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I have decided to continue with this least for awhile!

How is everyone this week? I have been doing well but very busy at this time of taxes due! I just keep plugging away at it and eventually it will get down. But I sure would like get away with ignoring it!
I wonder if this is how Eve felt when satan, in disguise as a serpent, tempted her to just ignore God. One little thing…what could be so bad?

But that is the next major event that occurred in the World History. We Garden-of-edentouched on Creation Week were we discovered the mathematical equation of chance, the Law of Gravity put in place on Day Three and the First Law of Thermodynamics put into place at the end of Day Six (Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transferred). And now we are about to see how the Second Law of Thermodynamics comes into play. But first let’s take a look at Eden and the Former World (the pre-diluvian world).

Nothing at that time was out of order. There was no pain, suffering, disease, struggle for existence, disharmony, sin or death. Genesis 1:31 is clear about this since God stated there it was all “very good”. I don’t know about you but to me, death, disease, struggles, suffering is not good! So we know none of that could have happened before the fall.
rusty streaksGod even had prepared as a special garden spot for Adam. This was where God intended the first man to make his own home. It was a particular region (eastward) and was called Eden, which means delight. It was somewheree to the west, outside of Eden, that Adam had been formed. Genesis 2:8,9. The garden was full of trees and other plants that were already full grown and laden with fruit (otherwise scripture would refer to the trees as saplings not trees), and God said “of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat” (except of course of the one). Only more mature trees can produce fruit. And, the beautiful stasis of the absence of death and destruction throughout the universe was not limited to The Garden of Eden. Otherwise the Lord would not have stated that allwas “very good”.

Well then, how long did Adam and Eve walk with God in the garden of Eden? How long did that beautiful universe last?

Unfortunately, not very long. In Genesis 1:28, God instructs Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. And we know that when the Fall of Man occurred, this first couple was childless.

So because of Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience, God cursed His newly created world. The three main aspects to the curse corresponded to the three basic created entities described Genesis One and seems to be more of a removal of His sovereign hand that held everything in order. They are as follows:

1)      The physical elements of the universe (Genesis 1:1) now groaneth “under bondage of corruption” (or decay) Romans 8:22; Genesis 3:18. Iron turns to rust, radioactive material decays, granite decomposes, etc.

2)      The conscious life in animals (Genesis 1:21), the serpent, as an animal, was cursed “above all the cattle, and above every beast of the field”. God had made many other “creeping things” and God now made the serpent to join them. And all animals (life) would now begin to die.

3)      The spiritual nature of God-in-man, was now separated from The Lord due to the curse.
After the Fall of Mankind, the earth underwent drastic changes for now “Cursed is the ground” (the same word as earth). Now the basic material of the physical creation, the “dust of the earth” out of which all things had been made were brought under the bondage of decay and disintegration. Examples include; iron to rust, granite decomposes, uranium decays etc.

thornsIn addition, “Thorns also and thistles shall bring forth to thee…”. God did not actually create thorns and thistles at this time. He did not create death in the direct sense either, rather He “withdrew that extension of His power which had maintained a ‘steady state’ of life and order.  It seems at this time, God instated the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Hebrews 1:10-12) which states that everything goes from a order to disorder unless energy is added to maintain the state of order.  Under the Second Law of Thermodynamics, plant and animal structures would disintegrate toward disorder and death. It is likely God merely ‘allowed’ certain plant structures which previously were beneficent to deteriorate into malevolent characteristics. Most likely the deterioration was rapid in the beginning, then tapered off (as we see today in the decay process). Genetically speaking, mutations would now begin to occur. What once were small, smooth bumps on a stem became thorns. Natural selection would preserve plants that could protect themselves (thorns, poison, etc) to develop into the vegetation we see today.

But what of other things, like the instinct to kill and the claws and teeth of predators? Well, we will see how that all fits in to Gods perfect plan….next time!

Until then, God Bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night sky: March 12, 2013;  About 15 minutes after sunset, “As seen from North America, Comet PanSTARRS is now left of the Moon by two or three finger-widths at arm’s length. It’s a hazy “star” with a thin, upward pointing tail only about 1° long. Bring binoculars for a better view. Southern hemisphere night skywatchers have been viewing this comet for a while and report from Australia and southern South America that it looks like a “fuzzy star a little brighter than those in the Big Dipper with a short stub of a tail  visible to the naked eye.” This comet will only be visible for about one more week, so enjoy!

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