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What did you think of the angel series? I learned a lot from the research and I hope it put to rest some of the myths about these wonderful (and/or evil) beings. 

And speaking of myths…more scientific evidence of unfossilized organic material has been discovered helping to further question the myth of millions of years of evolution.
T-rex red blood cells
Let’s take a look…

We should by now be somewhat familiar with dinosaur soft tissue; fibers, amino acids, collagen, nucleic acids(DNA), and red blood cells, (please search my previous blogs if you need further information on this subject). Keep these facts in
Hadrosaur (duck-billed) dinosaur red blood cells
mind as you continue to read this blog.

 In 2012, scientists received permission to examine the Iceman. The iceman is a 5,300 year old (according to uniformitarian standards) mummy found partially frozen in the Otztal Alps (Italy), on a barren Alpine pass. Two hikers taking a short cut found him at the bottom of a ravine. “Only the back of the head, the bare shoulders and part of his back jutted out of the ice and meltwater. The corpse lay with its chest against a flat rock and its face obscured. Beside the corpse the two hikers noticed several pieces of rolled-up birch bark. Before leaving the scene, they took a photograph
of what they thought to be the unfortunate victim of a mountaineering accident a few years back.”1 This area only recently has been free of ice exposing the body of ‘Otzi’ the Iceman. “Numerous small finds came to light in the sediment covering the gully floor: further pieces of the Iceman’s kit including leather and hide remnants, grasses, string, pieces of skin, muscle fibres, hair and a fingernail. The section of the broken longbow still embedded in the ice was also recovered. The Iceman’s bearskin cap was found near the stone slab on which the Iceman had lain.”2

So how did he die? X-rays reveal  an arrow pierced his left shoulder. “In all probability Otzi died as a result of this wound. On close examination of the left side of Otzi’s back a small skin wound was discovered. The wound opens into a narrow channel leading into the interior of the body. Penetrating the body, the arrowhead created a 2-cm-wide hole in the left shoulder blade and ended up just a few centimeters from the lung. Vital organs were not hit, but the arrow severed a major blow vessel and damaged the neuromuscular fascicles of the left arm, which must have caused heave bleeding and possibly paralysiss of the arm. The Iceman probably bled to death within a matter of minutes.”3

The only explanation to his great preservation is that he must have been covered by snow shortly after his death which then turned to ice. “Only this way could the body have been protected from predators and decomposition. Whether the mummy ever resurfaced again in the course of several thousand years cannot be determined with certainty. Paleoclimatic data show that warm phases occurred in the second half of the third century BC and during the Roman
period. During these phases the ice in the gully may have melted…The find was exposed to damaging sunlight, wind and weather only for a short period in 1991 between the time the mummy thawed and the time it was recovered.”4

What does this have to do with dinosaurs you may be asking? Well, remember how soft tissue has been found within dinosaur bones? Recently red blood cells were extracted from Iceman and the “…researchers were successful in obtaining samples of his cells, making this the oldest known sampling of such tissue. This raises an interesting question for the evolutionist: Were there not
Iceman brain red blood cells
possible red blood cells also found in dinosaur soft tissue that appear just as red and intact as the famous Iceman’s? The problem is that evolutionary theory states dinosaurs supposedly lived many millions of years earlier than humans, but the physical, undecided evidence brings them dangerously close together time-wise.”

But for those who believe in true history that has not been re-written by man (evolution), this presents no problems whatsoever. As a matter of fact, this physical evidence once again SUPPORTS the history that has been recorded and preserved in the bible. Along with dinosaur and human footprints found together, many depictions of dinosaurs found throughout the world, and many legends of dinosaurs (then called dragons) found throughout the world, all point to biblical truth and man’s false claims. 

We’ll look into more supporting evidence next week. Until then, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel


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