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Hello my friends! How is everyone on this beautiful winter day? I am well, thank you. We had some weather move in over this last week, and in the damp earth, I could see the tracks of my chickens, dog, a variety of wild birds, and in the pasture hoof prints from my horse. And in and amongst them were all of my footprints!

Which brings us to our subject this week – tracks! Did you know under the right conditions tracks can be preserved when the substrate they were made in hardens into stone.

Have you ever heard of dinosaur trackways? Dinosaur trackways are areas where many dinosaur/dragon footprints have been converted into stone; Dinosaurs/dragons traversed over terrain leaving their footprints in the sand or mud. These prints were then buried quickly by a different type of sediment, for example from a flood. After that first preserving flood event, more layers of sand or mud quickly buried the sediments containing the tracks, often under many more feet of deposits. Thus changing the soft sediments into rock. Over time the top layers of deposits eroded away. Then humans discover these exposed tracks.

Now let me tell you something that will blow your mind…did you know that in Glen Rose, Texas there are actually dinosaur tracks and human tracks together in the same sediment layer? And where the human tracks cross the dino tracks, one of the human tracks is indeed found inside one of the dinosaur track!  (see picture).

Secular scientists have tried to refute this, claiming that it was carved. However, a block of the rock containing a human footprint was excavated, (the Burdick Track), and a cross section of the track cut. This was done to study the subsurface disturbance. Had the footprints been carved, it would have cut into the subsurface layers. But as you can see by the photo, the subsurface layers were compressed (bent) down. Secular scientists have also tried to argue the footprints were too long, too narrow, too wide or in any other way not human. For a fascinating account of the events that took place between a secular scientist’s accusations of falsifying the truth, and the scientific research that provided accurate answers, please check out

Another case of unscrupulous conduct of secular scientists happened at the Taylor Trail, where the dino/human tracks are located. “Stan Taylor (pointing at track) began his excavation of the Taylor Trail in 1969 and continued working through 1972. Initially, only two tracks could be seen in the Paluxy River bed.  By following the trail back under the river bank, seven more very human like tracks were exposed. The process involved removing tons of limestone overburden [from the bank], effectively eliminating the possibility that the tracks were carved.” Unfortunately, after attending a creation conference, two well known evolutionists left the next morning and went to the Paluxy River bed. It is reliably reported that they were in the river that afternoon with an ‘iron bar.’ Three days before they were in the river the footprint was observed looking like the picture above, right. Three days after they were in the river, it was observed looking like the picture below, right. (Clear photography was not possible till the water went down several months later, when this photograph was taken.)”

The question is why. Why would they destroy a pristine natural occurrence? Why are they so afraid of, or so dislike the truth? Are they so blinded by their faith in science that they cease being scientific and think that by forcing their points of view on others everything will be fine? Are they so ignorant they cannot see just how foolish they are? What is so wrong with looking at the evidence, the truth of what is there, even if it doesn’t match your viewpoint? That is what science is – to discover the truth, no matter what it is. I think perhaps, they forgot.

Here are two more evidences to consider. Both throw a monkey wrench in the theory of evolution. One is a foot print of a large cat, nine inches across. Now “Mountain lion tracks are generally round with a diameter from 2.75 to 3.75 inches.” Jaguar tracks, can reach 8 to 10 inches, and the American cave lion and sabre-tooth cat tracks would be even larger than that. So the best candidate of what type of cat left this track in the same sediment as dinosaur and human tracks is a jaguar. According to evolutionists, mammals did not evolve until after the dinos became extinct. Oh and to answer the question was it carved, again, a cross section was taken and examined and the internals structures in the rock follow the depressed contour (see photo). This track is not carved, it is a large mammal track found with dinosaur tracks.

The second piece of evidence is the existence of bird tracks next to dinosaur tracks (see picture). Hmmm, let me see, according to secular scientists, birds did not exist the same time as dinos. As a matter of fact they believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Tell that to the bird who walked in the same sediment as the dinos did!

Of course if you choose to believe in the theory of intelligent design, all this makes sense. God said he created the fowl of the air on the fifth day of creation week, and the land animals, including mammals, dinosaurs/dragons, and mankind on the six day.

Well, once again, this is a long blog, but I think incredibly interesting. This will be the last in our series on dinosaur vs. dragons. I hope you can at least begin to understand that mankind and dinosaurs/dragons existed, and still exist, together. We have clarified that – dinosaurs and dragons are one and the same creature (part I); there are Biblical references of these animals (part II); there are many accurate inscriptions, rock art, pictographs etc, of  dino/dragons and humans (part III); there are ancient historical documentations of dino/dragons (part IV); that cryptozoology looks for dinosaurs/dragons thought to be extinct but are alive today (part V); and that dino/dragon, human, mammal and bird tracks have all been discovered in the same sediment layer (part VI). I believe there is enough evidence to encourage one to understand and believe…the truth.

Until next week!
God bless and take care!


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