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Good day all you fine folks out there! First my apologies for not getting a new blog out last week. Hopefully this week will make up for it and all your kind hearts will forgive me! So what is happening all around the world with you all? Here is has been a busy week getting my nephew moved in and monitoring bat behavior. Interesting work, but I always have trouble switching to the night hours!

Speaking of all around the world….tonight is a natural phenomenon everyone should make a point to take a look at. It is the first of four blood moons over the next two years. So what exactly is a blood moon? Does it have anything to do with Hebrew prophecy? Let’s take a closer look…

First, let’s see what a blood moon is. It is actually a lunar eclipse. “A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow (the umbra) falls on the moon. If the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, it is a total eclipse. But a partial lunar eclipse happens if the earth’s umbra only partially covers the moon. Because the earth has an atmosphere that bends light around its edge, the earth’s umbra is not completely dark. So, the totally eclipsed moon will reflect the color of the light contained in the earth’s shadow. The earth’s atmosphere scatters out shorter-wavelength light (green through violet) leaving mostly longer-wavelength light (red, orange, and yellow) in the earth’s umbra. This is why sunsets and sunrises generally are red, and why most lunar eclipses are red. However, a wide range of color and brightness can be found in lunar eclipses. This is based on atmospheric conditions at the time including dust and humidity levels. While the color of some total lunar eclipses could be compared to blood, others are more orange, similar to a pumpkin. Still other eclipses look yellow, and some are very dark—virtually black. 
“Normally a full moon is above or below the earth’s umbra because it orbits on an elliptical angle and no eclipse occurs. Each month the moon’s orbit crosses the plane of the earth’s orbit around the sun in two places, points that we call the lunar nodes. If a full moon occurs when the moon is near a node, then there is a lunar eclipse. (Conversely, a new moon at this time results in a solar eclipse.)”1

Twice a year (and six months apart) the conditions are right for the nodes to line up with a full moon. Due to shifts in the eclipse seasons (which last about a month), total lunar eclipses occur on average every 18 years. However some years  they are only 10 years apart (this seems to happen about every 65 years). Interestingly enough, years where a lunar eclipse happens two times a year for two years is a row happens about every 65 years as well. 
So now that we understand where the color for a blood moon comes from and the conditions/time that produces this, let’s look at the Hebrew end-time prophecies and the Lord’s return. Much emphasis has been placed on the significance of the four lunar eclipses which coincide with the dates of Passover and Sukkoth this year and also in 2015. In the past, blood moons have been linked with Passover and Sukkoths and major events. For example, the sky turning dark at Jesus’s Crucifixion (Passover), and Israel becoming its own nation again (Passover). Mark Hiltz, the founder of El Shaddai Ministries a Hebrew roots resource and teaching ministry located near Tacoma, Washington, believes that the Second Coming of Christ must happen at Sukkoth since Jesus was crucified at Passover. Hiltz also believes that the total lunar eclipses fulfill the prophecy in Joel 2:31 which speaks of the sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood. Could this be true?

Well, if you take in all the facts, lunar eclipses really aren’t that rare. For example, there will be 85 total lunar eclipses in the twenty-first century. But since only slightly more than half the earth’s surface can witness at least a portion of any particular eclipse it makes it a little more uncommon. And as far as the lunar eclipses happening on the same day as Passover or Sukkoth, its really not that unusual. Using the Hebrew calendar, the full moon always coincides with the fourteenth or fifteenth of their month. And then, geologically speaking, where will the eclipse take place? “One might think that Jerusalem would be a key site, but the first three total lunar eclipses in 2014–2015 won’t be visible from there, and only the beginning of the final eclipse will be. One must ask whether a sign that few people notice is much of a sign.”2
Another example is the first eclipse of 2015, to occur on March 20th. “The eclipse path is in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The only landfalls that the eclipse path will make are the Faroe Islands and Svalbard. The population of the former is 50,000 and the latter less than 3,000. The eclipse is of short duration, and the weather can be overcast much of the time at that latitude. There is a good chance that few people, if any, will actually see this eclipse.”3

“The second solar eclipse (September 13, 2015) is partial and falls on Rosh Hashanah. Though many people have experienced a partial solar eclipse, most of them had no idea that anything was going on. This is because unless a partial eclipse is very close to being total, the sun is not appreciably dimmed.”A total solar eclipse would most likely be interpreted as a great sign to those who witness it. But if very few are around to see great is that?

Though Blitz and others point out serendipity of these blood moon eclipses, especially four happening within two years, and even though such factors are rare, they are not distinctive and there are no other suggestions that these eclipses are otherwise unique. “The biblical passages that refer to the dimming of the sun (Matthew 24:29; Joel 2:31) and the moon turning to blood (Joel 2:31) speak in very apocalyptic terms, emphasizing frightening things that men experience. The timing of the eclipses that Biltz draws attention to, while interesting, falls far short of the sort of signs that will cause the heavens to shake (Matthew 24:29).”5

Answers In Genesis has a great, more detailed article on this subject. Just google the ministry and type in ‘blood moon’ in their search box and it will take you right to it.

Nevertheless, the total eclipses, of which one is to happen tonight, are phenomenal! I suggest you do your best to not miss this spectacular sighting. Here are some times to look for:

Excellent viewing prospects can be found all across North and South America. 
Total eclipse of the Moon, April 14-15, 2014* (US and Canada times & comparable to South America)
Eclipse event
Penumbra first
1:20 a.m.
12:20 a.m
11:20 p.m.
10:20 p.m.
Partial eclipse 
1:58 a.m.
12:58 a.m.
11:58 p.m.
10:58 p.m.
Total eclipse 
3:07 a.m.
2:07 a.m.
1:07 a.m.
12:07 a.m.
3:46 a.m.
2:46 a.m
1:46 a.m.
12:46 a.m.
Total eclipse 
4:25 a.m.
3:25 a.m.
2:25 a.m.
1:25 a.m.
Partial eclipse 
5:33 a.m.
4:33 a.m.
3:33 a.m.
2:33 a.m.
Penumbra last
5:10 a.m.
4:10 a.m.
3:10 a.m.

“In Australia, the April 15 Total Lunar Eclipse occurs mostly during twilight, with the Full Moon rising fully eclipsed, while the Sun is setting.”Anyone at that latitude should also be able to see this blood moon too.  Australia and New Zealand will surely have prime time seats for this event.

Until next week, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel


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Science, moral, spiritual and biblical skeptics, gaia, mother earth, adaptation, natural selection, the unseen, supernatural, faith, biogenetic, thermodynamics, mutation, speciation, spontaneous generation,

Science, moral, spiritual  and biblical skeptics
Part II

Good-day friends! What a beautiful, though windy day it is here! I always love the sunshine, well and the rain too! As a matter of fact, we could really use some rain!
Speaking of rain, don’t you just hate it when someone ‘rains’ on your day? That’s how I used to feel before I learned some techniques to combat attacks on my faith. Let’s continue to look into not only defending our faith, but helping to lead others to the truth.

So if you remember from last week, we discovered the root idea behind most scientific objections is “The natural world is all there is.” And the probing question is “How much faith is required for that belief?” “It is important to point out to the skeptic that his naturalistic view invokes supernatural power as much as yours (God) does. The big difference is that naturalism puts faith in the absurd-nature doing supernatural things-while a theistic worldview merely puts faith in the unseen-a cause beyond nature that has left evidence in nature of its presence.”1
Science has already proved that nature is unable to create matter, space or time--for nature to do so, it would have to go against the First Law of Thermodynamics (matter can neither be created nor destroyed but it can change form), Second Laws of Thermodynamics (everything goes from a state of order to disorder, i.e. decay, etc) the Law of Biogenetic (life cannot come from non-life; no spontaneous generation), Mathematical probability (shows evolution NEVER could have occurred), The fossil record ( it holds no transitional forms), just to name a few facts. In other words, nature would have to have supernatural powers, like God. I have even run into those people who believe in a powerful “Mother Nature” or “Gaia”, in other words nature can do godlike things. Yet they are adamantly against even the thought of an Intelligent Designer⎯the Creator God. It is a far more logical explanation to believe in the unseen (God) than what has already been proven cannot happen. 
As you can see one of the biggest problems with the science skeptic is that they tend to divorce reason from faith. Another great example of this is their emphasis that natural selection and mutation can create different forms of life (evolution).  So when a scientist claims there is evidence that a life form has evolved from one species into another, what you can point out is that both of these process create nothing new. These processes only remove or rearrange what is already present (in the genes). Speciation--the changing of one species into another, and adaptation which is changes within a species, are two vastly different processes. Speciation is found only in the textbooks. Adaptation is found everywhere. What the scientific skeptic has really done is exchange one source of faith for another.

Here are just a few examples of the extreme faith some secular scientists have:
In regards to life originating from non-life (spontaneous generation);
“One has only to contemplate the magnitude of this task to concede that the spontaneous generation of a living organism is impossible. Yet here we are⎯as a result, I believe, of spontaneous generation.” -Harvard biochemist, NobelLaureate, and evolutionist Georg Wald. The Design Inference. Cambridge University Press, 1998, pg. 55. Google Book Search. 27 Aug. 2008. Note the words impossible and believe. Both determine that this is a statement of faith, not science.
In regards to evolution;
“Imaginations run riot in conjuring up an image of our most ancient ancestor--the creature that gave rise to both apes and humans. This ancestor is not apparent in ape or human anatomy nor in the fossil record. Anatomy and the fossil record cannot be relied upon for evolutionary lineages. Yet paleontologists persist in doing just this.” -Anthropologists and evolutionists, J. Lowenstein and Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D. “The Invisible Ape.” New Scientist/ 120(1641) 1988:56,57. Look at all the highlight words in this statement….easy to see this is a belief and not science.
Yet sad to say statements like these are found in many “scientific” journals and conferences. Next week we will look into some specific questions and red flag words.

Until then, may our Lord Jesus find favor with you all!
Willow Dressel 

This week in the night skies: In the northern latitudes; “Tuesday, April , The biggest and brightest asteroids, 1 Ceres and 4 Vesta respectively, are only about 2° apart in eastern Virgo, some 12° northeast of Mars. They've brightened to magnitudes 7.1 and 5.9, respectively. They'll be at opposition in mid-April. Thursday, April 3, with binoculars or a telescope, North Americans can watch the waxing crescent Moon crossing the Hyades star cluster. The Moon's dark, earthlit limb will occult three 4th- and 5th-magnitude stars depending on where you are…”2

For the southern hemisphere; “Two bright asteroids are now visible in binoculars in the evening sky. 2 Pallas and 4 Vesta. By the end of the week Vesta will become bright enough to be just visible to the unaided eye in dark sky locations.While Vesta is easily seen in binoculars, you will need to watch the same patch of sky in binoculars for a couple of nights to identify it by its movement. Thursday morning is also a good time to see Venus in the daytime. Venus can be readily visible during the day if you know where to look. Using the Moon as a handy guide will help you find it. Make sure the Sun is hidden behind something solid like a building or a wall when you are looking for Venus, not trees or your hand. Exposing your eyes directly to the glare of the Sun can be very dangerous and you could potentially lose your sight. Look for the crescent Moon, and Venus should be visible as a bright dot about a hand-span (the distance covered by your fingers when you hand is help up at arms length in at "stop" gesture, about 6 degrees) below and a little to the right of the Moon.  It's best to look just after Sunrise when the Sun is still low and the sky is less bright. You may need to look carefully for a while before Venus ‘pops’ out at you. Sometimes locating Venus in binoculars will help with locating it with the unaided eye.”3

Foster, Bill. “Meet the Skeptic, A Field Guide to Faith Conversations.” Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2012. Pp 87-92.     1pg. 87.

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Science, moral, spiritual and biblical skeptics, evolution, religions, paths to heaven, afterlife, supernatural, heaven, karma, enlightened, universe, big bang, creation, apes, humans, information, mutation, natural selection

Science, moral, spiritual  and biblical skeptics
Part I
Hi all you fine people out there! How have you been this week? I have been under the weather, ill with a sinus and bronchia congestion infection. I still have a ways to recover but I am determined to get this blog out to you all!

How many of you have come across people that want to challenge your faith in Jesus and or the Bible or the science/history of the Bible? It happens every now and then with me...and I have learned some great tools I’d like to share some of them because they can help tremendously to defend and share the faith of Christ. 

First of all there are a few things that need to be clarified. When a skeptic tries to dissuade you from defending the Bible/your faith, there are four basic positions of ‘attack’; spiritual, moral, scientific, and biblical. And behind each of these positions is a root idea. Each root idea can be brought into the light by a probing question. Then you will have a good sense of where the skeptic is coming from and what he is really asking. Let’s take a deeper look…

When a person states objections like: And uses red flags words like:
  • Many paths lead to God.                                                      *basically good
  •                                    * People can get to heave by many ways.                               *enlightened
  •                                    *What you believe creates your destiny.                                *heaven
  •                                    *Imagine your future and it will create your destiny.             *karma
  •                                    *Meditation brings you closer to enlightenment.          *organized religion
  •                                    *The afterlife                                                                           * holy
  •                                    *The supernatural                                                                    * meditation
  •                                    *Other religions/cults
  •                                    *Questions about God

You have encountered a spiritual skeptic. “The root idea behind most spiritual objections is: ‘Good works get you to heaven.’1
So the “Probing Question to ask is: ‘How good is good enough (to get you to heaven)?’2 From there you can answer other questions they may have. Keep in mind the root idea and if the person just rephrases the question, lead them back to the probing questions.

When a person states objections like: And uses red flags words like:
  • The universe (Big Bang, etc.)                                                          *The Big Bang
  • Evolution                                                                                          *information
  • Keeping reason and faith separate                                                    *evolution
  • God is a crutch you use to explain things you don’t understand      *mutation
  • Creation in six days is a nice story                                                    *natural selection
  • There are so many similarities between apes and humans
  • It’s plain to see we evolved from apes
You have encountered a scientific skeptic. “The Root Idea behind most scientific objections is: ‘The natural world is all that there is.’3
So the Probing Question to ask is: ‘How much faith is required for that belief?’4
Scientific skeptics are usually highly educated and can ask probing questions themselves. An example is “What scientific basis do we have that indicates an intelligence may have created or caused life to arise.” The answer lies in reason, something the scientific skeptic doesn’t believe can be connected to faith. But “complex, meaningful information does not arise by chance, and it cannot be reduced to physical causes. Therefore, it is no blind leap of faith to conclude that living things containing the voluminous code of DNA demand an intelligent cause.”5 All of our answers lie in information.
Facing the scientific skeptic is one area were we may have to brush up on facts. If the answers don’t come to you right away it is fine to let them know you will get back to them with an answer. Next week we will look into more ways to identify and counter the scientific skeptic’s  objections.
Keep in mind speaking with skeptics is not a one time ordeal. Often it is the building of a relationship and earning their trust with the facts.

Until next week, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel 

This week in the night skies; for the northern hemisphere, “Thursday, March 27, On the traditional divide between the winter and spring sky is the dim constellation Cancer. It's between Gemini to its west and Leo to its east. Cancer holds a unique object: the Beehive Star Cluster, M44, in its middle. The Beehive shows to the naked eye as a dim, cloudy glow if your sky is fairly dark. Look for it a little less than halfway from Pollux to Regulus. With binoculars it's a snap even in a polluted sky.”6

For the southern hemisphere; “The Last Quarter Moon is Monday March 24. Earth is at Autumnal equinox on the 21st. Jupiter is the brightest object in the evening sky, visible all evening. Mars is prominent in the late evening sky. Saturn rises higher in the evening sky. The Moon is near Saturn on the 20th and 21st. Bright Venus is at its furthest distance from the Sun in the morning sky. The Moon is near Venus on the 27th.  Mercury is bright in the morning sky.  The asteroids Vesta and Pallas are visible in binoculars.”7


1-5, and in general Foster, Bill. Meet the Skeptic, A Field Guide to Faith Conversations. Master Books, Green Forest, AR, 2012. Pp 34, 35, 49, 89, 90.

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DEBATE BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY VS. KEN HAM CREATION SCIENTIST PART III, distant light, billions of years, first and second law of thermodynamics, mathematical chance, natural science, prayer in public school, bible in public school

Hello once again!

And how are all you fine people out there this week? I am well, a little stuffy in the nose from allergies but otherwise, I’m just fine. It is so interesting to me that so many people just can’t wrap their brains around how scientific the Bible is. Let’s take one more look at the Ham/Nye science debate. 

During the debate, Nye made a factual statement that there are billions of stars in the heavens, but was confused at how the light from the distant stars get here in 6,000 years? If you recall from earlier posts, creationist physicist Dr. Russel Humphreys developed a new cosmology theory that states the universe is not infinite (as the ‘big bang’ theory states) but rather has boundaries. This means that there would be an across-the-board gravitational pull toward the center, with earth being in the center. So clocks on earth would run at a different time than clocks at the edge of the cosmos (just as clocks at the top of a tall skyscraper run faster than those on the ground floor), being effected by gravity where the pull is stronger toward its center.
This also means that at one point the universe was ‘gathered’ closer together (scripture backs this up too). So when the “edges” of the bounded universe “touched” the earth, an observer on earth would see light moving toward them from outer space appearing to travel much faster than the speed of light and galaxies would even appear to rotate faster.  But if the observer were in deep space, the light would appear to be traveling at the speed we know today – the speed of light. The differences would be in the different gravitational effects happening either closer or farther away from the center of the bounded universe.
As the universe spread out, the stars took their events with them. So the light bringing information from the distant stars astronomers see today, did happen, and is recorded in the light beams traveling at light speed. As you can see, this discover-this new cosmology, goes along with God being a God of order. It show His intelligence in His design, and His wisdom. 
“The end times prophecy found in 2 Peter 3 also tells us scoffers will deny God made the heavens mature, and Nye provides a case in point here. The fact is scientists in labs have been able to bring light to a dead stop then release it; other researchers have sped light impulses to 300 times the speed of light. I think if man can alter the speed of light so can the Creator of that light. Also, at a time when only 1,500 stars could be seen with the human eye, God compared the numbers of stars in the heavens to the numbers of grains of sand on the beaches. Today, with powerful telescopes, real science finds that the numbers of stars in the heavens to the numbers of grains of sand on the beaches. And God’s Word is true, word for word and cover to cover.”1

Nye stated that the secular scientific community will throw out any idea that is not defensible or doesn’t work. So lets take a look at Darwinism vs. real science:
The real science of the Law of Biogenesis states that life can only come from life, it cannot come from non-living material….thus, evolution (which is all about life coming from non-life) could never have begun.
The First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics makes evolution and impossibility. The first law states neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed though it can change form, the total amount of matter/energy in the universe remains constant. The second law states quality [not quantity] of matter/energy deteriorates gradually over time--everything goes from a state of order to disorder unless energy is added. This is completely opposite of what evolution states making it a scientific impossibility.

Mathematical probability shows Darwinism NEVER could have occurred. This is because Darwin said evolution happened by chance. However chance is a mathematical equation. And there comes a point in time in the mathematical equation when chance can no longer happen. It is like finding the winning lottery ticket on the ground….there is a very small chance that it could happen. However there is NO chance that you could find the winning lottery ticket on the ground every day for the next thousand years. That equation no longer becomes viable. It is not an option because there is no chance that could happen. The chance of evolution happening is equivalent to the latter--finding the winning ticket on the ground everyday for the next thousand years. No chance.
These are just a few ideas the secular scientific community has come up with that are not defendable nor do they work. There are many more. So why are they still around? Why hasn’t the secular scientific community thrown them out? Is Bill Nye a liar?
Nye claimed what keeps the USA ahead is to embrace natural science (meaning ‘billions of years’ leading to Darwinism). FACTS: In 1962 America’s public schools rated in the top 10% worldwide in science, math & overall education. Then, in 1963, we removed prayer & creation & began teaching kids they evolved without God. Today, America’s schools rank in the bottom 20%. The Bible Word warns us to avoid false science and today we’re reaping the fruit for not doing so.”2

Scripture cannot fail, it is the Word of God, Who is a supernatural, intelligent Designer, Who created this universe and therefore understands it better than anybody. And He left us explanations and instructions. Take the very first sentence of the Bible, Genesis 1:1...In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Do you realize how profound this statement is? Put it into modern scientific terminology and you will get a clue: God created time (the beginning), space (the heavens), and matter (the earth); God created time, space, and matter.

 Something to ponder.
Until next time, take care and enjoy God’s creations!

Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; “Thursday, March 20 Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere, and fall in the Southern Hemisphere, at the equinox: 12:57 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (16:57 UT). This is when the Sun crosses the equator heading north for the year.
March 14 through the 23rd. For skywatchers in the New York City region and certain areas northward, the faint asteroid 163 Erigone (eh-RIG-uh-nee) will black out 1st-magnitude Regulus for up to 14 seconds a little after 2 a.m. EDT Thursday morning. This is the best asteroid occultation ever predicted to cross such a heavily populated area. And, anywhere from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia to Manitoba, it's also worth watching to see if Regulus might be occulted by a yet-unknown satellite of Erigone!”3
In the southern skies; “A new, potentially bright comet has been discovered by a team in Brazil.Currently only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. C/2014 E2 (Jacques) is currently somewhere between magnitude 11.5 and 13 (the predicted ephemeris values are around 14.5, but this is incorrect). It may get to be as bright as magnitude 8, or even a bit more. At the very least it will be an easy object in small telescopes, if not binoculars.
It is just outside the orbit of Mars at the moment, and is already showing a nice little tail and a decent coma, despite substantial interference from Moonlight. For the next few nights viewing will be difficult with the nearly full Moon close to the comet, but after Tuesday the comet rises before the Moon and will be better to see.
C/2014 E2 is moving rapidly, it is currently skimming between Hydra and the Milky way, and there should be some nice imaging opportunities. From now to approximately 25 May the comet will be well placed for imaging. After this it is too low in the evening twilight.”4



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Hello to you all! I am back safe and sound from across the country. I am always amazed at our modern technology that I can fly across thousands of miles in a few hours.

Did you enjoy the answers to Bill Nyse’s questions last week? I hope so. Well here are a few more:

bird and dinosaur tracks together
Nye claimed there were no fossils of a higher animal mixed in with a lower one. “However, many examples refute this. In China, a fossilized fish was found low in the Cambrian layer where Darwinists claim only single cell creatures existed. This fish had communist, atheist scientists calling American scientists ‘closed minded bigots’ for not considering we mighthave been created. The lead Chinese researcher observed: ‘In China we can criticize Darwin but not our government; in America you can criticize your government but not Darwin.’ A fact that needs to be changed as real science is a Believers true friend.”1

Nye stated that if water from The Flood suddenly drained away wouldn’t there be evidence of some turbulence?And if you could find just one example of that anywhere in the world you would be a hero to scientists. Well, Grand Canyon is missing 900 cubic miles of sediments, and that’s one big hole in the ground! But how about a turbulence event that removed more than a mile deep layer of strata from above today’s rim of the Grand Canyon? In fact the event removed ~130,000 cubic miles of sediments without leaving any evidence of where the missing sediments went? Geologically, this area of turbulence is called the Grand Staircase. Toward the end of the global flood, flood waters rushing off the land mass removed the sediments from today’s southwestern United States, leaving behind the Grand Staircase which includes Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks.”2

Nye was puzzled with the enormous rocks that are found on top layers around the Lake Missoula area in WA. He then asked, how could the rocks be there if a catastrophic flood occurred 4,000 years ago? “Well, such large boulders are common in areas that experienced glacial activity. They’re called ‘erratics.’ The fountains of the deep had erupted with scalding thermal waters for the first 150 days of the global flood, heating the seas. It’s estimated the flood waters averaged ~90 F. This led to massive evaporation

and cloud cover which pounded snow onto the poles, forming the ice caps. Glaciers quickly formed and carried large boulders with them. As the glaciers later retreated they deposited the erratics on the surface where they’re seen today.”3
Tiktaalik Fossil

Nye presented the Tiktaalik fossil as a link between fish & amphibians. “When appropriately presented on April Fools Day of 2006 the NY Times wrote it’s ‘a fish exhibiting changes that anticipate the beginnings of wrists, elbows & shoulders…’ Really? So how does a fish exhibit ‘changes that anticipate the beginnings’ of such astounding random chance mutations that turn a fish into an amphibian?  FACT: both living & fossilized lobe-finned fish have bones just like Tiktaalick; with zero evolutionary changes!”4 Why? Because these bones were designed to support the muscle structures of these animals in deep water where the pressure is much greater.

We will look into one more batch of Nye’s questions next week, so stayed tuned!

God Bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies: For the northern lats; “Late twilight is when Sirius now stands due south, and twilight is also a time when the atmospheric seeing sometimes steadies. So it may be a good time to try to detect the faint white-dwarf companion of Sirius, now 10.2″ east of dazzling Sirius A.”5
For the southern hemisphere, in South Australia at 23:00 pm ACDST; “The Moon forms a triangle with Mars and Spica. The asteroid Vesta is just below Mars, and easily visible in binoculars.  Similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local time….Two bright asteroids are now visible in binoculars in the evening sky. 2 Pallas and 4 Vesta. Later in March Vesta will become bright enough to be just visible to the unaided eye win dark sky locations. While Vesta is easily seen in binoculars, you will need to watch the same patch of sky in binoculars for a couple of nights to identify it by its movement.”6



Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Hi all my fine friends! Well, this week I am actually on a working/vacation visit to my sisters. So I am recording this blog ahead of schedule to be release on Monday March 3rd

And speaking of recording, how many of you where able to watch the debate between Ken Ham--founder and president of the world renowned creation museum Answers In Genesis, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was an interesting debate between a creation scientist and a secular/evolution based scientist. But due to the nature of the debate, Ken was not able to answer some of Bill’s questions. You, my readers, may be wondering about the answers to some of these questions. Here are some of Nye’s questions….and the answers.

  1. Nye said snow cylinders show 680,000 years of layers. The part that’s true is the 680,000 layers. The part that’s not true is that each layer represents one year. The truth is that each layer represents one snowstorm/one laying down of snow. The laying down of a snow layer can occur from a snowstorm in which fresh snow falls from the sky, or it can be from snow blown in from a different area. Many layers can be laid down in one year. Ham gave an example of a WWII airplane buried under many layers of snow--many more layers than years that have passed since WWII.
  2. Nye claimed that Bristlecone pines are known to be up to 9,550 years old. This ‘known’ date comes from a core drilling to count how many tree rings there are. Again, each rings represents a season of growth, not a year. There can be more than one season of growth if the weather is amenable. Nye made the assumption that the past is the same as the present and that there can only be one growth ring per year because where the Bristlecone pines are located currently, on average only have one growth season per year. However conditions immediately following the global flood and on into The Ice Age were drastically different, and the weather as far south as where the trees are would have been very amenable indeed resulting in many growth spurts/seasons per year.
  3. Nye said the Grand Canyon layers are stratified, proving they formed over long ages of time rather than quickly during a global flood. I could write a book about this, but let’s just look at two rather blazing facts. First, the layers in the grand canyon. “The observable fact is that the layers seen at Grand Canyon are sedimentary layers laid down by water, interspersed with an occasional lava flow. All the sedimentary layers contain marine fossils and there are no ‘time gaps” between the layers.”1 There is no evidence of organic material such as dead plants and animals on the top of each layer as would be expected if there were millions or even thousands of years between each layer. Secondly, we have an observable circumstance in the Mount Saint Helens volcanic explosion. “Most people also believe that canyons are made very slowly as rivers gradually cut through the hard rocks. But several canyons have formed quickly near Mount St Helens. Above right is Engineers' Canyon, which was formed in one day (March 19, 1982), when a mudflow swept through. The cliff on the right is 30 metres (100 feet) high!”2  This evidence teaches us that canyons and layers are not always as old as they seem. And it fits perfectly with what we’d expect to find following a worldwide flood.
  4. Layers laid down in minutes
    at MT. ST. Helens
  5. Nye asked for just one example of a fish swimming between layers of rock. He said if we could provide just one example, he would have to reconsidered his beliefs. Well Mr. Nye. There are actually quite a few examples. In places throughout the world, fossilized tree trunks “actually rise vertically through many different layers and are known as polystrate fossils. These trunks are separated from their roots and filled with different sediments and even fossil amphibians. Uniformitarian geologists claim that these trees grew in swamps and were slowly covered by muddy sediment as the swamps were flooded. New trees would then grow, so a new peat layer would form and the cycle would repeat. It is highly unlikely that the this story is true. The presence of roots inside the trunks and scattered through the surrounding soil, as well as the absence of roots penetrating lower layers, discredit the idea that the trees grew in place. Well-preserved leaf fossils would not be present in the swampy conditions, and some of the trees are at an angle or upside down. The sandstones are cross bedded and many of the root fragments are oriented in a similar direction, indicating fast moving water.”3
But Nye asked for a fish….well how about a whale? “At a diatomaceous-earth quarry in Lompoc, California, a remarkable discovery was made during mining operations in 1976. Workers of the Dicalite Division of Grefco Corporation uncovered the fossil skeleton of a baleen whale. The whale fossil is standing on end in the quarry and is being exposed gradually as the diatomite is mined. Estimates are that the fossil is about eighty feet long.
“What does this find mean? In a phrase, it means that this formation could not have been built up gradually over millions of years. The billions of tiny diatom shells making up the formation had to be deposited in a very short period of time. Here is why—
“A creature that dies does not normally become a fossil. In order to do so it must be buried deeply and quickly in wet sediment to seal if off from the atmosphere, bacteria, and so forth. Otherwise it will simply rot. Thus, one can be confident that the eighty-foot portion of the formation containing the whale had to be deposited quickly.
“In addition, if deposition of the diatoms was sporadic, with long periods of time separating brief periods of rapid deposition, there ought to be clear lines of erosional separation in the formation rather than a smooth and continuous conformity. Since there are no such erosional lines in the deposit, the indication is that not only the eighty-foot portion containing the fossil whale, but the remainder of the deposit as well, must have been deposited quickly.”4

All physical evidence supports scripture….because that is the true history of our world.

We will look into more of these questions next time….until then, enjoy Gods beautiful world!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; “first quarter moon is March 8th.”5