Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Hello, hello!

How is everyone today? It has been an interesting few days here with snow, rain and fog. And I love it all! It’s great when God “paints” the day or night in so many various ways! Lol!

Speaking of variety, one of my youth ask about free will. God did give us free will. Otherwise Adam and Eve would have never eaten the forbidden fruit. And otherwise all of us would not have made those choices we regret. 

But what my student wanted to know was, if God knows what we are going to do, is it really freed will? Well, lets take a look at this scientifically.

There is an infinite number of ways we can choose to go every second of our lives. I can choose to stand up or remain sitting or to blink my eyes or swallow, etc, etc. Is God directing each one of those actions? Many people think so. But is it true.

We must always remember that God and the angles (both good and bad ones) live in a different dimension, in addition to the ones we live in. And in this other dimension, there is no time. No past, present or future. And because God is omniscient (that is knowing everything), He knows each move we are about to make and the different results that would bring. And because God in omnipresent (that is can be everywhere at once) He is there even if we change our mind mid-stride. 

So the answer is yes, God does know what we are going to do, but he doesn’t force us to go there. Now that is not to say He doesn’t nudge us (or in some cases uses a 2x4 board) to get us to change coarse, but the final decision is ours. It is like a parent who watches a toddler climb up the steps. The parent knows that the toddler is going to either go up, stop, or go back down the steps. The parent is there watching him, ready to catch him if he stumbles. But that toddler has free will to choose. 

God bless you all!
Willow Dressel 

This week in the night skies; “Sunday and Monday--Venus and Mercury are closest together this evening in twilight, 0.7° apart. Look low in the southwest about 45 minutes after sunset, as shown here. They'll stay within 1° of each other through Monday...Thursday, January 15 Jupiter's moon Io fades into eclipse by Jupiter's shadow tonight around 12:27 a.m. Friday morning EST; 9:27 p.m. Thursday evening PST. Use a telescope to watch it dwindle out of view just to Jupiter's west. Around 10:56 p.m. EST, Jupiter's Great Red Spot crosses the planet's central meridian (north-south midline).”1

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