Monday, December 26, 2011


Hello everyone, well we are in another gap – between Christmas and the New Year! Did you know there is another word gap-theorists get stuck on? It is found in Genesis 1:2.

            In the phrase “…the earth was without form and empty…”, gappists use the word “became” in place of the word “was”. In other words (lol), “…the earth became without form and empty…” They claim the Hebrew word “hayetah” in this phrase means “to be” (which would then be translated to "became") instead of “was”. However, in Hebrew, a word’s meaning is controlled by its context in the sentence(s). In genesis 1:2 the word hayetah is not followed by “le” (a preposition in Hebrew). Had hayetah been written with le, then the translation would be “became”. Without le the word hayetah simply means “was”.

            Any attempt to mainstream the word of God, will always lead to something other than what God had intended. God intended to, and created, the universe in six literal days. When taught as history and science, this actually makes more sense than the evolution theory.

            Here is a challenge. While at church, keep track of how many times the pastor, teachers, or anyone else speaking to the congregation refers to the bible as “stories”, and the people referenced in the bible as “characters”. Think about how this affects our kids, who then go to school and learn all week long the" facts" of history and science. Can you now see, wrong as it is, why people came up with the gap theory?

            Until next time-
            God Bless, take care, and Happy New Year!

Reference: The Revised and Expanded Answers Book, Ham, Ken et. al., 2000, pgs. 68-69.

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