Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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Hello all my friends out there! How are you all? I pray doing well. I have had again a very busy two weeks. Some fun and some not so much. My son went to the hospital with internal bleeding and gave us quite a scare. I am pleased to say he is doing better and is at home now. But, wow, it has been one thing after another.

Speaking of one thing after another, the hot news this week is a recent excavation of ancient Canaanite remains have been utilized to try to prove the Bible inaccurate. How? By using the DNA of the ancient bones and comparing it to DNA taken from present day inhabitants of Lebanon. The results yielded a 90% similarity. Thus the critics say since God told the Israelites to wipe out the Canaanites and they obviously haven’t, the Bible is wrong. 

Claude Doumet-Serhal/Sidon Excavation 

Let’s take a closer look at who is wrong and Who is right…First archeologists “uncovered a total of 123 burials of ancient individuals. Eight of these burials were included in the present study, from which it is claimed that ‘five whole genomes’ were sequenced…the researchers sequenced the genomes of 99 individuals coming from Christian, Druze, and Muslim sects of Lebanon. They claim the comparison yielded the result that 90% of present-day DNA was inherited from ancient Canaanite people, while the remaining portion indicates traces of Assyrian, Persian, and Macedonian
populations.”1 What the researches don’t talk about is “the possible intermarriage and slave trading that the seafaring Sidonians had with other nations. Other factors that would contribute to genetic mixing between ancient and present-day inhabitants of Lebanon include various historical peoples who came in and conquered the region, including Egyptians, Hittites, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Arabians, Turks, and others.”2 

In addition, “A popular misconception of…military campaign is that it resulted in the wholesale destruction of a civilization. With this assumption, archaeologists would expect to find evidence of such things as burned wood and broken pottery, followed by the evidence of the material culture of the new civilization. The authors of the study mention this surprising lack of destruction layers: No archaeological evidence has so far been found to support widespread destruction of Canaanite cities between the Bronze and Iron Ages: cities on the Levant coast such as Sidon and Tyre show continuity of occupation until the present day. But one of the promises that God made to Israel in the Conquest was that he would give
 Claude Doumet-Serhal/Sidon Excavation 

them ‘great and good cities that you did not build, and houses full of all good things that you did not fill, and cisterns that you did not dig, and vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant’ (Deuteronomy 6:10-11). God did not tell them to destroy cities, but to leave them structurally intact. While the Israelites did smite the inhabitants of many cities during their campaigns, there were only three cities that they completely destroyed: Jericho (Joshua 6:24), Ai (8:28), and Hazor (11:13).”3

Thus it is expected that a predominant Canaanite ancestry would be found in the people of modern day Lebanon, Persia, Assyria, Macedonia, and other nearby areas. Once again, archeology has proven the Bible has recorded the unaltered history of our past.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



Monday, July 31, 2017



Hello all you fine folks out there! How have you been this past week? I pray very well. I had a very, very, very good weekend. I went to a Christian Writers Conference and was blessed with the fabulous messages taught by author Ted Dekker. 

Here are just a few teachings I’d like to share…

“Our lives are a series of events in which we can change by changing our perception of the events.”

“Whatever God gives us in our own lower nature will be heavy. But in the Light (Jesus) it will not be heavy.” Think about it. Jesus abides in us and we in Him. So if we keep our focus on the Light (which abides in us and in heaven) our burden will be light. 

“THERE IS NO FEAR IN LOVE!” (Big lesson for me , ha ha!)

“Whenever you enter into judgement you become blind—casting yourself out of peace into suffering.”

“This is eternal life; to know Him. Let go of all you think you know of Jesus. Let go of the need to know. Be like a little baby attached to its mother. Attach to Him.”

“Enter into the darkness to find the Light (a place of peace, and wonder, and power).” Often Ted Dekker refers to Jesus as the Light.

“We live in a story. The human man perceives (the events) of life in stories.”

“Put your identity in Christ. The battle is finished. So who are we? We are Christ’s light.”

“If you see correctly, your perception, you see The Light.”

“Your perception of The Light determines if you walk in it.”

And there was much, much more. I actually had the opportunity to speak personally with Mr. Dekker and because of his journey in Christ, he was able to answer questions that have plagued me for thirty years. And through it all my heart has been opened, just a crack, but opened to allow an intense stream of The Light in. I am blown away. I am so excited about my journey into The Light. 

I am beginning it with a devotional that Ted Dekker wrote called “The Forgotten Way.” I know what I will find when I begin. It will be a story about me.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


Monday, July 17, 2017



Hello all you fine people out there! I have been enjoying the cooling monsoons after the hot dry months of early summer and late spring. What a difference the rains make! So how have you been? Hopefully not too hot or too cold, lol!

Speaking of hot, I recently learned that there is a sect of magicians that are trying to discount the miracles that Jesus carried out during his ministry here on earth. Many of them even have signed “contracts with satan” to sell their soul in exchange for the “power” to do these same miracles thus proving that Jesus wasn’t unique nor that powerful. These dark magicians feel it is their duty to challenge the miracle accounts recorded in scripture, calling them the greatest myths in history that have turned into legends. Here is the sight that I got most of my information from:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qa5eOUrHrc     

These are a few of their attempts at disproving the miracles documented in the Bible…

The parting of the Red Sea; A cup of coffee is used. Notice that it is very dark and you cannot see the bottom. The magician moves his hands about vibrating them, but surface of the coffee remains smooth. Then he blows on it and it starts to churn and bubble and a small indentation appears down the middle. When the coffee settles back down there is a bluish substance swirling on top. The magician then dumps the coffee out so you can see there is no motor hidden on the bottom. There are several things that give this away as an illusion. First the blowing on the liquid, second the bluish substance floating on top. And the timing, the magician did his trick quickly after he
sat down. It is obvious this was a chemical reaction. The dark color obscured the  chemicals at the bottom. Also it is a far cry to part a half an inch of liquid in a coffee cup than to part the Red Sea. If these magician really want to discount the Creator God, then let them part the Red Sea. Or bring on the ten plagues Moses participated in, in Egypt.

Turning water into wine; It is obvious the hand of the
magician hovering in front of the water is allowing particles of dye to fall into the cup; or the cup already contains dye or both. As far as I know no one tested the colored liquid to see if it was wine. And again, if they really can duplicate Biblical miracles why don’t they turn six, 6 gal jugs of water into the best wine? 

Walking on water; Notice (by the crowds) it was a prearranged location and the water was calm. Also notice
how the man walks. He moves very slow, dragging his feet, sliding them around. At one point he even looses his balance and you can see his feet searching for a footing. Also, the man’s feet are slightly under the water, about half his foot. Again, if they really want to discount Jesus, they need to go to any given lake at any given time, take a boat out in a storm with his waves and walk on water. 

Sticking a pin through your body; Any good physician can coach a magician to maneuver a small round pin through most parts of the body to avoid major arteries and organs. Also puncture wounds are notorious for not bleeding. Then all you have to do is manage the pain. So why do this trick since Jesus, nor Moses or any of the other patriarchs did that? 

Now for the trick of many fish coming out of a bucket that originally only contained one. That is an illusion I haven’t been able to figure out…yet. So if any of you know, please write in the comment section and enlighten us all!
Often these dark magic magicians practice necromancy (the supposed practice of communicating with the dead,
especially in order to predict the future), witchcraft, sorcery, vampirism, Kabala, alchemy (the medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter). So bending the top of a glass bottle would be considered alchemy. However, if you notice, something was dropped inside the bottle which obviously caused a chemical reaction in the top of the bottle glass causing the glass to be pliable. There is some truth to some of this for the Bible warns us again contacting the dead, witchcraft, and sorcery. And that is just what we should do—abhor and avoid evil, unlike these people who embrace it. If embraced and without Jesus, the principalities of darkness will take over for they do have some power. 

Do not be confused with these illusions though. Here are a few more things to notice. Illusionists play on our emotions. To they want to 

awe, to frighten or to cringe (such as poking
both eyes black
a large needle into oneself does). When emotion is evoked, rational thinking tends to lessen. Things like playing dramatic, eerie music brings on a sense of anticipation, awe, and even
setting contact
fear. Playing along with Hollywood’s interpretation of how demon possession should look, some of these magicians even use contacts to make their eyes look changed to “show” the demon has entered
only the left eye took (one dark eye, one blue)
them, blinking hard to set the contacts into place. Having participated in the exorcism of several demon possessed people, I can tell you from personal
squeezes eyes tighter
experience, that is pure Hollywood; there is no change in eye color. But again that plays into human emotion (that’s why Hollywood uses it). 

and there you go, both contacts in place

What really needs to be asked is what is satan’s agenda. It is not to entertain people but to keep souls from entering the Kingdom of God to spend eternity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These dark magicians are just using this angle to gain an audience for themselves (but I do believe they think satan is on their side—very deceived. By the way, satan is on no one’s side but his own). Also, satan and his minions cannot create, they can only destroy. 
I hope this clears some things up for you. Until next time, God bless and take care,

Willow Dressel

Monday, July 10, 2017



Hello everyone!

How have you been? I am getting sick again from acute allergies and am trying to fight if off with herbs and my nebulizer. The extreme hot heat has finally begun to cool with the coming of the monsoon season. Something everyone one around here is woefully thankful for.

So speaking of hot heat, have you ever wondered if the fire in hell is the same real fire that we experience here on this earth? Many scriptures refer to the fires of hell. Let’s take a look at a few…

Henry Morris of the Institute of Creation Research has written in the Days of Praise devotional a short article entitled “Fear of Fire”. Let’s see what he has to say;

“ ‘And others save with fear; pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh’ (Jude 23).

“This exhortation refers both to attempting to ‘save’ unbelievers by warning them of hell and to warning believers against the influence of apostates.

“The ultimate hell (Greek, gehenna) is not the same as the present hell (Greek, hades), although eventually all those lost
souls now in the latter will eventually be ‘cast into the lake of fire’ (Revelation 20:15). Both are fearsome places of real fire. The inhabitants of Sodom, for example, have been ‘suffering the vengeance of eternal fire’ (Jude 7) for thousands of years, though not yet in that ultimate hell. Also the rich man mentioned by Jesus was in hades and yet was being ‘tormented in this flame’ (Luke 16:23-24).
Both ‘hells’ have literal fires, but it is hard to understand how material fires could torment non-material souls. There is a clue in James 3:6, which calls an unbridled human tongue ‘a fire, a world of iniquity: . . . set on fire of hell.’ Since the tongue is not literally on fire, but can be extremely destructive in human relationships, the implication is that hell itself is a ‘world of iniquity.’

“This aspect of hell makes it even more fearsome than literal fires could ever be. The existence there of billions of unredeemed souls, eternally separated from the holiness and love of God, where all who are ‘unjust’ and ‘filthy’ will continue forever to increase in their unrighteous and filthiness (Revelation 22:11), and in the constant presence also of the devil and his angels, is unspeakably appalling. Yet that was their choice when they rejected or ignored the infinite love of Christ.

“No wonder that Jude urges us to warn them of such awful fire and seek to save them with fear if they won't respond to the compassionate love of Christ. HMM”1

It is this author’s personal opinion that hell is both a real burning fire as well as being surrounded with torturous people. Wouldn’t that be the worst kind of hell?

Please take the time and have good courage to tell people of Jesus’ saving grace this week. And only if you have to, use words.

Until next week, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Monday, June 26, 2017


Using Your Brain

Hi ya’ll! 
How have you been? Sorry I didn’t get to write last week…I was helping out at the church with the kids this past week. It was very busy but very rewarding. All those little minds soaking up information on our Creator, wonderful! So many excellent questions were asked too and we did our best to answer well.

Speaking of minds, I ran across a recent article entitled “Scientists Discover That Our Brain Can Process the World in 11 Dimensions”. Fascinating! I didn’t even know there were 11 dimensions! Listen to this…

“Neuroscientists have used a classic branch of math in a totally new way to peer into the structure of our brains. What they’ve discovered is that the brain is full of multi-dimensional geometrical structures operating in as many as 11 dimensions.

In the past we have thought of the world in 3
dimensions; Height, width and depth. However a Swiss research team that is building a supercomputer after the human brain. The team used algebraic topology, “a branch of mathematics used to describe the properties of objects and spaces regardless of how they change shape. They found that groups of neurons connect into ‘cliques’.”1 These cliques in turn, are filled with a number of neurons, and it is these neurons that determine sizes of high-dimensional (more than 3) geometric (the grouping of lines and space) objects. “Lead researcher/neuroscientist Henry Markram from the EPFL institute in Switzerland states, ‘There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to 11 dimensions’…Human brains are estimated to have a staggering 86 billion neurons, with multiple connections from each cell webbing in every possible direction, forming the vast cellular network [of both cliques and cavities-empty spaces]… After developing their mathematical framework and testing it on some virtual
stimuli, the team also confirmed their results on real brain tissue in rats. 

“According to the researchers, algebraic topology provides mathematical tools for discerning details of the neural network both in a close-up view at the level of individual neurons, and a grander scale of the brain structure as a whole. ‘It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building [and] then razing [tearing down] a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), then planks (2D), then cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc [such as sensory perception, space, time],’ says one of the team, mathematician Ran Levi from Aberdeen University in Scotland…These findings provide a tantalizing new picture of how the brain processes information, but the researchers point out that it’s not yet clear what makes the cliques and cavities form in their highly specific ways.”2

Now, this article does not promote that we only use 10% of our brains, which in fact is not true. “This myth most likely
This scan clearly shows parts of the brain that are very important that that are not always in use.
originated from the craze of the early 19th century, when pseudo-scientists were busily chopping up the brain into overly distinct control sectors. Later, some of the early and very rough experiments in neuroscience involved hooking electrodes up to the brains of test subjects. Stimulating some parts of the brain caused instant, and obvious, physical reactions. But, when the electrodes were applied to other spots, there seemed to be no effect at all. Scientists called these areas ‘the silent cortex.’ By the 1930s, stories of these cranial dead zones had morphed into the oft-repeated ‘factoids’ that quickly became a favorite of advertising writers, self-help salesmen, and paranormal power hucksters—all of whom claimed to have the secret to unlocking that ostensibly unused 90 percent…[However, the real fact is] the ‘silent cortex’ zones that neuroscientists discovered in the 19th century later turned out to be running some very important functions—like language and abstract thought. Personally, we'd rather not live without those, thanks. Modern brain imaging systems clearly show that there aren't any vast swaths of useless cerebral cortex lying around. Although we don't use every part of our brain constantly, we do use just about all of it at some point throughout the course of a given day.”
3 For example, do you know of any doctor anywhere telling a patient with a head injury or cancerous brain tumor not to worry because it hit the 90 percent of the brain they don't use? Of course not! “If we only use 10 percent of our brains, we would be able to remove big chunks of the grey stuff and not have it matter much at all. But that isn't the case…Cut out a chunk, and there will be consequences.”4

Just like any muscle, if you don’t use that part of your brain, it can atrophy. So go out into God’s beautiful creation this week and do something different. Exercise those little grey cells!

Until next time, God bless and take care,

Willow Dressel



Monday, June 12, 2017



Greetings all my fine friends out there! How are you all this week? I am well if you don’t include all the allergies the this old body is struggling with, lol! I am busy doing some re-writes on my novel then back to the editor. Things are moving along but always slower than I like. 

Speaking of moving along, have you ever heard of the Antikythera mechanism? It is a fascinating piece of ancient technology that defies traditional beliefs about early man’s intelligence. “The Antikythera mechanism was discovered in 1900 during the recovery of a shipwreck off of the Greek Island, Antikythera, in waters 60 meters deep.”1 “From a distance, they look like rocks with patches of mold. Get closer, though, and the sight is stunning. Crammed inside, obscured by corrosion, are traces of technology that appear utterly modern: gears with neat triangular teeth (just like the inside of a clock) and a ring divided into degrees (like the protractor you used in school). Nothing else like this has ever been discovered from antiquity. Nothing as sophisticated, or
even close, appears again for more than a thousand years…X-ray imaging in the 1970s and 1990s revealed that the device must have replicated the motions of the heavens. Holding it in your hands, you could track the paths of the Sun, Moon and planets with impressive accuracy. One investigator dubbed it ‘an ancient Greek computer.’ …The Antikythera mechanism was similar in size to a mantel clock, and bits of wood found on the fragments suggest it was housed in a wooden case. Like a clock, the case would’ve had a large
circular face with rotating hands. There was a knob or handle on the side, for winding the mechanism forward or backward. And as the knob turned, trains of interlocking gearwheels drove at least seven hands at various speeds. Instead of hours and minutes, the hands displayed celestial time: one hand for the Sun, one for the Moon and one for each of the five planets visible to the naked eye—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. A rotating black and silver ball showed the phase of the Moon. Inscriptions explained which stars rose and set on any
Reconstruction of the upper back dial displays a
four year period and has five concentric inscribed rings.
The lower back 
dial gives the cycle of a single synodic month,
particular date. There were also two dial systems on the back of the case, each with a pin that followed its own spiral groove, like the needle on a record player. One of these dials was a calendar. The other showed the timing of lunar and solar eclipses.”2


“X-rays have shown that
there are at least 30 different types of gears used in the device, and on the mechanism’s door plates are about 2,000 letters that are considered to be something like a usage manual.”3

Reconstruction of the front dial - showing the annual
progress of the sun and moon through the zodiac
“Though the pointers on the front face didn’t survive, Alexander Jones, a historian at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World in New York, says an inscription reveals that they carried colored balls: fiery red for Mars, gold for the Sun.”4 It is believed the mechanism is of Greek origin from around 200 BC, however, “The tradition of making such mechanisms could be much older. Cicero wrote of a bronze device made by Archimedes in the third century B.C. And James Evans, a historian of astronomy at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, thinks that the eclipse cycle represented is Babylonian in origin and begins in 205 B.C. Maybe it was Hipparchus, an astronomer in Rhodes around that time, who worked out the math behind the device. He is known for having blended the arithmetic-based predictions of Babylonians with geometric theories favored by the Greeks.”5

Also, “There are references of such mechanisms in the works of ancient writers. In his writing, Cicero mentions an
instrument which reproduces the motions of the sun and the five planets. The device, he claimed, was built by Archimedes.”6

It is my belief that such technology had occurred much, much earlier in history—even back to before the tower of Babel when the one language was split into many. Such devices would have been few and far between, perhaps only one to each kingdom. Invaders over the centuries would have destroyed most, melting down the metal to make weapons. Only this one (to date that has been discovered), nestled in the belly of the Mediterranean Sea, survived man’s destruction. 

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel
PS: I have included in my next book, The Golden Strand of Shinar, a mechanism like this. I love to weave creation science into my novels constructing an entertaining way to read about history.