Monday, December 7, 2015


   The Arch

Hello all my fine friends out there!

I have wonderful news…my book has been published and is available world wide on Amazon in both paperback and ebook. Just type in the name of the novel—Of One Tongue— and my name ‘Willow Dressel’ and it will come up. I would appreciate very much if you can also write a review. It helps let people know about the book. And speaking of the book, let me give you a little tantalizer; the description on the back cover…

“In hopes of helping break a pagan curse, strong-willed Nabella disguises herself as a boy to follow her father, Jokaan, across the Shinar plains. As Jokaan tries to locate Noah’s middle son, Shem, Nabella finds herself embroiled in a perilous journey filled with confusion and danger…then God scrambles the peoples’ one language and her life changes forever.

“An intriguing look at the world after the Genesis Flood.  Although fiction, the storyline is both entertaining and thought-provoking.  Readers will enjoy the insight into an almost forgotten, yet very important, period of history.  
—Kevin Anderson, Ph.D.
    Director, Van Andel Creation Research Center  

“I was delighted to see a novel that incorporated ancient Biblical history and affirmed the creation account and flood in Genesis to be factual. This is a great new way of presenting the truth of the early Biblical accounts in an entertaining way through this intriguing story.  Be sure to look for Bible names and accounts popping up throughout the book. This story will both fascinate you and educate you in a very entertaining way, and has my enthusiastic recommendation.
—David McNabb, VP, Az. Origin Science Assoc. (AzOSA)

“Congratulations on the intriguing storyline. The author has been able to weave interesting biblical information and historical facts together to convey that God's Word is true, Word for Word and cover to cover.  
—Russ Miller
    Founder of www.CreationMinistries.Org

The novel has adventure, fighting, survival, danger, romance, family crisis, mystery, curses and rituals and much more! I hope you all enjoy reading it!

So speaking of the Tower of Babel, did the tower have arches? It has commonly been believed that arches were the invention of the Romans. But is that really true?

Well in fact many ancient societies have used this type of architecture for thousands of years. But arches can be traced back to the Sumerians because they show up in
some of the ancient Sumerian aqueducts ruins. Now if you remember Sumer was one of the ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia. The fertile crescent is another name for Mesopotamia because of great weather and fertile soil. Sumer is only about 100 miles from where it is believed
Babel was located. It is my educated estimate, and is reasonable to consider, that the Sumerians got the architecture of arches from the city of Babel. As a matter of fact, arches may have even been utilized on the Tower itself as many paintings of the Tower depict. And of course if arches where used in Babel, then it is logical that Noah brought this information with him across the global flood from the Former World.

So while the Romans did not invent arches, they can still be
credited with figuring out how to reinforce the arch so that weight placed on it could be more evenly distributed. That was done by the Roman invention of concrete. They reinforced the midsection of their arches by adding concrete, a Roman invention and that is
primarily credited with the durability of Roman structures. 

It is always amazing to me to see how everything fits perfectly with the Bible. Scripture presents such clear history and science. I love it!

Until next time,

God bless,

Willow Dressel

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