Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello my friends!

I have had a wonderful week spent with my sister. We were able to fulfill a lifelong dream and even encountered several unusual circumstances. Speaking of unusual circumstances, what does the bible say about UFOs, extraterrestrials and the like?

For decades, speculation about life from outer space has held the interest of people all around the world. First books, then motion pictures have fueled this interest by their captivating stories of flying saucers and green men with large heads and eyes. Even our government has gotten on board spending millions of dollars searching for life on other planets. “A recent poll in Germany revealed that 17 percent of the population believe in visits by alien craft, while 31 percent believe there is intelligent life in other galaxies.”1

Is there any physical evidence of such things? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Fact one, and most important to remember is, not a single contact with an extraterrestrial has been made by any country on earth. Even when large sums of money were offered to anyone who contacted intelligent life out side of earth, no claim been made. Of all the planets our probes have explored, no life of any kind, intelligent or not, has been found. And this includes all the hype about the Roswell, NM, crash site and so-called government cover-ups. I personally have been to the Roswell sight, and there is nothing there that would represent even remotely solid evidence for real aliens. As for a government cover-up, since the government is spending lots and lots of taxpayer’s money to try to find extraterrestrial life, it is not logical that they would then cover up something if they found it. More likely, any sign of alien life would be pounced upon. We saw that happen with the Mars rock when the secular science community claimed they had ‘proof’ of life in nanofossils only to later have to retract their statement and admit it was only magnetite whiskers and artifacts of the experimental process.
Fact two. In order for life to exist, a great number of delicate conditions must be in place. For example, water must be present in its liquid state, the planet must be the exact distance from its sun to produce temperatures within a narrow range, daytime and night time temperatures must not be too far apart, essential elements must be present, etc, etc. Even if a planet did have liquid water, that would not be enough for life to exist.

Fact three. “Without intelligent, creative, input, lifeless chemicals cannot form themselves into living things.”2 Though the theory of spontaneous generation was created by evolutionists to support their beliefs, this theory was disproved by Louis Pasteur many years ago. Life simply cannot form spontaneously (and our food industry depends on this every day!).

Fact four. The huge distances would make travel time to even the closest star to earth (Proxima Centauri) practically impossible. The Apollo flight to the moon took three days to travel the 238,857 miles. Proxima Centauri is 25 million million miles away. Even if an unmanned (and therefore faster) probe was sent at the unimaginable speed of one tenth the speed of light, it still would take forty three years to get there. And that is just one way! There are other problems as well. For instance the dust and ice particles present in outerspace, though weighing only a tenth of a gram, would destroy a spaceship should it collide with one of them at such a velocity. The impact would be roughly equivalent to an explosion of 10 tones of TNT. Big problem.
But what about UFOs that people have claimed to have seen? Well…stay tuned for next week and find out!

Until then, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies: Friday February 15th: “Close flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14. This gymnasium-sized asteroid will miss Earth by just 18,000 miles (28,500 km) around 19:25 Universal Time today. It will then be as bright as 8th magnitude, moving across the stars by 0.8° per minute — and it will be in nighttime view from easternmost Europe (in late evening) across Asia to Australia (before dawn on the 16th local date). By the time it's visible in Western Europe it will be a little fainter, and by its visibility in North America it will be down to 11th to 13th magnitude, receding into the distance near the Little Dipper.”
1,2 Ham, Ken, et al; The Revised And Expanded Answers Book, Master Books, 2000, twentieth printing. Pp 141-147.

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