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This is the last week my youngest daughter and grandson will be with us before they make their big move to Alaska where her husband eagerly waits for them. I will miss them dearly but I am happy for their adventure. All my kids are spreading out! Now I only have my oldest daughter fairly close by (about an hour away). 

With all this spreading out of the Dressel clan I thought I would write about human genetic entropy. So what exactly is genetic entropy. It is genetic information differences over time.  We are going to specifically  look at the accumulation of genetic code errors in the human genome (in computer simulations). Really, this is all anyone can look at since there is no accumulation of new genetic codes anywhere and as creation scientists we understand and accept that no new codes will be created for there is only One Creator, and it is not us! 

Even secular scientists seem to be studying real science, that is the facts. “Two recent research studies performed by secular scientists support genetic entropy. Their data were based on rare single-nucleotide variation observed in the protein-coding regions of the human genome. Over 80% of this variation was associated with genetic entropy exhibited by heritable diseases. Because protein-coding regions are less tolerant of mutation than other parts of the genome, these regions give more reliable historical genetic
information...These new studies use demographic models of human populations over known historical time and geographical space. The resulting data showed a very recent, massive burst of human
genetic diversification—mostly associated with genetic entropy. One author stated, ‘The maximum likelihood time for accelerated
growth was 5,115 years ago.’ This places the beginning of the period of genetic decline close to the Genesis Flood, when the earth began its repopulation through Noah’s family and humans rapidly diversified.”1

In addition, the decline in human lifespans after the dispersal at the tower of Babel backs up and fits this model of  a recent explosion of human genome variation. “One more key piece of genetic data demonstrating a recent creation comes from ICR scientist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, who examined the mutation rates of DNA in the cell’s mitochondria. The mitochondria is a small organelle that resides outside the cell’s nucleus. Mitochondria contains its own DNA molecule separate from a creature’s main genome. Mitochondrial DNA is typically inherited from the creature’s mother, and its mutation rates can accurately be measured to produce a molecular-genetic clock. By comparing rates in a few very different animals, Dr. Jeanson demonstrated that a creation of not more than 10,000 years ago is confirmed by these genetic clocks. The results of these genetic studies fit perfectly with the
predictions of a young-earth creation timeframe but make no sense when millions of years are added to the mix—the clocks simply cannot have been ticking that long.”2

As creation scientists, we understand that only a few thousand years ago two perfect humans were created. Within their bodies was contained error-free, mutation-free genomes. We also understand that when sin entered the world, every thing changed. The whole world now was cursed and all genomes, no matter what species, plant or animal have gradually been de-evolving ever since. These new studies that recently have measured the degradation patterns and rates of genomes are new evidence supporting the true timeline that is recorded in the Bible.

We can never go wrong with God! He has provided everything we need not only to survive and to live but also to understand His created world.

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; for the northern lats; “Thursday, December 4 brings the year's earliest end of evening twilight (if you're near 40° north latitude): at 6:11 p.m. if you live right on your time zone's standard meridian at that latitude. But the difference from day to day right now is very slight. Friday, December 5; The Moon is essentially full both this evening and Saturday evening (exactly full at 7:27 a.m. Saturday morning EST.) On Friday evening in the Americas, the Moon shines less than about 2° from Aldebaran.”3
For viewers in the southern hemisphere, “December 3-4, Mars and globular cluster M75 are close in viewing.”4


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  1. This is a great post Willow! Interesting, easy to read and of course true and wonderful! :)