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How is everyone this week? I’ve been wonderful and so has my family. Though it is a busy time of the year getting taxes together, it certainly is not as busy as the holiday season and it is nice to have a few minutes here and there as a breather. Sometimes after I park the car when I get home late in the evening, I stop and gaze at the heavens. The stars and familiar constellations are awe striking and comforting at the same time.

So let’s continue with red shift. Remember a red shift in astronomy is related to how far away a galaxy (or star) is from earth. The farther from earth the longer the wave length and therefore the redder the galaxy looks. Almost all galaxies are redshifted indicating that the universe is expanding. We understand this is true not only by the physical evidence but also that it is written in scripture (Psalm 104:2).

Depiction of expanding universe.
But what of the evolutionist? Can’t these redshifted galaxies also prove the big bang theory? Secular astronomers “explain the redshift relationship to distance between galaxies by what is called the Hubble flow. However, the Hubble flow has not been directly detected and remains only theoretical [just like the big bang theory]. It was based on assumptions, because it is impossible to travel to another galaxy to make any direct measurement. The main assumptions are that light speed in a vacuum [such as outer space] remains a constant everywhere [in other words not effected by electromagnetic fields like everything else is] and that all natural processes take place at the same rate throughout the universe [it would not include such things as the Theory of Relativity where time decreases as gravity continues to decrease and/or speed increases].

Theory of General Relativity
“According to the evolutionary Standard Theory, the expansion of space itself during the time light traveled from a distant galaxy to Earth caused the Hubble flow redshift. The expansion of space supposedly stretched the light waves to longer wavelengths, causing the light to redden. Neither the expansion of space nor the force it exerted on light to stretch the wavelength has ever been detected or demonstrated. It was proposed as an explanation of the Redshift-Distance method that supported the Big Bang model of evolutionary development of the universe.”1 (Emphasis mine).

In other words the evolutionists created a picture, then came up with different ideas to fit the picture. I have a better solution. There is a book written--dictated--by a super natural Being, a Being above and beyond the natural laws He created. A book in which He left information written in a form for all generation to understand, without a doubt, about His creations. Creation scientists also come up with theories (because some things cannot be repeated--such as the creation of the universe), but are based on the Creators documentation (rather than man’s ideas) and physical evidence of that recorded creation event. Big difference. 

So can the Redshift-Distance method be explain scientifically in relation to Creation week? The answer is yes! 

Check it out next time…until then God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel

Photo of red-shifted galaxies. The more red coloring the more distant the galaxy.
This week in the night skies;February 6th the moon shows half its face in brilliant sunlight and half in the inky darkness of outer space.

1Dobberpuhl, Delmar, The First Four Days, WinePress Publishing, Enumclaw, WA. 2011. Pp. 159.

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