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And what a cold morning it is even though it’s still autumn! We are rushing here at my house to get the work on it complete before the deep cold weather sets in. Thankfully this is just a passing cold front and in a few days we should be back to warmer fall weather. Thank you Jesus!

Area of excavation under a modern building
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Sometimes the rare thing happens like and early cold front or a discovery of a unique object. Such is the case of a recently discovered bulla unearthed just this year at the foundations of the Western Wall. Yes you heard me right. The western wailing wall in Jerusalem extends underground to i’s foundation stones and continues into the Muslim section. But what is extremely interesting is, Hebrew artifacts are being unearthed that connect directly to the Bible! 

One of the most fascinating is a small stamp from a seal that once belonged to a high court minister who was a messenger sent to contact the prophet Jeremiah. “Bullae were small pieces of clay impressed by personal seals, used in ancient times to sign letters. While the parchment that they sealed didn’t survive the fires that devastated ancient Jerusalem, the bullae, which are made of ceramic-like material, were preserved, leaving evidence of the correspondence and those
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behind them….The stamp and bulla, which are about one centimeter in size, were deciphered by Dr. Anat Mendel-Geberovich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Center for the Study of Ancient Jerusalem, who, according to the script, dates them to the middle of the seventh century to the beginning of the sixth century BCE.”2

The clay stamp was turned to brick at the destruction of Jerusalem when the city was burned, just like Ebla’s clay cuneiform tablets were turned to brick in the burning of the Ebla palace. In both instances the destruction has preserved history.  Ah, what was meant for evil God has used for good!

Another piece of history unearthed is a small golden bell. It is the first ever found in Israel and still has the clasp attached. These bells were part of the high priestly garments. Bells were attached to the edge of a Priest’s tunic, thus announcing himself as he entered the Holy of Hollies. 
Courtesy of Israel Unwired

Another rare discovery is a small tablet that has the picture of a menorah, with its stand engraved in it. It is a stunning find because it is only 1 of 3 ancient depictions of a menorah ever found. (See above photo).

Many other Hebrew artifacts have been uncovered as well including a Roman sword, still in its sheath from the Roman Temple Legion. This legion exterminated at least a million Hebrews and exiled the rest. A chilling discovery such a cruel time in history.

All this points to 1) the Bible has recorded our unaltered history, and 2) the city of David was a Hebrew city.

In God we trust!

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



Thursday, October 17, 2019


Mummified Duck-billed Dinosaur. Pintrest commons


Hello my fine friends!

Have you all been well this week? I sure hope and pray so. I’ve been well, but very busy getting prepared for the wintertime on top of all the other things I do! 

Speaking of ‘on top of’…I recently did a little digging and found some interesting information on mummified dinosaurs. Previously I’ve mentioned the hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) found in 1908. For more information on
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this dino mummy, please put “mummified hadrosaur” in the search bar for that blog.  But more dinos have been found that are mummified. Let’s take a look…

A nodosaur, found in Alberta, Canada, is a partially mineralized mummy. It is not flattened like so many fossils and it isn’t in the typical asphyxiated head thrown back position. “Discovered in 2011 when an oil mine employee stumbled upon it at work. ‘It was a gigantic four-legged herbivore and its body was protected by spiky, plated armor.’ This nodosaur originally weighed around 3,000 pounds (approx. 1361 kg) when it was alive. The mummified nodosaur is so unimpaired that it still weighs 2,500 pounds (approx. 1134 kg)!…The question of how the dinosaur could have remained so intact after it was unearthed still baffles
scientists, although according to National Geographic, researchers are putting forth the theory that the creature may have been carried away to sea by a ‘flooded river’ where it sank.”1

And then there is the stunning mummified remains of another type of hadrosaur. “A mummified dinosaur fossil was found by amateur researchers in 2000 in Malta, Montana. Due to the mummification process it underwent, it retained original skin impressions with possibly some of the original tissue still intact. Dubbed ‘Leonardo,’ this hadrosaur is ‘the most complete dinosaur fossil ever discovered,’ and even has a mummified stomach containing magnolia, fern, and conifer vegetation…Leonardo has puzzled researchers for years, and paleopathologist Arthur Aufderheide of the University of Minnesota at Duluth, an expert in mummified remains, was called in to help answer some important questions about the fossil, including: ‘Why did nothing eat him? Why did his flesh and internal structures not rot away like virtually every other fossil ever found up until
“Leonardo” notice the skin covered, thick neck muscles. 
Leonardo?’ They might mystify old earth adherents, but Leonardo’s uniquely preserved remains do not surprise creation scientists. The creation model, which factors in the probable violent effects of the worldwide Noachian Flood described in Scripture, seems to provide a better explanatory paradigm than a slow-and-gradual evolutionary view.”
2 A tail section was uncovered nearby and is thought to be a part
“Leonardo’s” tail. notice the skin at the proximal end.
of Leonardo’s skeleton. 

Also an amazing find of what is thought to be a mummified dinosaur was found in India. “Scientists have been left mystified after the body of a creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered with flesh still on its bones.The partially-preserved corpse was discovered by an electrician cleaning out a sub-station that had been left untouched for 35 years in Jaspur, a small city in Uttarakhand, India.It resembles a small dinosaur, but since flightless dinosaurs have been

extinct for 65 million years, scientists have struggled to identify it…Dr Parag Madhukar Dhakate, a Conservator with the Indian Forest Service, said ‘Non-avian dinosaurs have been extinct for the past 65 million years but it does resemble theropods, a suborder of dinosaurs which included bipedal carnivores. But a dinosaur skeleton could not have been found in such a well-preserved condition after millions of years without it being in a fossilized state.”
3 However, if the evidence is interpreted with the theory of creation instead of the theory of evolution, it all makes sense. It is reasonable to believe dinosaurs lived after the flood and may, in some areas, still cryptically still survive. Especially in areas such as India where the vegetation is thick.

Finally there is the mummy of Prosaurilophus maximus, another type of duck billed dinosaur. It is mostly bone (not fossil). Discovered in the “Judith River Formation, Montana, USA, about 95% of original bones for the skull and 85% of original bones for the body. Natural position of the skeleton
Prosurilophus maximus. notice the intact three dimensional
body. Pinterest commons.
Dinosaur with skin”
4 has been preserved and again is not flattened. 

I believe these mummified dinosaurs are from after the global Flood. Had they been killed in the flood, they would have been buried and crushed under the weight of the sediments. But these are intact three dimensional remains. It is only logical to understand the animals were born, roamed, and died on this planet post-Flood.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store! I’m expecting more mummified dinosaurs because I believe God’s Word is true word for word and cover to cover. So according  to the unaltered truth of the ancient scriptures, dragons (dinosaurs) were alive and roaming the earth not that long ago so their mummified remains are not exceptional! Ahhh, it’s good to have such a strong foundation in Christ who was there with the Father and the Holy Spirit from the very beginning!

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel 



Leonardo Tail

3Unidentified possible small theropod

4Prosaurilophus maximus

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


T-Rex dinosaur fossil
Courtesy of Institute of Creation Research 


Greetings everyone!

How have you all been this past week in our transitional time of weather patterns. Here in the northern hemisphere autumn is setting in with all its beautiful colors and promise of relief from the hot summer weather. It is my favorite time of year!

Speaking of transitions, I recently read an interesting article on dinosaur genomes. But what, you may ask, is a genome? It is the total amount of genetic information in the
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chromosomes of an organism, including its genes and DNA sequences. It is the complete set of DNA and contains all the information needed to build and maintain an individual. A little over a year ago the University of Kent, in Kent Ohio, announced they had pieced together a segment of dinosaur genome. How stunning! But is it true?

The scientists research involved attempting “…to deduce the genome of a precursor to the dinosaurs…Using this deduced genome, the researchers then worked forward, tracing the changes in chromosomes up the evolutionary tree of life.
Wikipedia commons
The scientists continued tracing until they reached birds, which they considered as either living dinosaurs or the descendants of dinosaurs.”
1 The researchers believed that if they could make metaphase chromosomes of theropods, the genome would be virtually the same as a modern chicken, duck, ostrich or even a spiny soft shelled turtle. In other words, what they are saying is, if the DNA of a velociraptor and modern chicken were viewed under a microscope they would be similar. They called this bold claim a reasonable speculation.

“The researchers used the chicken genome as its primary source, although they used other sources including reptilian and mammalian variants. The chicken was chosen as the basis because its genome had purportedly changed the least from its reptilian ancestors. No dinosaur genome has ever been observed simply because no dinosaurs are currently
Artists depiction of a velociraptor
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
alive. Because DNA is very unstable outside the body and degrades rapidly, it is unlikely that such a genome will be sequenced in the foreseeable future. Thus, the researchers had to assume that the chicken had changed the least from its presumed ancestors. (Keep in mind that they had no hard evidence that this was the case.) They then took that assumption and used it to build a genome for a hypothetical dinosaur ancestor. It should come as no surprise that the genome they deduced resembled modern birds; after all, they used several bird genomes as part of the basis for the study.”

Just like the famous Urey-Miller life from non-life experiment, these researchers started with the wrong
Wikipedia commons
ingredients. And just as neither Urey or Miller would ever admit that their experiment was a flop, these scientists will continue to try to make Dino genomes.

Dr. Richard Lewontin, a noted evolutionist, states, “‘…no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated…we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.’ Dr. Lewontin is admitting here that many evolutionists will always look for a materialistic explanation, regardless of evidence. This explains why the authors of the aforementioned study make such flawed assumptions.”3  

Wikipedia commons
Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel



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Howdy!  How are all of you? I am well and still kicking (meaning I am still alive), ha ha! I had a friend a little while back approach me with the question of a flat earth. A family member had approached her with a piece of paper with some drawings and definitions explaining why a flat earth is the real thing. She was confused because the family member is well versed in science and she trusts him. 

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There is a reason the “new” flat earth theory has become so popular. Most people have become complacent and comfortable in their own lives. And unless they are in the science field, they “rarely have the knowledge readily at hand to refute the case for a flat earth, most people who take this approach soon look for help. That search for help usually is on the Internet, whereupon they quickly find a slew of websites and videos promoting the flat earth, but precious little, if any, refuting it. Some people emerge a few hours later, their egos bruised and their intelligence a bit insulted, because they still think that the flat earth is nonsense but are frustrated that they can’t seem to answer many of the arguments they’ve just encountered. Still others never emerge from this rabbit hole and end up
wikipedia commons 
thinking that maybe the conspiracy theories that they have encountered along the way may be right.”

A scary, but true line of thought. Hence, I am writing this blog! I am going to present evidence for a round (spherical) earth…

First and foremost, as a Christian I must mention that scripture speaks of a spherical earth. Isaiah 40:22 (KJV) states It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in”. Not only does this scripture mention the earth is round it also speaks of an expanding universe. But does round or circular mean spherical? In combination with other scriptures that mention seasons, which occur because the earth’s tilt wobbles creating the seasons, it does. It is impossible with a flat earth to have frigid winter in the northern hemisphere and hot summer in the southern
wikipedia commons
hemisphere. On a flat earth, everywhere would be the same season. It takes a sphere to make seasons. Here are just two of the many times seasons are mentioned in the Bible; Genesis 1:14 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” and Psalm 104:19  states “He appointed the moon for seasons…” So scripture tells us the earth is  round and that it is arched. That would make a sphere.

Since photos can be manipulated, I am not going to include them. Rather let’s take a look at how the ancient people figured out the earth was round. “The earliest recorded discussion of a spherical earth is from Pythagoras in the sixth century BC. Pythagoras correctly understood that the cause of lunar eclipses is the shadow of the earth falling on the moon. This can happen only when the moon is opposite the sun in our sky, which coincides with full moons. The earth’s shadow is larger than the moon, so we cannot see the entire shadow at once. However, during a lunar eclipse we see the earth’s shadow creep across the moon. Because the edge of the earth’s shadow always is a portion of a circle, the
earth’s shadow must be a circle. If the earth were flat and round, similar to a disk, it could cast a circular shadow, but only for lunar eclipses that occur at midnight. For a lunar eclipse at sunrise or sunset, the earth’s shadow would be an ellipse, a line, or a rectangle, depending upon how thick the disk was compared to its diameter.”2 Only a sphere will have an unchanging circular shadow irrespective of its position. 

In addition, the height of the North star in the northern horizon varies in relation to how far north or south you are or travel. “This can happen only if north-south motion is along an arc…There is a region around the North Star in which the stars do not rise or set but instead are continually up and appear to go in circles around the north celestial pole. We call these circumpolar stars, meaning ‘around the pole.’”3 Below the equator, there is a different set of stars and constellations. Both regions are large and the southern circumpolar region is never visible above the equator and the northern circumpolar region is never visible below the equator. Also there are stars (and of course constellations) which appear in both the northern and southern hemisphere at different times of the year (seasons). The constellation Orion is probably the most famous, known as the winter constellation in both the north and south hemispheres. Circumpolar regions in space as views from our planet can only happen if the earth is a sphere.

the above three photos track the
big and little dippers circumventing
around the northern star
Many flat earther’s support the Bedford Level Experiment as proof of a flat earth. "In 1838, Samuel Birley Rowbotham claimed to have conducted an experiment on the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level near Norfolk, England. The Bedford Level is a six-mile stretch of the Old Bedford River that is straight, allowing an uninterrupted view along the six miles…Rowbotham waded into the river and used a telescope held eight inches above the water to observe a rowboat with a five-foot high mast row away. Rowbotham claimed that he could see the mast when it was six miles away, even though the spherical earth required that the top of the mast be
about eleven feet below his horizon (as viewed from eight inches above the water). Rowbotham concluded that the earth must be flat.”4 However in 1870 Alfred Russel Wallace tried a similar experiment… Wallace examined two objects of the same exactness “from a telescope mounted on a bridge. He found that the nearer object appeared higher than the more distant one, consistent with the results predicted by a spherical earth.”5 This is caused by the less dense air as height increase which changes the refraction
Rowbotham's experiment
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
causing distant objects to appear higher than they actually are. “This well-understood effect causes the sun to appear to rise about two minutes earlier than it actually does.”
6 Funny how the flat earther’s don’t mention this Bedford River experiment which involved more science than Rowbotham’s experiment. They have become willfully ignorant of Wallace’s experiment and many more of the same experiments that have been repeated since 1838. “When those experiments are properly conducted to minimize the effect of refraction, they are consistent with a spherical earth.”6

Wallace's scientific proof of a spherical earth
courtesy of Answers in Genesis

Ancient sources, such as Aristotle, also mentioned that the hulls of ships disappeared before their masts did as ships sailed away. This would happen only if the earth is spherical. Hence the need for the crow’s nest atop the highest mast of the ship. From such a height other ships and land could be spotted much sooner than from the deck. In places around the world where land is separated by water of appropriate
Crow's nest at top
Wikipedia commons
distances, a person could stand on the shore and not see the opposite side. However if they climbed a nearby bluff, hill, mountain, or even a high-rise the distant shoreline will come into view. This would not be possible if the earth was flat. Only a spherical earth would make this possibility.

If the earth was flat you should be able to see to the very end of it. You should be able to sail a ship, or drive/walk to the edge of the earth…and see nothing beyond that. No water, no land, because the earth is flat. But that is not the case. Many times ships, airplanes, jets and even hot air ballon have sailed or flown around the world. I have been in an airplane many time and the result is always the same. I can
wikipedia commons
see the arc of the horizon.

So I make this simple challenge to those who still struggle with the flat earth theory: call someone in a different time zone. Both parties then can examine where the sun is in relation to the sky. The farther apart the time zone the farther apart the sun will be to each party. If far enough, one will be standing and speaking to the opposite party in complete darkness while the other is in bright sunlight or cloudy daylight which ever it may be. Then explain to me, or whoever how that is possible with a flat earth.

Please click on the link to Answers in Genesis below for
wikipedia commons
greater detail explaining why a flat earth is impossible. It is a great article and covers other evidence that I have not mentioned here.

Until the next time,
God bless, and take care,
Willow Dressel 


Wednesday, September 4, 2019


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Good afternoon!

And what a hot afternoon it is for being September in this part of the world. I pray you all are well and so are your families. 

Speaking of this part of the world, have you ever heard of the multiverse theory? And no, its not like how the TV show “The Flash” depicts it! Many secular scientists and evolutionists claim that we are not alone in our universe. A multiverse, they argue, “…is just one of infinitely many universes, each having possibly different physical constants (and perhaps even different laws of physics). This
Courtesy of Answers in Genesis
multiverse, they say, removes the need for a supernatural Creator.”

Why? Because if there were multiverses, with possible different laws of physics and different physical constants, the likelihood of other worlds having properties that permit life to exist would be significant. They theorize that that the spreading out, or inflation, of our universe was not the beginning of the multiverse itself. “Inflation is supposedly still occurring in other regions of space, with other universes even now being created.”2

Can it really work? If looked into, the theory of multiverse has some major flaws. For example, “…the main ‘evidence’
wikimedia commons
for inflation is based upon circular reasoning—the fact that the big bang doesn’t work without inflation is counted as evidence for inflation! Moreover, modern inflation theory has become increasingly bizarre, which has led some theorists to criticize and abandon it. One of these critics is Massachusetts Institute of Technology cosmologist Max Tegmark, who says, ‘Inflation has destroyed itself. It logically self-destructed.’ Even Paul Steinhardt, a leading inflation theorist, has become a critic of the theory.”

In order for the multiverse theory to work, there not only has to be more than one universe, but there has to be life in these other universes. “In order for this argument to favor
evolution, these physical laws must also permit the formation of life from non-life, also known as chemical evolution or abiogenesis. But do the laws of physics and chemistry in our universe permit this?Apparently not. Evolutionists still cannot explain the origin of life, despite investing enormous amounts of time and money on the problem. If we really do live in a universe whose laws of physics and chemistry permit chemical evolution, why has it never been observed? And why are evolutionist researchers still unable to convincingly explain how life could have ‘naturally’ appeared?”4

With all the money, and all the intelligent resources, and all the experiments, and all the discoveries that have been made over the last seventy years, if multiverse were actually true, don’t you think there would have been something a little more solid than bizarre theories that leading theorists in that field walk away from?

So are there multiverses? In a way they are right. I know of two realms besides our own. But these are true. And have much evidence they exist. One is the Kingdom of Heaven, the other the principalities of darkness. Which one of these do you think rejoices at mankind’s idea of a multiverse?
Our beautiful planetwikipedia commons

  As the holy and ancient scripture of Isaiah 45:18 states: "For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.”

And what a beautiful world God has created!

wikipedia commons

May you all have a blessed week in the name or our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel



Wednesday, August 21, 2019


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Good afternoon everyone!

How is everyone today? I am holding steady in my recovery of lung issues, which is much better than getting worse, ha ha! I thank all of you who have prayed for me and this little ministry. And so here in the United States of America, it is that time of year where the children head back to school after a two to three month break. Originally it was put into place so the children could help their family with the summer chores of tending animals and crops.but in today’s world it is a time of play and summer jobs.

Speaking of school, I ran across a fascinating article about a different type of school. Fish schools! I would say that most of us have seen pictures of fish schooling or videos or film footage. It is a wondrous sight! This type of fish
Commons, courtesy of Wikipedia 
behavior is an incredible type of group self-organization that is instinctive. Swimming together in the same direction in one fluid motion of turns and ups and downs and different speeds requires following the routes of attraction and repulsion in relation to the other fish around them. This allows them to avoid bumping into each other as opposed to shoaling (when fish swim in the same general area but in different directions or individually in the same direction). Scientists believe this behavior protects against ambush predators by reducing the frontal area, where predators tend to attack. It is also thought that by the whole body of fish moving like one unit, they may be mistaken for a much larger organism.

Courtesy of Creation Ministries International
So what is so fascinating about this? Well, “A limestone shale slab from the Green River Formation, USA, has incredibly ‘captured’ a mass of 257 fish swimming together in a school. The fish, each just under 1 in (2.5 cm) long, belong to an extinct species, Erismatopterus levatus. Just before being fossilized they were swimming in the same direction. Swimming together in a school is a dynamic process and this slab amazingly preserves, in ‘freeze frame’ as it were, this coordinated collective motion. Such discoveries are rare. As pointed out in the New York Times, ‘It’s difficult, for instance, to find evidence of schooling fish in the fossil record. You need just the right circumstances to fossilize something like a school of fish in place within a rock. Then, that rock has to survive intact long enough for a paleontologist to discover it and study it.’”1

The only right circumstances that could produce such
wikipedia, commons
amazing fossils would have been created in a catastrophic flood. Although some creation scientists argue this could be a post-Flood fossilization, the overwhelming physical evidence of being in a formation with many other animals and plants begs the difference: “The Green River Formation is best known among paleontologists for its superbly preserved fossil fish. Some slabs of the Green River Formation contain hundreds of individual fish and likely represent an instantaneous die-off. Dozens of fish species have been identified.”

“The Green River Formation is the site at which the fossil of
Courtesy of National Park Service
the oldest known flying mammal was found. This organism, a bat, Icaronycteris index, was preserved with its skeleton, membranes and cartilage intact.”

“The Green River Formation, the topmost layer of rock, contains the most extensive record of fossilized freshwater fish in North America. Remarkably intact fossils of more than 20 species of fish, 100 varieties of insects, a vast number of plants, and many examples of other Eocene animals such as crocodilians. 4

What could cause such a special set of circumstances? the global Flood of four thousand years ago. that is one reason
Courtesy of Creation Ministries International
the biologic life forms are so well preserved. it hasn’t been millions of years. The oblong shape of the school also matches extant (living today) fish schools and, ‘is thought to protect against ambush predators by reducing the frontal area, 
where these predators tend to attack’. It is the capturing of this motion, a snapshot in time, that means the fossil was formed quickly, and thus by implication, the rock also.”5 
courtesy of Nation Park Service
The scientific team from Creation Ministries International also gave many other “fascinating examples of what they called ‘frozen behaviors' in fossils: ‘examples include fighting dinosaurs, queueing trilobites and insects in copulation. These fossils are assumed to result from rapid burial, which preserves individual positions during interactions.’ Yes indeed, but this is completely contrary to the uniformitarian ‘slow-n-gradual’ paradigm that pervades school textbooks and pop-science programs. Quick forming fossils contained inside rapidly formed layers of sedimentary rock, such as the ones listed above and many other examples…consistently point to one thing: the sedimentary rocks layers that we see all around the world are not millions of years old.”

Ahhh, the blessing of seeing the Truth in our beautiful planet. When I first glanced at the picture of the school of fish, I actually thought is was a picture of fish in water, ha ha! Thank you Jesus for letting me see clearly.

God bless, and take care!
Until next time,
Willow Dressel