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World History Bible Chronology Part XXVII Advanced Technology; SANITATION AND IRRIGATION

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How are you good people doing this week? 

I am trying to learn the advanced technology of a 'new' used computer…it is taking a little doing but I am learning a lot of new things. I can imagine all the advanced technologies our early ancestors would be working out. We learned a lot last week, but here are a few more you may be surprised to hear about.

lets start with sanitation and irrigation. sanitation and irrigation are signs and proof of both intelligence and advanced knowledge. Many people that dispersed around the world after the tower of Babel had plumbing. for example ancient Persian 3,000 years ago had underground aqueducts that carried water all the way from the mountains to the dry plains. believe it or not, this same system is still utilized today to bring water to 75% of the iranian people. in many of the old cities in this part of the world archeologists have unearthed elaborate and luxurious baths. the egyptians made piping out of copper, one pipe that was uncovered was 450 yards long!

In India in the Indus Valley, the ancient people there are "credited with the world's first urban sanitation system. Their sewage and drainage systems were far more advanced than contemporary sites in the Middle East and even more efficient than those used in India today."1 If you took a look at the layout of the Indus Valley cities, you will find a
planned layout with wide stress, water management and sanitation that included reservoirs, drains, personal and public wells and bathing platforms.

Other examples include, the Nabatean people that inhabited northwestern Arabia long before the Arabian people became known, had walls and terraces that gathered and brought the limited rainfall to their dwellings.  And, the people of South American and Asia had many cities that were surrounded with terraces where people farmed and brought water out of the mountains. 

There is a saying that an advanced society is known for its sanitation and plumbing. By this, I would venture to say our ancestors were pretty advanced! Certainly ancient man's advanced technology can be clearly seen in the examples I have given and much more. Next week we will take a look at time-keeping…

until then, God bless and enjoy God's creation!
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; on the 20th "As summer nears its end, orange Antares blinks its bleary seasonal farewell low in the southwest at nightfall. Look for it twinkling well to the left of Venus and Saturn and perhaps a bit higher. The farther north you are, the sooner Antares sinks out of sight."2 Also the 23rd is the last full day of summer-the autumn equinox! For the southern hemisphere, "the evening sky looking to the west as seen from Adelaide at 18:45 pm local time on Wednesday September 25 will show Venus high in the evening sky above Saturn.  Mercury is next to the bright star Spica. The inset shows the telescopic view of Venus at this time."3

1Landis, Don. "The Genius of Ancient Man Evolution's Nightmare".Green Forest, AR, 2013. pp.46-47.

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