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How has this last week been for you? I don’t hear very much back from my readers so I hope that means all is well. I am enjoying my daughter and grandson as they stay with us until they leave for Alaska in December. We just had an interesting conversation about the health of our teeth and enamel reproduction. “It’s all in the genes”, my daughter exclaimed and how right she is!
I just attended a wonderful Creation seminar last Saturday and learned a thing or two I would like to share with you.
Do you remember the blog I wrote on the science skeptic and
one of the red flag words was information? The long and short of this red flag word is; information is non-physical and does not arise out of material. Materials such as ink, paper, pens, pencils, discs, computer chips and DNA molecules are only carriers of information. “For example, the information in the Gettysburg Address exists outside of the paper and ink Lincoln used to write it. It could exist just as well on an audio CD, on the internet, or engraved in stone….but it did not begin in these materials; it began in Abraham Lincoln’s mind.
 I wanted to share two points on this. First, one of Webster's Dictionary’s definition for information is “One or two or more alternative sequences or arrangements such as the nucleus provides to the cell and the programer provides to the computer.” Very interesting...very insightful. Do you see what this definition is stating? That information does not come from chemicals (this is where secular scientists claim that information comes from)! Second, when you stop to think about it, there are no, zero, examples of information coming from natural process (engery or matter). Yet there are trillions of examples of information coming from intelligent designers. That tells us that information is embedded within our DNA. It had to have been placed there originally by an intelligent designer and passed down from generation to generation.
So what about mutations? As I have stated before, mutations
Mutated fruit fly with legs growing out of its eye
are always a loss of information not a gain. Fruit flies have been the victims of genetic manipulations for  a long time due to their fast reproduction rate. Over 800 different changes have been discovered through intentional mutations. Yet all 800 lead to death or disability. 
Well then how is it explained that chimpanzees and humans only have a 2% or less difference in their DNA. When presented with statistics like this a Christian should always look into the facts…
For example the study that claimed this small percentage used both chimp and human DNA that was based on the 3% of “perfect” DNA. That is there are no indwells, repetitions, or rearrangements. In addition the study picked a certain DNA sequence such as chromosome 21 (the shortest in humans) and used those specific parameters for C21 to find any DNA sequence within the chimps genome that would match it, not the chimp’s  C21 but any DNA that would match! How scientific is that?
Other studies which have looked a the average DNA sequences, not just the “perfect” DNA (which make up only 3% of the total DNA) sequences the have come up with 17.4% and 30.0 % differences.
Then if you take into consideration indels (the insertion or
From Answers In Genesis
deletion of a specific DNA code), it adds another 20% difference. Why so large a difference? Because if you delete one single code or insert one single code (letter), then the entire rest of the strand after that point is changed. And if you include repetations, there is yet another 6% difference.
So let’s be conservative (we’ll use the 17.4 % difference rather than the 30.0%) and add the numbers. 17.4 for use of average DNA, 20 for indels, and 6 for repetitions. That’s a 43.4% difference. Oh...and there’s something else. Another thing that is not mentioned, is the difference in size between a chimpanzee and a human. Chimp DNA is as least 12% larger in size than human DNA! Add that and you get a total of a 55.4% difference between human and chimpanzee DNA. 
And that, my friends, is the rest of the facts.
Here is some food for thought…
  1. The ape to human chart is supposed to show how man has evolved from a common ancestor of ape. How come that common ancestor is not included on the chart? Oh and how come you never see a chart of the common ancestor leading up to “modern” ape? I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with money; (there’s no funding to find an “common” ape ancestor.
  2. Every kind of bacteria DNA is unique...there is no common ancestor for all the different bacterias out there. Hmmm how can we have evolved from a “simple” single cell organism if not even the bacterias have a common ancestor!

Enjoy God’s creations! God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; for the northern lats...“Wednesday, October 29 The Ghost of Summer Suns. Halloween is approaching, and this means that Arcturus, the star sparkling low in the west-northwest in twilight, is taking on its role as ‘the Ghost of Summer Suns.’ What does this mean? For several days centered on October 29th every year, Arcturus occupies a special place above your local landscape. It closely marks the spot there where the Sun stood at the same time, by the clock, during warm June and July — in broad daylight, of course. So, in the last days of October each year, you can think of Arcturus as the chilly Halloween ghost of the departed summer Sun.
Thursday, October 30 First-quarter Moon (exactly so at 3:33 p.m. EDT). As twilight fades out, use binoculars to look a bit right of the Moon for Alpha Capricorni, a wide, lovely yellow double star. Look to Alpha's lower left for Beta Capricorni, a less wide, more difficult double for binoculars; the secondary star in this case is fainter.

For the southern lats; Evening sky on Saturday October 26 looking up towards the zenith  as seen from Adelaide at 5:00 (5:00 am) ACDST in South Australia. Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS is between the tail of Canis Major and Canopus….Comet C/2012 K1 Panstarrs is rising higher in the morning sky. It  should be easily visible in 10x50 binoculars as a fuzzy dot with a stubby tail. At magnitude 7 you will need to let your eyes adapt to darkness to see the comet clearly. It doesn't have any spectacular encounters, but will look nice amongst the stars. More detailed charts and a printable binocular map  are here

AZosa meeting; speaker Guy Forsythe ; October 25. Arizona

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