Monday, December 3, 2012


Hello again my fine friends!  It is another beautiful day in Arizona and I am so grateful for it. Even though it is already December the weather remains beautiful! All the animals are enjoying it too; my horse, dogs and chickens as well as the wild birds I toss some seeds out to.
Though I love so much God’s animal creations, I know there is a difference between the animal creations and God’s human creations.
Really you might ask? After all, we share so many similarities. Animals have brains, and hearts, lungs, an integumentary system (skin, scales etc), stomachs and a way to dispose of bodily wastes, just to mention a few. Just like us.
And that is true. Animals do have many, many similarities to us, and us to them. But does that make us another animal that God created? An animal in his own image?
The answer is no. All of creation God completed first…except for mankind. Adam He created out of dust breathing life into him, and Eve he molded out of Adam’s rib.  Then, the bible tells us one after another of the animals were brought in front of Adam  for him to name. But it also demonstrated that he, Adam was alone in his kind. “There was clearly no kinship in any manner between man and the animals. None was like him; none could provide fellowship or companionship for him. It is abundantly clear and certain that he had not recently evolved from them! If the latter were true, and his body were still essentially an ape’s body (or the body of whatever ‘hominid’ form may have been his immediate progenitor), it seems strange that he could have found nothing in common with either parents or siblings [of his ape like family]. On this point, as on many other, the notion of human evolution confronts and contradicts the plain statements of Scripture”
It is also clear in Scripture, that man is made separate from animals even though we share some of the same characteristics such as blood, breathing, and mobility. A great designer will use the same design over and over again with variations to get the end result that they want to achieve.
For example, the model T car is not a Rolls Royce, which is not a Harley Davidson, nor an airplane, jet or helicopter. However these items share many of the same components, because those components work for what they are intended. Just because we share some of the same designs doesn’t mean we are animals, nor that animals are humans.  If us mere humans design in such a manner, why wouldn’t our amazing God?
And there is one very big difference. It was mankind that brought on original sin. No animal ate of the tree of good and evil. Only Adam and Eve; causing the fall of man. I have no proof, but I believe that is why animals still have such good instincts…because it wasn’t their kind that broke fellowship with God.

And of course, Scripture is not the only place we find evidence of animals and man being different. “The widespread belief that people evolved from apelike ancestors is not only refuted by Scripture but also by all the facts of science. The ‘missing links' of Darwin’s day are still missing today. There have been many fossils of true human beings excavated by anthropologists and paleontologists, and many fossils of true apes. To date, however, neither any living animals nor any fossil remains have ever been found which were intermediate between men and apes, nor between men and their imaginary apelike forebear’s.”  And though that statement was made by Henry M. Morris in 1976 in “The Genesis Record” book, it still holds true even today.
And though I love animals and they are eternally ever a part of my life, I am most grateful that I am not one!
Until next time, take care and God bless!
This week in the night sky - Tonight,  December 3, “by 8 or 9 p.m., wintry Orion is well up in the east-southeast. Orion's Belt in his middle points up more or less toward Aldebaran and bright Jupiter. And it points down toward where Sirius, the brightest star of the night, is about to rise.” And “Thursday, December 6, Jupiter's Great Red Spot crosses Jupiter's central meridian around 11:45 p.m. EST.”

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