Monday, March 27, 2017



Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Can you believe another week has passed already? Time really flies. Especially when children are involved. Many times I have had to drop what I am doing to help with the kids. And then before I know it, here I am again trying to write on my weekly blog, ha ha! I have a favor to ask you fine people out there. My sister just had knee surgery and I ask for your prayers for a quick healing. Thank you so much.

Speaking of time passing, that process also affects our aging process. Scientists have come up with a new breakthrough in aging. Cell Press has released an article (March 23, 2017) by senior author and researcher, Peter de Keizer from Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands. He has been
developing a peptide for the last four years that works by blocking the ability of a protein, FOXO4, connected to senescence (aging cells/the aging process) to tell another protein, p53, not to cause the cell to self-destruct. By interfering with the FOXO4-p53 crosstalk, the peptide causes senescent cells to commit cell suicide. Thus the aged cell doesn’t continue to divide and “reproduce” more aging cells. The peptide selectively seeks out and destroys these broken-down cells that hamper proper tissue renewal. 

De Keizer tells us, ”Only in senescent cells does this peptide cause cell death. We treated mice for over 10 months, giving them infusions of the peptide three times a week, and we didn't see any obvious side effects. FOXO4 is barely expressed in non-senescent cells, so that makes the peptide interesting as the FOXO4-p53 interaction is especially
Credit: Peter L.J. de Keizer

relevant to senescent cells, but not normal cells."

The experiments were conducted “…in naturally-aged mice and mice genetically engineered to rapidly age. The proof-of-concept study, published March 23 in Cell, found that an anti-senescent cell therapy could reverse age-related loss of fur, poor kidney function, and frailty. It is currently being tested whether the approach also extends lifespan, and human safety studies are being planned…Results appeared at different times over the course of treatment. Fast-aging mice with patches of missing fur began to recover their coats after 10 days. After about three weeks, fitness benefits began to show, with older mice running double the distance of their counterparts who did not receive the peptide. A month after treatment, aged mice showed an increase in markers indicating healthy kidney function.”

Very interesting and exciting. But is this something Christian should condone? In an article written by Ken Ham, “Mature
For Her Age” he states “When God created Adam and Eve and told them to be fruitful and multiply, He gave them mature bodies that were ready to produce children. Some people conclude that God would have created them with the appearance of age, say 20 or 30 years old. But would ‘age’ have any effect on Adam’s body before he sinned? If the first people—and the universe—were originally designed to last forever, would you expect to see any difference between a man at age 30 or at age 3,000? When doctors look at the human body today, they can estimate age from various evidences in the body. But before sin, nothing aged—everything was created ‘very good.’ The human body did not experience the effects of sin or aging.” Mr. Ham did not write this article in relation to human engineering. It was an article on how we are “brain washed” to look at the universe as old. But he points out vital information; that the entire universe was original designed to NOT grow old! So is it ethical to except this type of human engineering? My personal opinion is yes. It is an advancement in medicine that can elevate suffering. Just like the many accepted advances already made in medical science. As far as I can tell, the scientists involved are not trying to play God. As a matter of fact, de Keizer states, "This wave of research on how we can fight aging is complementary, and not in
competition.” In the end, God still has control of when it is our time to go. It doesn’t matter if we are in the best of health, God controls when we die. And He controls whether we go to heaven or hell. This is why he sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to die for our sins so we can spend eternity with Him in heaven. If only we would accept him as Lord and Savior.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Grey Reef Shark


Hello all you people out there! How was your week this week? I had a fabulous one spending time with my sister and girlfriends in Florida. The weather was quite cool except for the last day but we still had a lot of fun. So, my friends, how are all of you? All well I hope.

In light of my trip to Florida, I thought I would disclose some facts for you. Unfortunately we chose a vacation area not conducive to swimming. Oh, the water is beautiful and the waves were just right, but we found out some interesting facts while we were there. Where is there? We spent the week at New Smyrna beach, Florida. There is an inlet at the norther peak of this outer barrier peninsula called Ponce de Leon. While the weather was too cold for us to swim, which turned out to be a good thing, we did see fishermen standing in knee deep water catching fish and surfers. Crazy people and this is why…

We asked what they were catching (blue fin tuna) and then
Tiger shark
asked (of course) about sharks. We were informed that the inlet is a breeding ground for tiger and bull sharks and that right on the other side of the rock pylons at New Smyrna beach, hammerheads and older bull, black tip, reef and tiger sharks hang out. Ok, I won’t be going in the water but, not all is lost as I love to watch the waves.

And what did I see? Dolphins! It was fun and exciting to watch them as they kept diving deep down, flukes high in the air. Then, one time, as I was watching, I see a nice big, narrow dorsal fin glide by slowly sinking into the water. Yikes! It was a hammerhead dorsal fin (you know the one that sticks out of the water)! I saw a shark fin one more time that day. I was so glad I was safely grounded on the beach. Yet there were people on tiny, little kayaks paddling around, surfers, and even some fishermen out waist deep in the water. Not
Bull shark
me or my friends!

Another day while walking the shore I ran across a chunk of chum (raw meat; slang for shark bait). A big chunk, about the size of two footballs. It had been terribly windy that day and had been washed up on shore. I still don’t know if it was left over from the shark’s victim or if it was chum that someone dropped in the water to attract the sharks. Either way it had to do with sharks.

So I thought I would give you some interesting trivia on sharks;

  • Sharks have both upper and lower eyelids but don’t blink.
  • There are over 370 species of sharks worldwide.
  • A shark can grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its
  • Sharks can swim up to 40 miles per hour.
  • Baby sharks are born with teeth and can hunt right away.
  • Sharks can see almost as well behind them as to the front.
  • The capacity of dried shark brains to relieve pain is widely accepted.
  • Nurse sharks in captivity have been known to push buttons with their snouts.
  • Other than humans, a shark’s greatest enemy is other sharks.
  • Around 100 million sharks are killed annually. 
  • About 75 shark species are in danger of becoming extinct.
  • Both the upper and lower jaw of sharks move.
  • Sharks can detect one drop of blood per ten billion parts of water. Equivalent to one drop of blood in an area the size of an Olympic swimming pool.
  • The following information came from the International Shark Attack File, and the Global Shark Attack File. “Globally, there have been 447 fatal shark attacks and 2,320 nonfatal incidents since 1845. The number of reported shark attacks increased worldwide in 2010, with 79 attacks, up 25 percent from 61 the prior year,
    Hammerhead shark
    according to the International Shark Attack File. That said, in the U.S., the last decade has seen 230 deaths from dog bites and only eight from sharks.”
  • The three most likely sharks to attack a human are bull sharks, great white sharks, and tiger sharks. 
  • About 90% of people that are attacked by sharks are not eaten and actually survive.
  • Since 1845 the following North American regions have recorded shark attacks:
    • Florida 988
    • Hawaii 279
    • California 276
    • South Carolina145
    • North Carolina 101
    • Texas 170
    • New Jersey 47
    • New York 30
    • Oregon 28
    • Virginia 17 
  •  The 10 most dangerous beaches known for shark attacks;
    • New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA
    • Ponce de Leon inlet, Florida, USA
    • Peyton, West Australia 
    • Second Beach, Port St Johns, Africa
    • Reunion Island, east of Madagascar 
    • Malena Beach, Maui, USA
    • Boa Viagem, Pernambuco, Brazil
    • Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
    • Surf Beach, Vandenberg, California
    •  Garden Island, Sydney, Australia 

*Two rules you should follow: never swim alone and, if you’re actually attacked, take aim with repeated hard blows to the eyes or gills, not the nose.

So why did God create such amazing predators such as sharks and T. rexes? Genesis 1:30 states very clearly that God created His animals to be vegetarian. The ferocious teeth and behavior may very well have started to change after the Fall of Man and certainly after The Flood. In God’s original creations everything had been made very good. No death, disease, or suffering. We live in a fallen world and wondrous creatures such as sharks are reminders of both God’s astounding skills as a Creator, and of the Fall of Mankind and the consequences of disobedience to God. 

Until next time, Take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel



Thursday, March 2, 2017


Ancient Zodiac


Good morning, good morning. What good news do you bring today? That is an ancient greeting that some remote tribes in Africa still use today. The Good news I bring you is that the sequel to  ‘Of One Tongue’, which is titled, “The Golden Strand’ and is second in the Oth series, is at the editors right now and the endorsers have copies they are reviewing. Soon my friends, soon, it will be at the publishers!

I recently gave a talk on creation science and a question was brought up in the former world before the global flood, were there seasons? Or did an asteroid or the breaking of the foundations of the earth during the flood cause the earth to wobble on its axis. God had given us a way to tell the seasons. The stars. He not only created them, “but arranged them in star groupings that could be used for ‘signs, and for seasons’ (Genesis 1:14)”1 

There is no physical evidence of an asteroid of the magnitude it would take to change the earth’s rotation ever hitting the earth. However, there is plenty of physical evidence of a global flood and the resulting cataclysmic shifting of the earth’s crust. That evidence seems like it is enough to cause a shift in the rotation of the earth to produce a wobble. Which would produce the changes in the season we experience today. 

However there is a huge flaw in this reasoning. Scripture tells us that God created and arranged the stars for signs and seasons. Some believe the seasons pertain to a monsoon or rainy season in our early history before the flood, but scripture also tells us that the first rain occurred after Noah, his family and the animals were all safely
tucked in the ark. Then it rained for forty days and forty nights. So the seasons referred to in Genesis 1:14 could not be a rainy season. Thus it must be the four seasons that we know. 

Further evidence of this is recorded in Job 38:31-33 Canst thou bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the bonds of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzarot (the term for the twelve constellations for the Zodiac) in their times (season)? Or canst thou guide the Bear (Arcturus) with its banim (children/sons)? Knowest thou the chukkot (ordinances) of Shomayim (heaven)? Canst thou set the rule (dominion) over ha’aretz (earth)?”2 (emphasis the authors’). Orthodox Jewish Bible. Job is the oldest book in the Bible other than the beginning of Genesis.

So the only logical conclusion is that the earth had a wobble from the very beginning, put there by the Creator who “alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea. Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south” (Job 9:8,9).

Since God does nothing without a holy purpose, we can be sure that these sidereal signs were not to be used as astrological signs. God’s word, in fact, forbids the practice of astrology (e.g., Isaiah 47:12–14). The constellations must all in some way have testified of the coming Savior. “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (II Corinthians 4:6).”

The testimony of God’s promises are written indelibly in the heavens, for all who have eyes and hearts to see.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel




Greeting! How are all of you! Wonderful I hope. But if not and you are struggling, you are not alone. We all have trials and tribulations. And some are terrible indeed. I encourage you to hang on to the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, even at your lowest point. He is the One that can help you, even if you don’t ‘feel’ like its true. I always read the Bible because I know no matter how I feel, the word is true. How do we know? Let’s check it out…

“ ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.’ (2 Timothy 3:16)

“The Bible insists its writers were supernaturally
God writing on the wall
influenced by God to such an extent that their words were given divine accuracy. The unique word translated ‘inspiration’ in our text could be rendered ‘God blowing’ or ‘God puffing.’ Peter speaks of ‘holy men of God’ who ‘spake’ as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21). David was conscious that his own ‘tongue’ was speaking words that the Holy Spirit of the Lord gave him (2 Samuel 23:2). Jeremiah was given audible instruction and told to reproduce those words precisely (Jeremiah 30:1-2; 26:2), as was Isaiah (Isaiah 6:8-10), who clearly knew he was being controlled by God (Isaiah 59:21).

“These are samplings of some 2,600 claims in the Old Testament for direct inspiration of the text of Scripture. God used several methods to make sure that His word was ‘puffed’ out, and on one occasion even wrote them with His own finger on tables of stone—twice (Exodus 31:18; 34:1). Those words were not only inspired but inscribed!
“The writings of the 27 books of the New Testament are also full of declarations of God’s personal inspiration of the words. Jesus claimed to speak only what God the Father instructed Him to say (John 12:46-50). Paul knew he was given revelation (Ephesians 3:3-4) and insisted on equivalent standing with God’s commands (1 Thessalonians 2:13). Peter demanded remembrance of the apostles’ teachings (2 Peter 3:1-4, 15-16), John insisted on the accuracy of what he shared (1 John 1:1-3), and Jude verified the words of the other apostles (Jude 1:3, 17).

It seems we are confronted with an all-or-nothing proposition. Either all Scripture is inspired or none of it is.”1

We know that Creator God is supernatural, that is beyond the laws of nature (see earlier blog), for He created everything. If you have created and formed something, whether it be a figure molded from clay or an airplane, you can change it or write about it all you want—with authority. Jesus has done the same even to the point of using His divine finger to write—three different times! Oh how He loves you and me!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Ancient depiction of Job covered in boils being condemned by his wife and friends


Hey to all my fine friends out there! I am feeling almost to my old self again, praise the Lord! Recovered health has allowed my to have the energy to work on the sequel to “Of One Tongue”. In this new novel, it’s about 25 years after the language split and different cultures has been developing and people have slowly been dispersing. Fun research!

Speaking of research…have any of you ever studied the book of Job? It is a most amazing historical documentation of early post flood life. It is the oldest book in the Bible after Genesis, and even then it is quite likely that the book of Job is older than the later chapters in Genesis. The patriarch
lived long before Moses and the writing of the Pentateuch, yet he knew about Adam and the fall of mankind. He also knew about the Creator’s curse on the world because of Adam’s sin as Job noted in 14:1 “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.” Isn’t that the truth? We don’t have to teach our kids to get into trouble, that comes naturally because of the sin nature we inherit.

Job also speaks about death (34:15); “All flesh shall perish together and man shall turn again unto dust.” Genesis 3:19 speaks of the same thing; “…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” It is obvious that Job had access to
the records of primeval history, the Oracles of God, which may have been the actual written records of Adam, Enos, Noah and others. Job may have even been able to speak with Noah himself as Noah live another three hundred years after the flood. 

Other evidence that Job knew his history comes from his many references to man’s original creation. “After speaking first of the beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea, Job asks: ‘Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the Lord hath wrought this? I whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.’ (Job 12:9-10). Note also Elihu’s testimony: ‘The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.” (Job 33:4).”1

The ancient book of Job “…testifies abundantly that the knowledge of the true God and His creation was still the
Depiction of Behemoths, thought to be sauropod dinosaurs
common heritage of mankind at that time. Job knew the Lord and never tried to hide anything from Him, as Adam had done. Quoting what must have been an early revelation from God, he wrote: ‘And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding (Job 28:28).”

  There are many other parts of the book of Job that record ancient life including two of the most amazing and detailed descriptions of dinosaurs; the Behemoth and
Depiction of Leviathans, thought to be  Kronosaurus dinosaurs
Leviathan. If you have never read the book of Job, I urge you to do so, it is fascinating! I am so thankful that Job deemed his experiences so important he documented them. And now we have them for all time! 

Until next time, God bless, and take care,
Willow Dressel


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


View of Saturn edge on of its beautiful rings. Note the ring’s shadows on the lower part of the planet  


Hi everyone!

How is it going with you guys? I am feeling much better today and for the last two days. I think I am finally on the up side of recovery! My lungs are feeling so much stronger…thanks to all of you who have been praying for me. It has been a long road, almost six months of crippling illness. One thing, however that I have been able to do was write my book. It is very near being finish. It is the sequel to Of One Tongue, the novel I wrote a little over a year ago. This book is about the aftermath of the language split at the Tower of Babel, 25 years later. It shows the dispersal of mankind (at least the beginnings of it) and the developing cultures. But the most fun I had in the research and writing was the encounter the characters had with the wildlife and settling of the land and climate after the global flood. I hope you will read it when it is released and will write a review on Amazon for me!

Speaking of new things, NASA has released some new photos of Saturn taken by the probe Cassini. Cassini was sent to Saturn in 2004 and has been faithfully sending pictures back ever since. Here are some of them…

The image above the title is of Saturn, its rings viewed edge on and the planet's giant moon Titan. The probe snapped the shots on May 6, 2012, when it was about 483,000 miles from Titan. 

Below, “This mosaic of the Saturn system, taken by Cassini, glows with scattered light from tiny dust grains. The sun is obscured by the planet in this unusual geometry.1 Cassini made its historical trip between the planet and its rings just this year. Photo Jan 2017

Below, From the inside out, the 'Cassini division' in faint red at left is followed by the A ring in its entirety in this ultraviolet-light image. The A ring begins with a  irty' interior of red followed by more blue as it spreads away from the planet. The blue is a signature of water ice. The red band roughly three-fourths of the way outward in the A ring is known as the Encke gap.2

Below, “The new set of images also includes a view of Saturn’s superdense B ring—the highest-resolution image ever taken of this ring by a factor of at least 2. The great variety in widths and textures of the bands cannot be accounted for yet. 'Why is it organizing itself in this way? We (NASA scientists) are trying to figure that outThere are some theories about some kind of vibrations that can set themselves up in a system like this, but those should all have the same wavelength, which clearly this doesn’t.' It’s something they’ll need to study more.”3 Photo Taken Jan 2017

Below, "The globe of Saturn, seen here in natural color, is reminiscent of a holiday ornament in this wide-angle view from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The characteristic hexagonal shape of Saturn's northern jet stream, somewhat yellow here, is visible. At the pole lies a Saturnian version of a high-speed hurricane, eye and all.4

Below, "Saturn's moon Enceladus, covered in snow and ice, resembles a perfectly packed snowball in this image from NASA's Cassini mission.5

Below, "Saturn's largest and second largest moons, Titan and Rhea, appear to be stacked on top of each other in this true-color scene from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.”6

Below, "The Saturnian moons of Titan, Hyperion and Prometheus are visible just beyond the planet's trademark rings in a photo captured on July 14, 2014 and released on Sept. 22.7

Below is a picture of Saturn with the sun behind it. God glorious creations never cease to amaze me. Beautiful!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel