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Hello again my friends! I am back in the beautiful state of Arizona. It sure is a long way from Ohio to Arizona. When you think about it, it really did not take very long for the settler’s of the1500/early 1600’s decedents to move across this great nation. Only a few hundred years. So what about the second dispersal of mankind? (The first would have been after the fall of man). I’m talking about the dispersion after the confusion of languages at the tower of Babel. Where did all the people go, and did certain people go to certain places?
The answer is yes and yes! The theory of evolution teaches us that man evolved from apes. We now understand this is not true (check out my early blogs in the archives for further information on this subject). So if we did not evolve from apes and disperse throughout the world, developing different languages along the way…what happened?
            The fact is, after the scrambling of languages, people who spoke the same tongue gathered together and these different language groups dispersed throughout the world. The exciting thing is….(get this!)… much of the languages can be traced back to Noah and his sons!
            Noah had three sons who were on the ark with him; Japheth, Ham, and Shem. Let’s look at some names of places around the world relating to each of these sons.
            Japheth’s descendents in a general sense migrated to the European and Russian regions. The names of Japheth’s sons Meshech and Javan are still in use today. Mechera (derived from Meshech) is the ancient name for Russia. And in Russia there is still to this day, a Mechera  lowland and a Mechera park. Javan on the other hand is the Hebrew translation of Greece. Japeth’s first son was named Gomer. Gomer’s name is reflected in Galatia, Gaul, Galla, Galiecia. Gomer’s son Ashkenaz is the lineage of the Europeans. To this day, the Jewish people still call Germany Ashkenaz. Tubal is the 5th son of Japeth. He and his descendents migrated to Siberia as reflected by the name of the city of Tubil Siberia, and near it is a river called Tobol. The 7th son of Japheth is Tiras. From him, amongst others, we have the cities of Thrace and Troy. And there is a river in Europe still called the Tiras river.
            Ham’s descendents settled in the great African continent and in the middle east. The north west region of Africa has been referred to as Phut (one of Ham’s sons). Ham’s fourth son is Canaan. Remember…the land of Canaan is the promise land God gave to the Israelites.  Out of Canaan came the Sinites, some of who migrated to the Orient  (this name is still reflected in places and in the Sino/Japanese war). Ham had another son named Cush. Cush is the name for Ethiopia. As a matter of fact the Ethiopians today still call themselves Cushites. Another of Ham’s sons is Mizraim. In the old testament, Mizraim is the Hebrew name for Egypt.
            From Shem’s third son Asshur comes the land of Assyria. From his 5th son, the Arameans (Syria) and the Aramaic language. Shem’s 4th son, Lud (Laud), settled in the southern Turkey region as reflected in the names of the Lycian, Lydia, and Lud.
            Around the globe today, there are approximately 6,900 spoken languages (not all of these came about at the tower of Babel). Creation scientists can trace languages back to a minimum of seventy eight language families that came as a result from the rebellion at the tower of Babel. Evolution scientists claim every language developed from a primal gruntal half ape half human language. Interestingly enough, linguist experts (Ethnologue and Vistawide World Languages) estimate ninety four original language families. Hmmm, who matches up better with the linguists…the Christians or the world?
            It is wonderful to know where our roots are and where we came from. God tells us all in the bible and man’s records in the names of cities, rivers, and regions confirm this truth. For further research into the subject I recommend Answers in Genesis’s DVD The Tower of Babel.

Until next week! Take care and God Bless!


The Tower of Babel Can the “Story” be Trusted Today?, Hodge, Bodie. DVD, 2012. Answers in Genesis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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