Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hello all my fine friends!

How is everything with you all? I am a little under the weather…I have a terrible sinus infection but finally went to the doctor and am getting it taken care of. Thank God for advance medical techniques.

And that is a great lead in to our next topic. Advanced technology of the ancient ones.

 “Because of the technologically advanced world we live in, with smart phones that connect to the world in astounding ways, jet planes, and spacecraft that land on Mars, we often think we are so much more intelligent today than our ancestors who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago.”1 We tend to think that people of past societies were
primitive in both mind and technology. If you have been ‘evolutionized’ you may even think or certainly have heard that from such a perspective, most people today believe ancient man originally communicated with
grunts which eventually over thousands of years developed into a simple language. In the same regards, mankind over much time went from making ‘primitive’ items such as stone tools (which we will see later on are not so primitive) to working with bronze and iron.

But evidence Don Landis and a team of researchers has carefully collected from around the world unveiled some fascinating information. They have discovered how ancient people, going back thousands of years, were highly skilled and inventive. This refutes the false evolutionary view of human history. Instead, “the evidence they have gathered confirms what we would expect based upon reading God’s Word about the world: humans have been highly intelligent from the beginning and could quickly gain 2
knowledge to create sophisticated technology. The Bible, the true history of the universe, has revealed that truth to us in Genesis.”

Before we go any farther let’s refresh our memories on World History Chronology. We now understand the universe and everything in it was created in six literal days by an all sovereign, all knowing Intelligent Designer about BC 4004.  Within a year (4003 BC) after sin and therefore death entered the world, everything changed. It was The Fall of mankind and the biological world as they would have known it. And it kept changing for the worst until about 2348 BC when a global flood drowned everything except for 8 humans, two of every wild beasts, and seven of every livestock who survived on a large barge. A judgment the Intelligent Designer had to make. The water resided and about one year later (2347 BC) all living things vacated the ark and spread throughout the
new world. Except for mankind. Despite the command of the Intelligent Designer to spread throughout the world, humans lingered behind. They wanted to build a city and tower to reach the heavens. The Intelligent designer, who of course is the Creator God, again had to interfere and split the language of the people from one tongue to about 78 in 2242 BC. At this point between the environmental factors and genetic bottleneck of the human genome, mankind began to deteriorate and change to what is present today. Also at this time the turbulent weather steaming from the settling of the earth’s mantle after the great global flood created an Ice Age. Now in parts of the earth environmental conditions were very severe and the reduced gene flow caused disease in humans (such as rickets found in Neanderthals) many people were reduced to survival rather than living. The advanced technology of the past had come to an end.

To learn about this time in history, from 2241BC forward, we have to see what the ancient human race had attained in order to understand what was lost. Stay tuned for next weeks blog were we will go back to the very beginning. you just might me astonished at what you will find...

Until then take care and God Bless!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; for everyone, the New Moon is  Thursday September 5. In the northern hemisphere on Saturday, August 31, and before dawn Sunday morning, the waning Moon shines inside a quadrilateral of Pollux and Jupiter (above it) and Mars and Procyon (below it). For the southern hemisphere, Mars and Jupiter are prominent in the early morning. The crescent Moon visits Jupiter on the 1st and Mars on the 2nd. Venus is easily visible in the western evening sky and is close to the bright star Spica on the 5th. Saturn is not far above Venus. Nova in Delphinus is still visible with binoculars.


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