Tuesday, September 6, 2011

young vs. old universe

Greetings in the name of Jesus!  I started this blog because so many of my friends and acquaintances have questions on evolution vs creation.  I hope to be able to answer any questions and let Jesus enlighten my readers on this issue. 
        In my experience, the biggest misconception people have about the creation theory it the age of the earth.  Generally speaking, many Christian have trouble computing their knowledge, much of which has been attained through secular teachings, into the age of a young earth.
            Unless you were schooled in creation science, the majority of us have been trained, since before we attended pre-school, that the earth is billions of years old.  Does a book like this sound familiar? 'Millions of years ago, dinosaurs walked on earth, long before man existed.'  Children's books like this even come with wonderful pictures to peak our imaginations.
            We went on to learn in school how the big bang spewed out the whole universe from a ‘dot no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence’ and put everything into motion. We were taught that life came from minerals in an ocean charged with lighting bolts. And that everything evolved from this primordial soup.  Single cell organisms into multicell organisms, multicell organisms into fishes, fishes into amphibian, amphibian into reptiles, into birds, into mammals into apes into humans. We even saw pictures of it in our schoolbooks!  So it must be true. Right?
            Were the scientists who wrote the schoolbooks there in the beginning? How about the artists who drew the pictures? No? So how do they know, and who was there in the beginning?
            'In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.' (Holy Bible, Genesis 1:1)  Now take the first four words – in the beginning, God. So we know, God was there, in the beginning, before there was anything – even time. Does it take faith to believe this? Yes! Does it take faith to believe the universe was compressed to the size of a period, then exploded rocks and water and mountains and oceans and planets, and stars, and comets and asteroids etc,etc? Yes! Even more so, I would say. I would much rather believe we are here by the planning and love of a supernatural being who is eternal. Existing before the universe, and who is omnipotent, having created the universe. Lets see, a supernatural intelligent designer or a very heavy exploding dot. Which one do you want to put your faith in?
            For the person who has believed since before they could read that the earth is billions of years old, it is often difficult to make the transition in thinking.  To accept that according to scripture, the earth is indeed only about six to ten thousand years old. And how do we know that?
            By scripture! We as Christians must go back to the word for everything! Perhaps it has crossed your mind, when reading the long, long genealogies listed in the bible, why are they there. Other than identifying the line of Jesus, who cares?  God had a reason to include them in scripture – the genealogies help us reach a truthful age for the earth. And we know that all scripture is God-breathed; that is, dictated by this supernatural intelligent designer.
            The opening verse of the bible is crucial, it is foundational. To believe Genesis 1:1, one must abandon all that has been learned about an old age universe. If a person can get over the misconception of an old earth and believe the truth of scripture, they will have no difficulty believing the rest of the bible, and all the scientific evidence for a young earth.
            All other misconceptions (including evolution, light years and star distance, radio active dating, population III stars, globular clusters, the ice age and on and on) people have about the creation theory stem from this foundational miss belief in an old universe. 
             Choose between these few beliefs:
          *a caring supernatural being OR a exploding dot
          *this supernatural being - there in the beginning OR                 no human there in the beginning
          *we have this supernatural beings word the bible is w                true OR human authors thinking,the facts are   p                probably, may be, could be true.
              Note: Wise men still seek Him (Jesus).

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