the camp being unable to house the hundreds of thousands of arrivals when it was already packed with 150,000 souls. In its time some 30 million would pass through its gates, the majority never to depart through them again.”1 

Auschwitz, unfortunately was were the “death angel”, Josef Mengele, was stationed. Mengele is infamous for his cruel and tormenting experiments performed on certain subjects in his drive to fulfill his curiosity of human “evolution”. He believed  that malformations in humans was the key. “The sight of an entire family of dwarfs caused an SS officer to immediately order the awakening of Josef Mengele, although the hour was early in the morning…Mengele was always interested in people who were malformed or greatly different from the norm. Such people, including twins, were often reserved to him for his ‘experiments’ which experts have discerned were little more than sadistic rites of torture. As 3,100 of the 3,500 people aboard their train arriving from Hungary went immediately to the gas chambers and were dead within hours, the Ovitz family was spared and loaded onto a truck to be carried away and tortured at Menglele's hands. Etched into their memories was the fresh knowledge of the crematoriums, other Jewish prisoners explained to them upon their arrival. 

The flames from the chimneys seared themselves into memory.”2 

I will not get into the torturous experiments Mengele took pleasure in, but I will say this; the Ovitz family suffered greatly and unnecessarily. The experiments were preformed without anesthetic and even when the victims fainted from the pain and loss of blood this horrendously sadistic man would wait for them to revive before he continued. 

 How can a person become so cruel? When one draws away from the one and only true God, Jesus Christ, they are open to Satan and all his evil ways. If one believes in evolution, then all humans come from scum and life is not valuable. 

Dwarfism has nothing to do with evolution. It is “short stature that results from a genetic or medical condition.
Dwarfism is generally defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less. The average adult height among people with dwarfism is 4 feet (122 cm). Many different medical conditions cause dwarfism. In general, the disorders are divided into two broad categories:

Disproportionate dwarfism. If body size is disproportionate, some parts of the body are small, and others are of average size or above-average size. Disorders causing disproportionate dwarfism inhibit the development of bones. (This is what the Ovit's had).

Proportionate dwarfism. A body is proportionately small if all parts of the body are small to the same degree and appear to be proportioned like a
body of average stature. Medical conditions present at birth or appearing in early childhood limit overall growth and development.”3

As for the Ovits, “eventually, the Russians came to liberate the camp and by great fortune, the entire family survived. They returned home to find their valuables where they buried them, a rare success for Holocaust survivors. They then resumed their acting careers until one by one, they grew old and frail and died.”4 

As for the death angel, “Mengele escaped to Argentina, and later Paraguay, where he eluded justice for the rest of his life. He eventually drowned in Brazil during a swim, but at that time, his health was already failing. He never faced
earthly justice for his crimes.”5 But every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is God. He will get what is coming to him by our  just God.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



Sunday, September 4, 2016



Good day to all! Did you of you fare well this past week? It was a slightly less busy week for me so I was able to catch about two breaths more, lol! One day when I was working at the zoo, we had a ferocious storm with a flash of lighting that was still brilliant when the crack of its thunder resounded, booming all around. It felt as if the lighting had struck right next to me! Praise God that no one was hurt.

Did you know that all living things have electrical fields? Scientists know that the transmission of nerve impulses is electromagnetic, occurring on a cellular level. They also
know that blood return is managed by electromagnetic processes as is oxygen uptake, and the bodies way to determine immunology. Scientists also know that cancer is caused by increased electromagnetic activity of the cells.

When most people hear about life and an electric field, however, probably is not what is mentioned above. Most likely what comes to mind are well known animals such as
electric eels, sharks and dolphins, birds that fly in a “V” formation, and other animals that migrate. But did you know that plants also have an electric field? All plants from the largest and tallest trees, to moss and lichens have this trait. Even something as delicate and beautiful as a flower. 

Why would the Creator use electric currents in living matter? Well, I touched on a few above, but none of that has to do with plants. Let’s take a look at flowers. Flowers give off a low electrical field. This helps to attract pollinators. For example “Bumblebees feed on nectar from flowers. It is thus advantageous for them to find flowers
efficiently, expending as little energy as possible when searching for food…The body hairs of bumblebees possess a unique ability, in that they are sensitive to electrical fields, specifically, those produced by flowers. In addition to other fine-tuned senses bumblebees possess, including the ability to see ultraviolet light, the body hairs of bumblebees move in response to electrical fields. These hairs, called ‘mechanosensory hairs,’ are connected
via nerve fibers to the bumblebee nervous system, and when they move, they activate the nerve cells. These sensory hairs allow bumblebees to forage for nectar more efficiently by enabling them to sense electrical charges on flowers.”

Again our Creator, Jesus, has thought of everything even right down to the cellular level. The symbiosis between flowers and the bumblebee is nothing short of extreme intelligent design. Why would you need one without the other? And what would a half electrical field do? It would be useless and according to the theory of evolution would have been discarded long before it reached the amazing state it’s in today. 

Once again the physical world in which we live backs up the unaltered truth recorded in the Bible. And gives us a clear picture of just how incredible our God is!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


O’Quinn, Jonathan, D.P.M., M.S., Electric Bumblebees, Creation Matters, Volume 21, Number 4, July/Aug 2016, Creation Research Society. Page 12.