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How are all you fine folks this week? I am still getting things ready for our Christmas celebration of Jesus’ birth. I love all of this but am so exhausted. Maybe if I was more organized and structured it would go smoother! Speaking of structured…have you ever heard of cyclopean masonry?

Cyclopean masonry is when massive boulders, usually limestone, have been so precisely cut that they fit together
extremely close therefore no mortar is needed. When there are large gaps, smaller chunks of limestone were fitted to fill the space. This technique is called polygonal wall construction and is one of the oldest forms of stone masonry. The term cyclopean masonry was first used for the structures built by the Mycenaean civilization in Greece around 1400-1200 B.C. Other places we see cyclopean masonry is in the pyramids in Egypt and in many ancient South American cultures. 

How did people all around the world in those ancient times create such astounding masonry on such an immense scale? Well “there are ancient legends about how enormous blocks were moved at the sound of a whistle. Structures like the Great Pyramid, the temple at
Baalbek, Sacsayhuaman, and others were built using stones so large we would have trouble lifting them today. Could there have been some other force at work?

What about Babel? Could the leaders have had contact with the spiritual world? Was Babel where that idea started? We know that pagan world beliefs have their foundation at Babel, and upon the scattering of the people these ideas went with them. Could contact with the spiritual realm have been one of them?”1

I elude to such contact in my novel “Of One  Tongue”:

He spun on his heel and entered the temple. A chill surrounded him—permeated him, and not just because of the cooler air inside. It was more…the chill of an unseen presence. Cush had felt it before. He squeezed his right fist in an attempt to stifle the sensation.
He forced his attention to several priests balanced on ladders. Thick eyebrows shot up when he realized they were painting the walls of the temple. Cush felt a rush of heat and tried to control the rising anger. “What are they doing? This wasn’t discussed at the council meeting.”
“It did not need to be discussed, these paintings are essential. …these new paintings have more to them than you know. They contain actual spiritual entities. That is why the commoners had to be restricted.”
The edges of Cush’s mouth creased downward. What was the man saying?
“For example, the stars of the virgin,” Ra'anel’s tone oozed. He strolled under the depiction of the star assemblage and swung his arm along it. “Is to remind us of a supernatural Seed, but I believe she is more than that. She is an actual queen of heaven. And the lion assemblage is a great spiritual King of the heavens.”
The hairs on Cush’s arms prickled. Could it actually be true? As if Ra'anel could read his mind the celestial advisor twisted his head, pale blue eyes bore through Cush. 
… Cush looked at the paintings, the creatures to be worshiped. Some were formidable to be sure. Powerful lions, wolves and tanniyns, snakes and elephants. He remembered the chill that had encircled him. Perhaps Ra'anel was right. These animal spirits might possess something mystical, powerful. Maybe one of those could replace where God used to stand. A wall of stone crept around his heart, and Cush’s fist tightened.

We know that most all pagan religions sought a connection
ancient yoruban divination plate
with the spirit world and often used divination (speaking with spirits in the other world). Unfortunately these cults completely fooled, intimidated, or left no other options for the masses but to follow their anti-God religion as their leaders sought to communicate with demonic forces that they saw as gods.

“We cannot dismiss this practice as mere religious rituals that never amounted to anything, because rulers, powers, and forces of darkness DO exist and they are NOT to be treated flippantly (Ephesians 6:12)”2; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against
the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. And this is the whole reason Jesus came down form heaven to be born as a tiny baby and grow up to be our redeemer. For we cannot fight against the powers of darkness by ourselves. If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I encourage you to do so. Let no time elapse! 

Until next time, God bless, take care and Merry Christmas!
Willow Dressel

1-2Landis, Don, The Secrets of Ancient Man; Revelations From the Ruins. Master books

, Green Forest, AR, 2015. Pp 110-111.

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