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Isn’t this the most wonderful time of the year, both in the southern and northern hemisphere? Beautiful spring weather has set in in the north, and the gorgeous autumn season in the south. About two thousand three hundred and fifty years ago, though, that was far from the case.

On that fatal day so many years ago, those ancient people would have begun their day with the normal ingestion of breakfast on another sunny day. The sky would have been clear except for the high, thin, vapor layer. Routines would have begun, and for some people that meant stopping by that monstrous boat crazy Noah’s family called an ark. It had been entertaining to watch him construct the huge thing and the people had to give that much to Noah-he was tenacious. They thought he would have given it up long ago, or at least his sons. But no, even in the face of the people’s mocking, stubborn old Noah kept plugging along, irritatingly preaching to the people of God’s coming judgment. But it had been a hundred years since Noah started this ridicules project and nothing happened. Noah’s God must be dead.

Except…over the last week strange things started to happen.  Animals had appeared at the ark, going inside of their own accord. It had been interesting to watch. Yes, today would be a good day to swing by the big boat and see what other strange creatures showed up.

As the people left their dwellings, they may have noticed another strange thing. Dark clouds gathering on the horizon. Then, perhaps they witness a huge, bright streak racing across a large portion of the sky. What could that have been?
So what was the Source of the Noahic Flood, what could possibly have triggered such a catastrophic event?

Well, of course all God needed to do was to speak a command to set this historical event into motion. But there is physical evidence God may have utilized other means. What catastrophe might God have used to make the many miles thick earth’s crust crack?

 Some scientists suggest a meteorite or asteroid impact of unprecedented size and scope could cause this. Is there evidence?  Geologists have discovered several enormous craters and piles of debris, leftover from massive impacts found in the flood geologic layers that easily could have been the culprits.  

For example-The Acraman crater in South Australia is a 56-mile wide crater who’s impact could have been powerful enough to trigger the Flood. It resulted from a 2.5-mile-wide asteroid that slammed into the Outback at almost 16 miles per second. The explosion would have been equivalent to the detonation of 50,000–100,000 hydrogen bombs all at once! The impact blasted some of the pulverised pre-Flood crystalline basement rocks to sites 280 miles away, and the debris accumulated in a layer 16 inches thick within some of the earliest Flood deposits. And there are other great impact sights as well. It is a possibility that God used an asteroid or series of asteroids to break open the earth’s crusts. Physical evidence shows that asteroids were striking the earth at catastrophic rates during the Flood and that these asteroids were spread over the earth’s surface. Seventy one large scale impacts to be exact.

            Interestingly enough secular science acknowledges these craters, but of course places the impacts within a 600 million year time period. Over those great lengths, 71 impacts are minuscule. However, 71 mega impacts striking the earth within a single year’s time would be astoundingly significant. Physical evidence supports that asteroids surely contributed greatly to the horrific and violent geologic events that took place during God’s year of judgment of the earth.

The next question is, where did all the water come from?

            Most creation geologists believe that the opening of “the fountains of the great deep” was due to rapid, catastrophic movement of the continental plates allowing the subterranean water to gush forth. Enormous amounts of hot waters and molten rock would have been released into the ocean. When these hot waters rushed through the seafloor, they would have flashed into superheated steam. The built-up pressures from below would then have blasted the steam high into the atmosphere, carrying sea water with it. Eventually the Law of Gravity pulled the water down and as it condensed it would fall as rain.
        The collapse of the Firmament (water canopy). This was a popular computer model. However, the pitfalls of the canopy model have grown to such an extent that most researchers have abandoned the model. For example; 1) a water canopy covering the earth would retain heat to such an effect as to create a green house effect where life could
not exist. 2) if a canopy existed and collapsed at the time of the Flood to supply the rainfall, the latent heat of condensation would have boiled the atmosphere. 3) a viable canopy would not have had enough water vapor in it to sustain 40 days and nights of torrential global rain.

            Though a thin vapor canopy likely did exist, and contributed to some of the global deluge, most creation scientists believe that the majority of the Flood waters came from subterranean waters.

            Belief in a world-wide Flood, as Scripture clearly indicates, has the backing of common sense, science and Christ Himself.”1

Until next time! God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night sky:  in the northern hemisphere on “Saturday, April 6  Look for Arcturus, the ‘Spring Star,’ low in the east-northeast in twilight and higher in the east after dark. The constellation Bootes extends to its left. High to Arcturus's upper left is the Big Dipper.” In the southern hemisphere, the year is “slowly heading towards solar maxmum in mid 2013, and we can expect to see an increasing frequency of aurora. Tasmania, King Island and Southern Victoria are the most likely places to see aurora.”


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