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How are all you fine people out there?  I pray you all had a good week learning about and drawing closer to Jesus. I certainly did. Sunday is always my favorite day because I get to share what I learned throughout the week.

And so I want to share one more thing about these Neanderthal people (you should now be thinking “very old” when you hear this word). Dr. Cuozzo had taken a trip to the British Museum to further his studies. Down in the lower levels of this museum all the Neanderthal skulls were kept on one place. There he was able to x-ray, photograph and study “some of the most famous fossils from three continents: Zambia, Africa, the Broken Hill or Rhodesian Man Skull, without a lower jaw; from the Middle East, Israel, Tabūn C-I, found in one of the Mount Carmel caves; from the Island of Gibraltar, at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar I and II, a female adult Neanderthal…(However) the real shocker came, I must admit, when I was caught by surprise because of one of their prized possessions. It was the Broken Hill skull from Zambia.”1

The skull had been discovered in a cave in a lead and zinc mine in 1921 and the fossil is permeated with these minerals. Dr. Cuozzo at first didn’t think their x-rays would be able to penetrate such  dense material. But as the doctor examined the skull he found a “very strange, almost symmetrical hole in the left side of the head (temporal bone, squama). It’s not as if there were no holes or broken parts of the other Neanderthal skulls; there were. This hole was different. It appears on the outside of the skull and is wider than it is high. However, the ceph-alometric radiograph revealed an almost round hole….very close to 8mm by 8 mm round….(also) there is another hole in the back part of the bottom (occipital bone) of the skull, well inside the neck area...this second hole in the bottom part is also much larger than the first hole.”2 

So what could have made these holes? Cuozzo continues, “It looked as if it had been made by a high velocity projectile, a bullet. The first hole in the side of the head is larger inside the skull (brain side) than on the outside. It also has a bevel...this fits the description of and entry point for a bullet. Someone may have used it for target practice but this might have shattered a dry fossil, or the bullet could have actually killed this person.”3 Since the skull was found 60 feet below the surface this negates target practice. In addition the skull showed no signs of healing, so the victim did not live after the holes were put in the skull. 

What a Dilemma for an evolutionist--a Neanderthal skull with a bullet hole! So what could this all be about? Dr. Cuozzo believes because other features the skull exhibits, it is possible the owner of the skull suffered from acromegaly. “Acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that develops when your pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone during adulthood. When this happens, your bones increase in size, including those of your hands, feet and face. Acromegaly usually affects middle-aged adults. In children who are still growing, too much growth hormone can cause a condition called gigantism. These children have exaggerated bone growth and an abnormal increase in height. Because acromegaly is uncommon and physical changes occur gradually, the condition often isn't recognized immediately; sometimes not for years. If not treated promptly, acromegaly can lead to serious illness and even become 

Note the large brow ridges in this
 acromegaly altered man.

Note the heaver brow ridge and forward
 moved teeth of this acromegalic victim
threatening.”4 The unfortunate thing is a positive identification of this condition could not be made without the lower jaw, which is missing from the Broken Hill Man.  

The only other explanation is somehow Broken Hill Man possessed the genes for a long life, at least 200 year old. Either way, the evolutionist are stuck. If Broken Hill Man did have acromegaly, it proves that modern humans (home sapiens) can possess Neanderthal features thus rendering Neanderthals and modern humans one and the same. Or if Broken Hill Man did possess the genetics to live a very old life, that also would prove that Neanderthals are indeed just very old humans. 

Broken Hill Man is not a problem when understood through creation science. The truly “amazing thing is that this skull is supposed to be 200 thousand years old”5 according to evolutionists. It is also very interesting that evolutionists keep this skull that contains Neanderthal features along with a bullet hole in with other Neanderthal skulls. I would say they are very confused! Lol!

God be the glory...He has truly left His fingerprints for us to discover and see that they belong to Him. And that He speaks only the truth!

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies: Wednesday, October 1st  is the First-quarter Moon (exact at 3:33 p.m. EDT). In the northern hemisphere, the Moon shines above the Sagittarius Teapot in the south at nightfall. In the southern lats, “in the early evening of 8 October there will be a total eclipse of the Moon, the second of two visible from Australia this year. The 8 October eclipse starts at twilight in the eastern and central states and finishes in dark skies. Western Australia sees the Moon rise partly eclipsed, maximum eclipse occurs shortly after civil twilight, and totality finishes after nautical twilight.”6

1-5Cuozzo, Jack, Buried Alive, Master books, Green Forest, AR, 2008. Pp 69-73.

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