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Hello everyone!
How are you all doing in the middle of this season? Cold in the north and hot in the southern hemisphere…a giant difference. And that is how I am introducing our topic this week…giants!

Let’s do a quick review of last week. We looked at physical evidence and found that there are a lot of hoaxes out there. As a matter of fact there seems to only be one reliable authentic skeleton of a giant toddler mummy found in Peru.

What about other evidence? Is there any in ancient documents or recordings? Yes, there is! Let’s look first at ancient Egypt. Clay figurines, bowls or blocks of clay would often be used-with the names of adversaries written upon them-in rituals to curse their enemies. They would then be smashed, presumably to defeat their enemies. Many of these Execration texts (also called Proscription Lists) have been reconstructed with details relating to the Anakim people: “The Ruler of Iy’anaq, Erum, and all the retainers who are with him; the Ruler of Iy’anaq, Abi-yamimu and all the retainers who are with him; the Ruler of Iy’anaq ‘Akirum and the retainers who are with him (emphasis added). It should be noted that anaq (i.e., with a q in place of the k) is a common transliteration of the Hebrew word for Anak, עְַנָק (Numbers 13:33).”1
            Another Execration text describes the Anakim in the land of Canaan. And it mentions the city of Jerusalem. Interestingly enough, the ancient Egyptians referred to the ancient Canaanites as “Shasu.” Listen to this description of a Canaanite mountain pass during an ancient battle.
            “The face of the pass is dangerous with Shasu, hidden under the bushes. Some of them are 4 or 5 cubits, nose to foot, with wild faces.
            Egyptian cubits were longer than the Hebrew common cubit. At 20.65 inches per Egyptian cubit, the Shasu mentioned in this letter would have measured between 6’10” and 8’7.”2  Six feet ten inches is tall, but eight feet seven inches would qualify as a giant to me!
            Other parts of the world also have legends of giants. Titans and Cyclops are familiar to us from Greek and Roman mythology both of which are giants. A Norse legend tells of the Frost giants of Jötunheim. In addition, Native American, African and Asian cultures also have legends of giants.
            “For example, in his autobiography, “Buffalo” Bill Cody wrote the following words about a legend recounted to him by members of the Sioux tribe.
            It was taught by the wise men of this tribe that the earth was originally peopled by giants, who were fully three times the size of modern men. They were so swift and powerful that they could run alongside a buffalo, take the animal under one arm, and tear off a leg, and eat it as they ran. So vainglorious were they because of their own size and strength that they denied the existence of a Creator. When it lighted, they proclaimed their superiority to the lightning; when it thundered, they laughed.
            This displeased the Great Spirit, and to rebuke their arrogance he sent a great rain upon the earth. The valleys filled with water, and the giants retreated to the hills. The water crept up the hills, and the giants sought safety on the highest mountains. Still the rain continued, the waters rose, and the giants, having no other refuge, were drowned.”3
            Just as there are legends of a global flood in many cultures so are there of giants. These accounts should not be dismissed as simple stories or fantasy. Instead we need to view them for what they are; links to the past. And they all link to the true source, the bible. Tune in next time to learn what scripture says on this subject.
Until then, take care and God bless!

Willow Dressel

            This week in the night skies; early this week a close conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter takes place. Look for a bright "star" right next to the waxing gibbous Moon. The Moon passes less than 1° from it for most of the U.S. and Canada. Think photo opportunity; use a long lens, or zoom to the max. and in much of South America the Moon actually occults (covers) Jupiter. Saturday the 26th is this month’s full moon.


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