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Hey everyone! How are you all today? What’s the weather like there? Here it is raining, raining, raining. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, the water is so good for the land bringing life sustaining moisture. It is wonderful!

Speaking of which, we who understand creation science (which is history as it happened, not as some people would like to rewrite it) know that coal and oil deposits came from the great Noachian Flood. A cataclysmic global event that devastated the entire world. So when we hear of discoveries like a fossil fragment of a shark jaw bone (we understand that sharks are cartilaginous-but this article uses the word “bone” for understanding purposes) 
discovered in coal, we also understand how it got there.

However to evolutionists it presents a big problem. You see secular science falsely teaches that the coal deposits formed from millions of years of decaying plant debris at the bottom of huge ancient swamps. When the debris is partially decomposed in these oxygen deprived swamps, they turn into layers of peat which is a soft, brown material in which the structures of plants can still be quite readily recognized. Evolutionists believe that when these peat layers are shallowly buried, the peat changes to lignite which is a soft, brown coal. 

The big problems? Well, as far as anyone can tell, there are no huge sharks “swimming” around in swamps. Not only that, but smaller 
fossils of sea shells can also be found in some coal mines. How can these marine creatures be affiliated with fresh water bog areas? The answer is simple. They can’t. It doesn’t fit. And then there is the root problem. In modern peat bogs, roots of surrounding vegetation thoroughly penetrate the peat. On the other hand, coal seams have no roots in them at all, not even a trace.

“Geologist Stephen Austin proposed an alternative scenario for coal formation, one that fits the data much better than the swamp idea: A catastrophic flood event ripped up whole ancient forests, and then transported plant and animal debris into low-lying areas. A subsequent series of tsunami-like waves then carried sediments over the top of the plant debris.

“In the context of a worldwide flood, as described in Scripture and relayed in countless legends among people groups around the globe, sea creatures would have mixed with land plants as seawater flooded onto the continents. And the associated rapid transport and deposition of plant material would explain both the absence of peat-like roots in coal deposits and the flat, sharp contacts between coal seams and sedimentary rock layers immediately above and below them. These flat layers look nothing like the cross-section of swamp peat soils, but they could have been deposited together as part of a single massive watery catastrophe.”1

And then there is the size of coal seams. “One continuous Pennsylvanian coal seamextends from…western Kentucky across Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, southern Iowa, Kansas, and into northeast Oklahoma. Transporting that much plant matter seems to demand a watery catastrophe on the scale of a worldwide flood as a sufficient cause.

“The chief characteristics of coal seams—including their composition, layout, and extent—are amply explained by the massive energy associated with a global flood as described in Genesis. And what clearer indication could there be of the insufficiency of regional swamp models than marine fossils such as a shark jaw embedded in the coal? The Genesis flood account still holds the best answer.”2

Don’t you just love science!

Until next time, enjoy God’s beautiful world!
God bless,

This week in the night skies; full moon this Thursday. There are several occults happening this week among Jupiter’s moons. See to get the details!


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