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My favorite dwarf actor (of course) who played Willow, lol!


Good day mates! Has everyone had a great week? Even if not, count you blessing for if you believe in Jesus you truly are blessed. 

But there are those among us that have been lead so astray that they will do anything. One such person was Mengele, the death angel. But a whole family, the Ovitz, survived his sadism…

The Hungarian jewish family, the Ovitz, had twelve members, seven of which were dwarfs. They were a working family as a singing and musical instrumental group. The seven dwarfs were the performers while the rest of the average sized family worked back stage. In 1944 they were captured by the Nazis. “The war was a little less than a year from closing, yet this was the most dangerous time at Auschwitz. Fresh trains arrived daily, bringing new loads of Jews from Hungary, who the Nazis had just recently begun deporting and murdering. Nearly all of these new arrivals were sent immediately to their deaths, the camp being unable to house the hundreds of thousands of arrivals when it was already packed with 150,000 souls. In its time some 30 million would pass through its gates, the majority never to depart through them again.”1 

Auschwitz, unfortunately was were the “death angel”, Josef Mengele, was stationed. Mengele is infamous for his cruel and tormenting experiments performed on certain subjects in his drive to fulfill his curiosity of human “evolution”. He believed  that malformations in humans was the key. “The sight of an entire family of dwarfs caused an SS officer to immediately order the awakening of Josef Mengele, although the hour was early in the morning…Mengele was always interested in people who were malformed or greatly different from the norm. Such people, including twins, were often reserved to him for his ‘experiments’ which experts have discerned were little more than sadistic rites of torture. As 3,100 of the 3,500 people aboard their train arriving from Hungary went immediately to the gas chambers and were dead within hours, the Ovitz family was spared and loaded onto a truck to be carried away and tortured at Menglele's hands. Etched into their memories was the fresh knowledge of the crematoriums, other Jewish prisoners explained to them upon their arrival. 

The flames from the chimneys seared themselves into memory.”2 

I will not get into the torturous experiments Mengele took pleasure in, but I will say this; the Ovitz family suffered greatly and unnecessarily. The experiments were preformed without anesthetic and even when the victims fainted from the pain and loss of blood this horrendously sadistic man would wait for them to revive before he continued. 

 How can a person become so cruel? When one draws away from the one and only true God, Jesus Christ, they are open to Satan and all his evil ways. If one believes in evolution, then all humans come from scum and life is not valuable. 

Dwarfism has nothing to do with evolution. It is “short stature that results from a genetic or medical condition.
Dwarfism is generally defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less. The average adult height among people with dwarfism is 4 feet (122 cm). Many different medical conditions cause dwarfism. In general, the disorders are divided into two broad categories:

Disproportionate dwarfism. If body size is disproportionate, some parts of the body are small, and others are of average size or above-average size. Disorders causing disproportionate dwarfism inhibit the development of bones. (This is what the Ovit's had).

Proportionate dwarfism. A body is proportionately small if all parts of the body are small to the same degree and appear to be proportioned like a
body of average stature. Medical conditions present at birth or appearing in early childhood limit overall growth and development.”3

As for the Ovits, “eventually, the Russians came to liberate the camp and by great fortune, the entire family survived. They returned home to find their valuables where they buried them, a rare success for Holocaust survivors. They then resumed their acting careers until one by one, they grew old and frail and died.”4 

As for the death angel, “Mengele escaped to Argentina, and later Paraguay, where he eluded justice for the rest of his life. He eventually drowned in Brazil during a swim, but at that time, his health was already failing. He never faced
earthly justice for his crimes.”5 But every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is God. He will get what is coming to him by our  just God.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



Sunday, September 4, 2016



Good day to all! Did you of you fare well this past week? It was a slightly less busy week for me so I was able to catch about two breaths more, lol! One day when I was working at the zoo, we had a ferocious storm with a flash of lighting that was still brilliant when the crack of its thunder resounded, booming all around. It felt as if the lighting had struck right next to me! Praise God that no one was hurt.

Did you know that all living things have electrical fields? Scientists know that the transmission of nerve impulses is electromagnetic, occurring on a cellular level. They also
know that blood return is managed by electromagnetic processes as is oxygen uptake, and the bodies way to determine immunology. Scientists also know that cancer is caused by increased electromagnetic activity of the cells.

When most people hear about life and an electric field, however, probably is not what is mentioned above. Most likely what comes to mind are well known animals such as
electric eels, sharks and dolphins, birds that fly in a “V” formation, and other animals that migrate. But did you know that plants also have an electric field? All plants from the largest and tallest trees, to moss and lichens have this trait. Even something as delicate and beautiful as a flower. 

Why would the Creator use electric currents in living matter? Well, I touched on a few above, but none of that has to do with plants. Let’s take a look at flowers. Flowers give off a low electrical field. This helps to attract pollinators. For example “Bumblebees feed on nectar from flowers. It is thus advantageous for them to find flowers
efficiently, expending as little energy as possible when searching for food…The body hairs of bumblebees possess a unique ability, in that they are sensitive to electrical fields, specifically, those produced by flowers. In addition to other fine-tuned senses bumblebees possess, including the ability to see ultraviolet light, the body hairs of bumblebees move in response to electrical fields. These hairs, called ‘mechanosensory hairs,’ are connected
via nerve fibers to the bumblebee nervous system, and when they move, they activate the nerve cells. These sensory hairs allow bumblebees to forage for nectar more efficiently by enabling them to sense electrical charges on flowers.”

Again our Creator, Jesus, has thought of everything even right down to the cellular level. The symbiosis between flowers and the bumblebee is nothing short of extreme intelligent design. Why would you need one without the other? And what would a half electrical field do? It would be useless and according to the theory of evolution would have been discarded long before it reached the amazing state it’s in today. 

Once again the physical world in which we live backs up the unaltered truth recorded in the Bible. And gives us a clear picture of just how incredible our God is!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


O’Quinn, Jonathan, D.P.M., M.S., Electric Bumblebees, Creation Matters, Volume 21, Number 4, July/Aug 2016, Creation Research Society. Page 12.

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Greetings my friends!

Are all of you ready to head into a change of seasons? It will be early autumn for me but there are those of you who live where it will be early spring soon. I love the way God set up our planet to have season changes. I look forward to autumn more that any other season.

Speaking of changes, have any of you heard about asteroid Bennu? Bennu, discovered in 1999, is a large asteroid that has an elliptical path crossing Earth’s orbit every six years. Bennu, which is around 500 meters in diameter at its equator and travels around the sun at 63,000mph, is projected to pass between Earth and the moon in 2135. The Chelyabinsk meteoroid was much smaller by comparison. 

On September 8, 2016 NASA plans to launch an eight million dollar probe, the OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) to collect rock samples from an asteroid. The main goal is to collect samples so scientists will hopefully be able to estimate the mass of the large asteroid. But another aspect of the giant space rock has captured far greater attention; the possibility that it could collide with our planet in the future. “Bennu is officially classified as a potentially
dangerous asteroid. In fact, there's an 0.037 percent (or 1-in-2,700) chance that it will strike Earth in the last quarter of the 22nd century, NASA scientists have calculated. Specifically, that's the probability that, during an Earthy flyby in 2135, Bennu will hit a special orbit-altering ‘keyhole' that will send it on a collision course with the planet later in the century.”OSIRIS-REx will journey to Bennu for two years, study it from a close range orbit for another two years then match the velocity (speed and direction) of the asteroid and “bounce” of the surface. The purpose of the bounce is to collect a sample within 5 seconds. Scientists made the decision for this bounce rather than a landing because it is difficult to land on an object that has little gravity. Instead objects tend to bounce off. The probe should then return to Earth by 2023 with a hefty sample.
Pogo stick rock sample collector on OSIEIS_REX

It is interesting yet sad that so much money is being spent in the desire to “learn” what the origins of the cosmos is. “The mission team is chiefly interested in learning the role that asteroids like Bennu — dark, primitive and apparently carbon-rich objects — may have played in helping life get a foothold on Earth.”2 We already have this information, written clearly for us in the Bible. And there is so much physical evidence to back it up. If only the scales would drop off their eyes!

The only valid part of the mission in my opinion, is in allowing scientists to recalculate the impact probability of the asteroid. Then a gravity tractor can be employed. This Star Trek technology in which a robotic probe flies alongside the space rock for months or years, gradually nudging it off course via a slight gravitational tug (the greater the probe’s mass, the stronger its gravitational pull— kind of like a tug boat) is truly here. 

Also a Kinetic Energy Impactor (KEI) may also be utilized to deflect the asteroid. A KEI utilizes kinetic energy, or energy
from motion, that turns into an explosion of the object's (its landing on/hitting) material. As the material blows away it pushes like rocket exhaust resulting in pushing the pieces off course thus preventing an impact with Earth. Kinetic energy equals the speed-of-impact-squared times the mass (Remember the movie Armageddon with Bruce Willis?). 

Yes its Trek/Wars technology all right! But all of this exciting technology tends to take our eyes off of Who’s really is in charge. The Creator, God of heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel 

PS here’s some more space information: NASA “wants astronauts to visit the redirected asteroid by 2025, to meet an exploration deadline set by the White House. In 2010, President Barack Obama directed NASA to get people to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025 and then on to the vicinity of Mars by the mid-2030s.”3 Imagine how that much money could help mankind cure famines, disease and poverty.



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Courtesy of Answers in Genesis


Good day mates! 

And how did you all fare this week? We had lots of pouring monsoon rains. So good to have after the drought here in the mountains. My kids and grandkids are all doing well and two of my daughters are pregnant with babies due three months apart. And my oldest son has just purchased his first house. I guess I’m getting old! Ha ha!

Speaking of mountains and old, does anyone know where Noah’s Ark really landed? Is there evidence of the remains of the Ark? Let’s find out…

Basically there are five most popular and most potential sites. Four of the locations are on or very near Mount Ararat; The Durupinar Site, The Ahora Gorge, The Ararat Anomaly, and the Ararat—NAMI Expedition. The fifth site is on Mount Suleiman.

The Durupinar Site became popular in the 1980’s when Ron Wyatt and others claimed to have found Noah’s Ark and
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis

Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
The Ahora Gorge site was first discovered by George Hagopian and his uncle. George claimed that in 1905 or ’08 when he was eight or ten years old his uncle brought him to the Ahora Gorge area of Mount Ararat. He claimed they found a large ship partially buried under the snow and ice. Hagopian said his uncle hoisted him up so he could walk on the roof! “At least a dozen expeditions have explored the Ahora Gorge since Hagopian reportedly walked on the Ark’s roof. However to date, none of these adventurers has been able to find the remains of
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
Noah’s Ark at the Ahora Gorge, even though they have used satellite imagery, and explorers have searched the gorge when the glacier in it has melted back. It is very tempting to dismiss Hagopian’s incredible claims as the imaginations of a young child. Consider the following complications with his story. Hagopian offered conflicting reports of his adventure. Was he eight years old or ten years old at the time? Was it in 1905 or 1908? Also, it is hard to imagine a youngster making this very difficult and dangerous journey without proper training.”

Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
The Ararat Anomaly is just that— an anomaly. “In 1949, photographs of the northwest side of Mount Ararat were taken by a United States intelligence agency. A large structure can be seen jutting out of the ice and snow near the middle of the photograph above. This object has captured the imagination of Ark hunters because it resembles a portion of a large ship. Of course, this ‘anomaly’ may simply be a rock outcropping with just the right amount of ice and snow melted away to give the illusion of a boat-shaped object.”3 A 2003 satellite image, presumed to be taken at the same spot, shows an overhead shot depicting a long, boat-like structure. The object roughly has the dimensions of Noah’s ark. But it also closely resembles a natural rock formation. That
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
certainly could not be called proof. This is the only proposed Ark location in which, as far as I know, no expedition has been explored on site, thus the anomaly. 

The Ararat—NAMI Expedition was made up of a team of evangelical Christian explorers from a Hong Kong-based Media for evangelism. They claim to use the media to promote the message of Jesus Christ. NAMI (Noah’s Ark Ministries International) went on an expedition to an area high up a prominent canyon on the south face of Mount Ararat. This group claimed to have found or were told about seven wooden compartments buried on Mount Ararat, which they believe were part of Noah’s Ark. They even produced a video showing team members presumably inside one of these wooden structures. Although we would be delighted if the Ark had actually been found, this
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
‘discovery’ is likely a hoax. This is not to accuse NAMI of perpetrating the hoax, but there is a real possibility that they were victims of a fraud enacted by a Kurdish man called Paraşut. Dr. Randall Price and Dr. Don Patton were the experts invited to be part of the expedition, but they were never permitted to see the site and were soon dropped from the team. They have documented many of the inconsistencies between what was reported and what they found in their research. For example, pictures of an alleged room in the Ark provided by Paraşut show straw, cobwebs, and a feed bowl, each in very good condition. The problem with these images is that Paraşut has claimed that the site is frequently flooded, which was his reason for not taking the expedition there in the summer months. Would a site that endured regular flooding remain in good shape for millennia? They also interviewed a Kurdish worker who claimed to have been one of several people hired by Paraşut to construct “movie sets” on the mountain.”4 
Little Ararat on the left; Mount Ararat on the Right. Courtesy of Answers in Genesis

There is one other significant problem. “Despite so many supposed sightings and evidences from Mount Ararat, it seems unlikely that Noah’s Ark has been found in recent times. And even though we would be ecstatic if the Ark were discovered, we have reason to doubt that it will be found in the future. Nor would it convince the skeptics who would simply claim it is a replica monument to a mythical boat. Certainly, it is hard to imagine a large wooden structure surviving the elements for more than 4000 years. Also, if Mount Ararat truly were the landing place, how could the Ark have survived this volcano’s numerous eruptions, which continued until 1840?”5

The last site we will discuss has been claimed by military veteran Ed Davis. During WWII while he was stationed in Iran he believes he found large petrified planks of wood on Mount Suleiman (also called the Throne of Solomon). Though the Bible states the Ark landed on the Ararat Mount Range, this is far beyond that. However, in 2005/06 Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute led expeditions up this mountain to explore an alternative site for the landing of the Ark.
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
“Cornuke provided several details about the site that he believes is a candidate for the remains of Noah’s Ark. His team found rocks that were “uncannily beam like in appearance” over 13,000 feet up the mountain, ‘a worship shrine,’ and fossilized clams in abundance on the top of an adjoining peak. Cornuke also points to the wide variety of ecosystems in the region and the 1965 rediscovery of the Caspian horse, believed by some to be the most ancient variety of domestic horse.
Despite these assertions, there are multiple problems with the notion that the Ark came to rest on Mount Suleiman. For example, the beam-like rocks are likely a geologic formation, the eroded edge of upended, finely bedded rock layers, according to geologists who have only been able to examine pictures. Also, it is improbable that Ed Davis’s reported sighting took place on Mount Suleiman. But the biggest problem is that Mount Suleiman lies 250 miles east of the farthest-known reaches of the ancient Urartu region. As such, this mountain doesn’t match the biblical description that the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat (Genesis 8:4).”6 

In conclusion, it is highly doubtful that the Ark will ever be found almost entirely due to environmental conditions and time. But even if the Ark were found, those who don’t want to believe that the Creator, Jesus is real, and that our history is recorded without change in the Bible, won’t believe. 

Until next time, God bless, take care and lots of prayers to the lost.
Willow Dressel


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The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended  


Hello all you fine people out there! And did everyone fare well this past week? I certainly had several dramatic events happen. But from it all, my son-in-law has given his life to Jesus! So all the hardship and spent emotions were worth it.

Speaking about a series of events, what does Sir Isaac Newton have to do with the chronology of human history? Wasn’t he a scientist? Well, yes he was a great scientist and a great and faithful  Christian. And he was a historian as well. How many of you knew he wrote a book called The
Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended  in 1728, and was published a year after he passed away.

Newton, however, did have an advantage over most modern scientists in that he “…was so well  read in the classical Greek and Latin writers that he was able to detect serious problems in the dating of ancient records before 700 BC. 

His basic claims are solid:
God’s Word is correct in every detail, including its history, so it must be our starting point (par. 410–415).
Except for the Bible itself, the other histories of early nations were not recorded until well after the events had passed (par. 483–484). For example, the first historian to write about ancient Egypt (apart from Moses) was Herodotus (c. 484–425 BC).
Most records of early history were lost or distorted as a result of repeated foreign invasions (par. 517).
Ancient peoples were not averse to making big assumptions to fill in the gaps (par. 193).

For example, Newton speaks about the Persian invasion of Egypt in 525-523 BC.   Cambyses, the king of Persia at that time, invaded Egypt and destroyed the vast majority of the
King Cambyses
Egyptian historical records that earlier invaders (the Assyrians and others) had missed during their conquests. So it was up to the Egyptian scholars to try to reconstruct their history. “Newton explains, ‘After Cambyses had carried away the records of Egypt, the priests were daily feigning new kings, to make their gods and nation look more ancient’ (par. 517).”

Herodotus (c. 484-425/413 BC) was an early writer who traveled extensively in Egypt, Africa and Asia Minor. He recorded in detail his experiences and observations which provided later historians a detailed account of important historical events and of everyday life. He was known as the Father of History by the Romans, but has also been called the Father of Lies by critics. “When Herodotus visited Egypt in the mid-fifth century BC, the priests had constructed a list of 341 Egyptian kings reigning some 11,340 years! Even Herodotus was dubious.”3  

“Newton points out that except for biblical history, early historians did not use absolute dates until around 250 BC. Before that time, they usually marked time by the reign of kings. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians assumed that an average of three kings reigned for every century, and they pigeonholed dates accordingly (par. 204). Newton asked himself, ‘Is this reasonable?’ He then analyzed the dynasties of a dozen other known
kingdoms, such as the English monarchs. To his surprise the average reign was only eighteen to twenty years, about half of what ancient pagan historians had claimed…Applying what he learned about the average length of a king’s reign, half of Greece’s recorded history before 700 BC evaporated! For example, the Trojan War and Argonaut expedition were much more recent than is usually assumed, Newton argued. He also found that other king lists, such as the list of Roman kings, had exaggerated the length of their reigns, and so the lists should be cut in half. Newton then proceeded to look at
the histories of other nations, such as Egypt, rejecting any fictitious names or mythological eras. By his reckoning, based on the information available in his day, he calculated that only twenty-two names reflected real kings in ancient Egypt (par. 486).”4

Manetho, a well known Egyptian historian from the third century BC, recorded Egyptian dynasties that priests had told him about. Manetho seemed to have missed the fact that there was more than one region therefore more than one dynasty ruling at one time. He numbered all the dynasties in a straight order rather
than an overlapping order. In addition he ignored the documents that Herodotus had recorded two hundred years earlier and Manetho’s timeline had little in common with them.

Even today in our modern world with so much information at our fingertips, historians choose to either ignore it or don’t bother to research it. “Modern secular historians have a deep bias against Scripture, and they interpret history with a ‘hermeneutic of suspicion,’ as Egyptologist James K. Hoffmeier writes.

James K. Hoffmeier
“Isaac Newton had the right approach. Nothing in ancient history (when properly understood) can possibly conflict with biblical history. As archaeologists continue to make exciting new discoveries, we have nothing to worry about. God’s eyewitness record is 100% true and reliable, the only sure starting point for studying the timeline of human history.”

I love to learn about our ancient history and love even more to learn more information about ancient people. We should all be very grateful for Sir Isaac Newton’s faith and tenacious desire to record the truth and only the truth. 

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel