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Hi you all! How was your week? Mine has been very hot! But it looks like the temperatures are going to drop a little and give us some relief. Thank you Jesus! I don’t know how some of you fine people who live in such hots climates get along so well. Here are the hot places some of my readers reside in; India, Cambodia, South Korea, Arabia, Israel, Brazil, Kenya, Taiwan, just to name a few from the top of my head. I hope and pray you all have air conditioning or a swamp cooler or dehumidifier and many, many large shady trees!

Speaking of electricity, have you ever hear of the Baghdad batteries? It is a very interesting bit of our ancient history. Wait a minute, you say, how do batteries and “ancient” go together? Let’s take a look…

“A 2,200-year-old clay jar found near Baghdad, Iraq, has been described as the oldest known electric battery in existence. The clay jar and others like it are part of the holdings of the National Museum of Iraq and have been attributed to the Parthian Empire — an ancient Asian culture that ruled most of the Middle East from 247 B.C. to A.D. 228. The jar itself has been dated to sometime around 200 B.C. It was first described in 1938 by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig, and to this day, it is uncertain
whether Konig dug it up himself or found it archived in the museum. So how is it that a 2,200-year-old clay jar can be called a battery?

Those who’ve examined it closely say that there’s little else
that it can be. The nondescript earthen jar is only 5½ inches high by 3 inches across. The opening was sealed with an asphalt plug, which held in place a copper sheet, rolled into a tube.This tube was capped at the bottom with a copper disc held in place by more asphalt. A narrow iron rod was stuck through the upper asphalt plug and hung down into the center of the copper tube — not touching any part of it. Fill the jar with an acidic liquid, such as vinegar or fermented grape juice, and you have yourself a battery capable of generating a small current. The acidic liquid permits a flow of electrons from the copper tube to the
iron rod when the two metal terminals are connected.”1

Two questions boldly stick out: One, what did they use the batteries for and; Two, where did the ancients get the technology.

The first one is fairly easy to answer. Actually there are several answers as to this question and I believe the batteries where used for all. It is thought by some that the batteries were used in medical therapy. “Paul T. Keyser of the University of Alberta in Canada …claims that these
batteries were used as an analgesic. He points out that there is evidence that electric eels were used to numb an area of pain, or to anesthetize it for medical treatment. The electric battery could have provided a less messy and more readily available method of analgesic. Of course the 1.5 volts that would have been generated by such a device would not do much to deaden a patch of skin, so the next conclusion was that these ancient people must have discovered how to link up several batteries in series to produce a higher voltage. Keyser says that ‘Mesopotamian medical practice included a number of elements conducive to the reception of an electrotherapeutic device of this sort.’ In Sumeria, Akkad, and Babylon, there were two types of physicians, the ‘Asu’ and the ‘Asipu’. The latter practiced diagnosis of the patient’s symptoms, or
Modern experiment utilizing the ancient technology
of the Bagdad batteries and dendera bulb.
divination to determine the nature of the affliction. The former prescribed the medicine, or used incantation, to provide healing. They may have been the ones to apply electric currents to the patient’s stricken parts…Keyser considers it significant that bronze and iron needles were found with the battery devices discovered in Seleucia, an ancient city located along the western bank of the Tigris River in what would be today, Iraq. He considers that these needles may have been used for acupuncture. He points out that acupuncture was already standard practice in China.”2

Other scientists believe the batteries were used as a source
of light, especially in Egypt. Several hieroglyphics even depict what could only be a light bulb, called the dendera bulb. It is believe these bulbs where powered by batteries. Scientists have duplicated both the batteries and the bulb and were able to produce light. Still other scientists believe the batteries where utilized for electroplating with gold and silver. 

Question number two is a little harder to answer, unless you are a creation scientists. Secular scientists mostly believe in the alien astronaut theory. Conspiracy college states this about the Baghdad batteries, “How indeed did they accomplish electroplating without some form of electricity? Did the ancient aliens give them the knowledge?”3

Ancient Code asks, “Is it possible that these batteries were used to power devices such as the ‘Dendera bulb’? According to Ancient Alien Theorists the answer is yes…The only question that is perhaps more puzzling then the use of the batteries is who or what gave this ancient technology to mankind? Was it simply a random discovery? Or is there something otherworldly to these batteries? How could
ancient Persian science have grasped the principles of electricity and arrived at this knowledge? To what purpose would ancient mankind have used these batteries for, did they have access to power sources and electricity thousands of years before history tells us? Is it possible that this technology was obtained from extraterrestrial visitors like the Ancient Aliens theory suggests? When connected could these batteries power ancient devices such as the Dendera Bulb? All of these questions are still unanswered, and the Baghdad Batteries remain as one of the most mysterious discoveries that still remain unexplained.”

Two things I would like to point out. One; it is so sad that the answer (ancient man was intelligent and had the knowledge for advanced technology from the Former World before The
Noachian Flood) is right in front of these people yet they still refuse to believe it. Two; instead they would rather believe aliens from a distant planet brought this knowledge. Notice how the paragraphs are eloquently written, drawing the reader into their beliefs. Evolution has blinded these people from even considering that there could be a reasonable and logical explanation right here on Earth.

When the rapture happens, I believe people left behind will come to the conclusion that aliens had been involved. Instead of opening their eyes to the truth—that the Christians have been raptured—the unbelievers would rather accept aliens abducted them. After all, in there minds, aliens have been to Earth before to drop of batteries, right?

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel



  1. We're all conditioned to be literal and these are symbols.

    The serpents are symbols of what some would call spirits and some are deadly/mean as snakes; they are pure energy and therefore these could well have been literal light bulbs of caught spirits or jinnis.

  2. Dear Sword of Creation; You present an interesting concept. However, I find it hard that a spirit or jinni can be “caught” inside a light bulb. The point you make that spirits are pure energy would in fact contradict that mere glass and as small charge of electricity (low enough to be utilized in electrotherapy and as an analgesic) could capture such a being. Even by stringing a row of these batteries together to create enough power to anesthetize (to render unconscious) someone, how would that ever hold this pure energy of a “spirit” or “jinni” in such a container? After all, the resurrected Jesus was able to pass through stone walls! At one time I too believed in the powers of spirits and new age religion. But once I learned about the Trinity of Creator God I learned and understand much, much more. And as much as you would like to believe in the practices of witchcraft and sorcery, the energy, knowledge and wisdom of the Creator is much greater and is the Truth. Thank you for your comment! Willow Dressel

  3. Why wouldn't the technology have been more advanced if it was divinely delivered to mankind? It seems to me to be so basic that it probably was created by the less evolved minds of the time.

  4. Thank you for your article. Oh, yes, why not believing that they were already more advanced, even in building concepts (The great Pyramide resisted 3 earthquakes) and in astronomie and mathematics. It seems that they even knew already the number pi and had mesures to build the great Pyramide with high precesion.

  5. They were used for the Pyramid and the gate way