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Another week has passed so quickly! I hope and pray all is well with you. Just a quick note…I am now writing a brief e-newsletter to keep let all you fine people what is happening with my book ministry. If you are interested in getting this email please contact us at and we’ll keep and eye out for you to put you on the list! 

Speaking of eyes…The Eye of the Sahara, otherwise known as the Richat structure, wasn’t discovered until the Gemini Mission of 1965 when it was detected from the spacecraft. On the ground, this structure is so large the ridges just look like hills. So how can this then be questioned as the lost city of Atlantis? Well it all started with Plato of Ancient Greece...

Plato investigated old writings that had been in his family for six generations. Solon his (six greats) great grandfather and a respected statesmen and lawmaker of Athens, had in his later years taken a trip to Egypt in search of knowledge. At his time Egypt had the largest gathering of ancient documents housed in the Temple of Nice in Sais. There
On the ground the Richat ridges just look like hills
Solon became fascinated with the lost city of Atlantis when the high Egyptian priest Sonchis of Sais translated the writing. Plato rekindled this fascination when he recorded the writings in 360 BC in two books;  the Critics and Timaeus Dialogues. 

Plato wrote, “There were alternate zones of sea and land,
larger and smaller, encircling one another, there were two of land, and three of water, which were turned as if with a lathe each having its circumference equidistant every way from the center.”  Plato goes on to record that the diameter of this city is 127 stadia (an ancient measurement) which is equivalent to 23.5km or 14.5 miles. The measurement of the Eye of the Sahara, located in Mauritania, West Africa, is any where from 22km to 24km.
Very close. Something else Plato mentioned was the mountains to the North having streams running down them. Now so far this remarkable land structure fits with what Plato says. Almost. I wouldn’t classify the tall but flat plateaus to the North as mountains. However over time and climate change the mountains could have been eroded. But there are some discrepancies. The opening to the sea as recorded by Plato was to the south. 
It can be clearly seen from the pictures that the Eye’s opening is to the southwest. Again explainable by time and erosion. And though the structure is 250 miles inland today, at a much earlier time mountains could easily have been there. So what happened?

Plato writes, “Atlantis is part of the Atlantic which is now no longer accessible by ship.” He continues on by writing, “Atlantis when sunk by the earthquake, became an impassible barrier of mud to voyagers sailing from hence to any part of the ocean.” It is easy to see from satellite imagery that a catastrophic event occur in this region. It could not be from the global flood because then the Richat structure would have been wiped out. However I hypothesize that at one time there was a enormous lake to the east and north. Huge inland lakes were common after the global flood and remnants can be found worldwide. If this is so, and there really was a massive earthquake, the land could easily have shifted creating an ever widening 
crevice that would have opened up the lake and drained it pushing millions of tons of sand, mud and debris with it. And it would look just like the photo! This could also explain where the mountains went, having been eroded by such an event. It also explains 250 miles of sediment creating a delta that rose above sea level. Plato writes on saying, “…in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared in to the depths of the sea.” 

The Eye of the Sahara does have similarities with the story of the lost Atlantis. But what do the scientists say? Many geologists disagree that it was manmade stating that it was instead created by molten rock pushing upward but didn’t quite make it to the outer crust thus leaving behind a dome of rock layers. This would have caused the fault lines that circle and cross the Eye. They believe erosion then made the final shaping to what we see today. But this cannot be proven, nor is there anything else like this throughout the rest of Earth’s terrain surface (or under water crust for that matter). And there are multitudes of volcanic domes, cones etc, but nothing at all close to what this looks like. 

Whether natural or manmade or both it is an awe inspiring structure. God’s fingerprint is on it either way; one way by utilizing nature forces to create such an amazing design and the other way by creating mankind so intelligent from the beginning! Lots to think about…

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel,

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Hello all you fine folks out there!

How have you been? Busy, tired, fulfilled, enjoying the Lord in everything and having health. This is true for me as well. My son sent me some interesting information on the Great pyramid of Giza. Let’s see what it’s about…

Secular scientists have a whole new conclusion for the Great Pyramid of Giza. For many years all pyramids were thought to be burial places for the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. But there are things about the Great Pyramid that are vastly different.

For starters, the great pyramid doesn’t have any wall art, intricate coffins, fancy artifacts or sealed doors, all things to make the deceased comfortable in the next life. Even more important, no mummies have been found in this pyramid that were associated with its construction (though two mummies were discovered from a later time period which had obviously been brought in later).  

Inside the great Giza pyramid there are many narrow tunnels leading deep within. Archeologists still are not sure what these were for. Also this great pyramid was once covered with limestone that had been stunningly polished to such a smooth surface that it was absolutely flat. This enabled the rays of the sun to be reflected, just as a mirror would. 

Ceramic jar for an ancient battery
Now, in 1934 a discovery in Iraq shook the world. What was it? Ancient batteries. This is a subject I have written about in an earlier blog. Edison was not the first to brink electricity to the world. These ancient batteries are known as the Baghdad batteries (or Parthian Batteries). In a quick summary; the Bagdad battery works by placing an iron rod placed inside of a copper tube which in then placed inside of a ceramic jar, filled with an acid (usually vinegar). The resulting reaction produces and electrical charge. Such a device can easily explain the fine gold plating found on so many ancient Egyptian artifacts because such plating can only be manufactured with the use of electrical power. These batteries are widely accepted by the scientific community as authentic. So lets continue to see how the Great Pyramid was constructed, keeping these batteries in mind.

The inside walls of the pyramid are well insulated. In addition to this insulation, the insides were coated with a unique
material; dolomite. Dolomite is known to multiply electrical conductivity. In addition, the tunnels mentioned earlier are lined with a granite that is somewhat radioactive, containing a lot of metal and quartz crystals. Both the metal and crystals are great conductors of Piezoelectricity. This type of electricity “…is the electric charge  that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat.”
1 Thus the granite used to build the great pyramid would have ionized the air inside creating a chemical reaction which then would have increased the electrical conductivity. Also the incredible mortar, was made as a gypsum based substance that modern scientists still cannot copy and is actually stronger than the rocks themselves!

And the granite sarcophacies found inside the pyramid are huge! Weighing at least 10 tons! And taller by at least a couple of feet than the height of a modern human (though scripture does records humans much larger in that day). And their surfaces are so smooth that variation in all of them only amount to a 10 thousandths of an inch! So, as it turns out, these boxes had to have been put inside the pyramid as it was being built. They are also conductors of electricity.

Then there is the queens chamber, a secret room discover in 1993. The tunnel and room are very small more like a crawl space and so have not been studied very much. But in 2011, modern techniques enabled a better view via the remote camera. And what did they discover? And well constructed copper wire. Amazing! In the same place what could only be considered a blueprint accompanied by wiring diagrams drawn on the floor. 

The Queen chamber
Now under the right conditions, keeping copper in a windowless sealed room could create a powerful release of electrical energy. Not to mention that this pyramid was build on top of an underground branch of a major river; the Nile. It is a fact that thousands of years ago the Nile ran closer to the great pyramids and underground branches of the Nile and still be detected running under the great pyramid,
though dry now.

In addition, the Great Giza Pyramid used to have the very top, plated with gold. This is what can be called the icing on the cake. The piezoelectricity under the pressure of the pyramid would create a lot of electromagnetic energy that would move up all the way to the top of the pyramid. Where a gold plated capstone awaited it. The gold capstone would be perfect for forwarding the transfer of negative ions (atoms with an electrical charge) going up the pyramid to the capstone, then into the ionosphere (the layer of the earth’s atmosphere that contains a mega amount of those atoms). Add everything together and you have a perfect scenario for immense electrical currents to occur. So if all this is accurate, now the question is; What did these ancient Egyptians do with all this electricity? 

Well, we can be fairly certain they used it for gold plating and even as an analgesic. We know from their carvings and hieroglyphics that they used electricity for light (you can read my previous blog on the Bagdad batteries and dendera bulb). Some even think that there are depictions of a wireless antenna in this carvings and hieroglyphics.  

What is known for sure is that the electromagnetic measurements taken around the Great Pyramid are almost the same as those taken during a lighting storm. It has been proven that electricity is still coming off the top of the pyramid. If a person stood on top of the capstone, and held a bottle covered in a wet rag, soon sparks would come from the bottle. Imagine what would happen if the cap was still covered in gold!

Could it be this knowledge was lost only to be rediscovered millennia later in our time?

Though there is still many question surrounding this theory, it perfectly explains some peculiar phenomena that historians and researches have not been able to explain previously. And it fits perfectly with the unaltered Biblical account recorded in scripture of high intelligence in our ancient ancestors. As a matter of fact our ancient forefathers were so intelligent that God had to scramble the one language spoken by the early Post-Flood people so that we would not be able to “…do more than we could imagine” as stated in Genesis 11:6 (And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.)

With this in mind, the Great Pyramid built to serve as an electrical power plant is not so hard to believe after all…

Until next time, take care and God bless!
Willow Dressel

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Hello all my fine friends out there!

How are you all? Please forgive me for not writing last week. I have been so very busy with filming for my first book’s video trailer. I pushed myself beyond exhaustion and I just couldn’t get my brain to think! There is just so many demands by so many people! But with the Lord’s strength I am able to persevere! Thank you Jesus!

Speaking of many people, on occasion I get asked questions about human fossils, the most frequent is; where are all the human fossils below the K-T Boundary layer? The last layer laid down by The Flood? Let’s take a look…

First let’s look at some assumptions. The most glaring is that many people expect to find human fossils amongst dinosaur bones. Though many land dinosaur fossil layers contain many sea creatures including shells, sea turtles, lake and ocean plants and animals, and a lot of water birds, there are virtually no fossils of land dwelling animals such as deer, hyenas, lions, bears, rabbits, wolves etc. The Pre-Flood humans, according to scripture, didn’t live in swamps or where dinosaurs lived. And for good reason. The larger
Mary and Louis Leaky at a dig site in Africa. Wikipedia commons
dragons would find humans to be a perfect sized snack. 

So if human fossils would not be located in the land dinosaur layers, where should they be? Well, that is a tough question. Creation scientists are not really sure where to look. “Most Flood-friendly geologists have identified Cenozoic rocks as Ice Age layers that formed soon after the Flood. Others have recently reconsidered them to be Flood deposits.” So it seems both secular and creation scientists haven’t been looking for Pre-Flood humans in the rock layers we thought were deposited after the Flood which might actually be from before this global catastrophe. 

Another assumption is that Pre-Flood humans were as prolific in reproduction as rabbits and canines. But according to the evidence the Bible gives, calculations would put the population at not more than 300,000,000 people and probably a lot fewer. 

“For purposes of discussion, let us assume 300,000,000 people died in the Flood, and that each one was preserved as a fossil evenly distributed in the sedimentary record, which consists of about 300,000,000 cubic miles. The chances of such a fossil intersecting the earth's surface, being found by someone, and then being properly and honestly identified is vanishingly small.”1

Courtesy of Institute of Creation Research
Another factor is where Cenozoic deposits are located. “ICR geologist Dr. Tim Clarey’s new continent-wide rock layer maps have revealed that many Cenozoic deposits lie offshore since Flood waters washed off of continents and into today’s oceans. It’s hard to dig for fossils in layers trapped beneath the sea. Plus, the violence of Flood runoff waters may have pulverized any human remains they carried.”

The last assumption is made by the secular scientific community; that humans evolved and lived from 10 or 20 million years ago to today. Most if not all of the original research in human fossil discovery has been from the secular community. Thus the areas looked at have been in much deeper rock layers then such fossils would occur according to scripture. Yet, “Those many resulting bones, if they existed, would have blanketed the Earth. Where are they? The few human remains available from Ice Age cave burials or older fossils look like the number we expect from our few ancestors sho lived right after the Flood.”2

With so few workers, previous digs that have been conducted in the wrong deposits, fewer than first thought humans existing in the Former World, most of the best potential layers for Pre-Flood human fossils under the ocean and, of which most would have been destroyed in the process of being laid down under the seas, isn’t it no wonder Pre-Flood human remains haven’t been found?

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



Brian Thomas, M.S., Institute for Creation Research (ICR), Acts and Facts Magazine, ICR Dallas, TX, September 2018, p 17.

Dr. Tim Clarey’s new continent-wide rock layer maps

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Isaiah Seal
Photograph by Ouria Tadmor and Eilat Mazar 


Greetings all you fine people out there! What a great time I had filming a part of my video trailer yesterday. It was hot and sweaty but my friends and family were all so helpful and fun to work with. I thank them all for helping me to get the message of God to you in this form of media!

Speaking of messages, back in the old days, people of importance owned seals. A seal was a small relief made from metal or stone with which they could stamp on a message to make the message authentic. Seals only belonged to the person who owned it and as far as I know, there was only one that the person possessed. “The clay seal, or bulla, was one of 34 found during Mazar's (archaeologist Eilat Mazar) 2009 Ophel excavations at the base of the southern wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount, or Haram al-Sharif. The seals, or bullae, were recovered from a small Iron Age (1200-586 B.C.) garbage pits, outside the wall…described as a royal bakery leveled in the 586 B.C. Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem.”

The seal is written in Old Hebrew script and contains the Hebrew name for Isaiah; Yesha’yah[u]. The next Hebrew word after the name is nvy. “Because the seal is damaged at the end of the word nvy, Mazar suggests that our reading may be incomplete. If nvy was originally followed by the Hebrew letter aleph, the result would be the word "prophet," rendering the reading of the seal as ‘Belonging to Isaiah the prophet.’ “ 

Interestingly enough, “In 2015, the announcement that
Hezekiah seal
Photograph by 
Ouria Tadmor and Eilat Mazar 
another clay bulla discovered in the Ophel excavations bore the personal seal of King Hezekiah made international headlines. According to the most recent article, the 'Isaiah' seal was found just 10 feet from the Hezekiah seal during the same 2009 excavation.”

This 2,700 year old seal found just 10 feet from the seal of King Hezekiah on the same level is of utmost importance as you will see. “Christopher Rollston, professor of Semitic languages at George Washington University, agrees that…without an aleph at the end, nvy is probably just a personal name (often the name of the person's father) or a location (where the person hails from).” In addition, Rollston states that an h is not present. An h in Hebrew is the same as the word “the” in English. And as in English, they would say the prophet instead of; prophet. Mazar does suggest however,  “…that the definite article may have originally appeared in a damaged area above the word nvy, or, citing other archaeological and textual examples, was simply left out.”
Photograph by Ouria Tadmor and Eilat Mazar

Revering to the above photo, “Researchers suggest that the damaged area of the seal may have originally contained the Hebrew characters vav and h in the middle register and aleph in the lower register (reconstructed text in blue). The complete seal impression would then read "Belonging to Isaiah the Prophet.” To me, the evidence is overwhelming that this is the seal of Isaiah the prophet. 

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


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Hello Everyone!

Sorry this is getting out so late…I'm in the middle of making a video trailer for the second edition of my first book. Wow! What a lot of work and organizing! Everything has to line up in order for it to work and to look good!

Speaking of looking good, if you recall a while back I did a blog on cloud formation and the different shapes they can have, and some pretty cool ones too! Well a friend of mine snapped a photo of a fantastic cloud:

I have been working so hard to have a little video clip come out well. How can anyone see this pic and all the details and not believe there is something behind the making of it…

The kingdom of heaven in here!

God bless and take care,
until next time… 
Willow Dressel

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Good afternoon everyone,

May you this past week have been a blessing to all around you, and may all around you have blessed you too. What a wonderful thing to look for in our lives, the blessing we can give and the blessing we receive. Let’s keep our hearts on these many blessings and so shift our perspective from dim, dull, misery, pain, and negative to bright, exciting, joy, hope, and positive. It will make all the difference in your life!

wikipedia commons
Speaking of shifting perspectives, that is just what two scientists tried to do when they put together an article for the Royal Society Open Science in 2016. “…Paleontologist Susumu Tomiya and anatomist Jack Tseng re-analyzed two fossils previously labeled as generic carnivores by other scientists. New CT scans showed skull features that suggested both fossils belonged to the specific category of carnivores called beardogs.”1 According to evolutionary standards.  Also in 2016 the journal Science reported, “Bear dogs, scientifically known as amphicyonids, get their common name from their general resemblance to modern-day bears and dogs, especially in their body shape and posture, but they are, in fact, only distantly related to these lineages. So, like Tseng, this evolutionary author admits that beardogs are only distant relatives—not ancestors—of dogs.”2  Again according to the evolution story.

Fox News Science reported in their, October 11, 2016 issue, the beardog is a long extinct relative of dogs, raccoons and weasels.

Beardogs (amphicyonids) are the size of a small fox so why are they called beardogs? The fossils do contain a few characteristics of both animals and have been labeled as the early ancestors of dogs. But as noted above, no one can really agree. Also fossils of beardogs appear in the same rock layers where dogs are found that have even more dog fossils in them. How could one evolve into the other if they lived at the same time and place? And according to the journal of Science, secular scientists are not clear where or when beardogs evolved.

Yet the two scientists, Tomiya and Tseng, recorded that this beardog “species” is the ancestor of dogs. They are trying to shift the perspective that these extinct creatures evolved into two separated species. Yet each beardog fossil shows no changes. Dog and bear fossils show no transitional forms either, just variations in size. 

Institute for Creation Research’s, Brian Thomas, MS, stated in the July 31, 2018 Acts and Facts magazine, “I needed no fossil expertise to determine that beardogs show no real evolution. All I had to do was read the secular scientists’ own conclusions…four different evolutionists admitted that beardogs probably did not evolve into modern dogs. Beardogs were not dogs, bears, or ancestors of either. Fossils agree they were their own created kind.”2

Facts are facts and evidence is evidence. You gotta love it!

Until next time, God bless, and take care,
Willow Dressel




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Fissure and crater left by Mount Tarawera explosion
By Carl Lindberg - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

Mount Tarawera

Greeting everyone!

I know that half of the world in deep in wintertime, but here it is hot! The storms have let up and now the sun in pounding down. The good thing about the sun letting up is that my adopted son, who plays Christian music in a band, had his debut, last night and though it looked like rain everything cleared up by the time his band began to play. Thank you Jesus! The whole band was awesome, glory be to God!

Speaking of  hot, I know you most likely have heard of the recent Kilauea volcano activity, and you probably know of
the Mount Saint Helens eruption in 1984 here in the USA. The Mt. St. Helen’s eruption turned out to be a stunning discovery of how the Grand Canyon, polystrate fossils, layers of earth, and fossils formed. Scientists around the world were able to gather so much information they are still putting it together. But very few people have heard of the volcanic
Maori Village, early 1900’s
eruption of Mount Tarawera.

“On the morning of 10 June 1886, a mountain a mere 29 kilometres (18 miles) from Rotorua in the North Island of New Zealand, blew its top. For around four hours, Mt Tarawera, as it is now known, spewed red hot rocks, mud, ash, and smoke over the countryside from fissures up to three kilometres wide and around 19
Te Wairoa
kilometres (12 miles) long. The immediate area around the mountain was devastated with an estimated 15,000 square kilometres (5,800 square miles) of countryside affected in some way. By 5:30 am the 

Maori Warrior
eruption was over, although ash continued to fall, and steam vented from the mountain for days. The death toll was 153, a relatively small number due to the low population of the area, but two whole Maori villages were wiped out. Te Wairoa was a small settlement close to the mountain on its north-west side. It had a church, a school, and two hotels, all of which were destroyed. The Te Wairoa of 1886 is today ‘The Buried Village’. The remains of some of the buildings have been excavated, and artifacts entombed in the ash for 60 or so years are displayed in a small
fossil bowler hat

Why mention this? Because some of the artifacts are astounding! An almost complete bowler hat, a ham, bag of flour and something that appears like a stack of sausages. But what makes these so unique is that all of them are fossilized! Yes, you heard me right, fossilized human artifacts. Now then, I do believe this qualifies as evidence for a rapid
fossilization process. This is a theory embraced by the creation science community yet rejected by secular science. This rejection is warranted (at least as far as I can see) only by the changing of the definition of fossil. Dictionaries prior to 1850 define fossils as: Dug out of the earth; as, fossil coal; like or pertaining to fossils; contained in rocks, whether petrified or
fossil sack of flo
not; as fossil plants, shells, fossil copal. 

But after Charles Darwin wrote his book “Of the Origin of Species” all dictionaries/encyclopedias including the Dictionary of Geological Terms, now define fossils as; Fossils—any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing of a former geologic age, as a skeleton, footprint, etc.: preserved from a past geologic age fossil plants fossil water in an underground reservoir. 

Do you see the difference? Now millions of years have been
added on. But fossils don't take that long to form as the aftereffects of Mount Tarawera prove. Fossils form under the right conditions rather than large amounts of time. This is testable and repeatable and has the same results time after time. Now that is good science. And by no manipulation or biased assumption was this made to match with what the Bible documents. That the evidence conforms to the Bible, is truth.
Fossil sausage like objects

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



All pictures of fossils and Te Wairoa are courtesy of Answers in Genesis