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Hi guys!
This week is going to be just a short note as I am running behind again but I really want to get a little something out. So here’s some food for thought.

This article is from Creation Matters, Vo. 19 No 1, Jan/Feb 2014, pg. 9, produced by the Creation Research Society:

“Fossilized stumps of tropical trees show that Antarctica was once forested. A photo of a tree stump sticking out of the ice begins a report on LiveScience about “weird forests” that once sprouted in the land of the midnight sun. Leaf impressions and tests of carbon by the university of Kansas show that a mix of deciduous an evergreen trees one grew there. The stumps are estimated to be late Permian in age according to the evolutionary timescale (250 million year old). Researchers can examine the wood cell patterns under the microscope to try to resolve how trees grew without sun for half the year. 
In order fore forests to have grown on this now icy continent, evolutionists surmise that “Some 250 million years ago, during the late Permian and early Triassic, the world was a greenhouse, much hotter than it is today.”

What they are missing is that if a forest had survived for over 250 million years, there would be a lot more evidence of it that what we have found. And it still doesn’t answer how the vegetation survived year after year of 3 + months of almost total darkness.
But God could easily take care of that….

Take care and God bless!

Willow Dressel

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