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Photo Courtesy of Answers in Genesis


Good day everybody! And how has everyone been? I have been well-almost completely healed from that nasty sickness I had for the last month. Yeah! And just in time as we have taken in a homeless family in need of temporary relief. That’s all they would need is to get sick from me on top of everything else lol! It is interesting to listen to the accounts of what has happened to them and in turn talk to them about Jesus. In particular I have been sharing with the father creation science. One of the newest pieces of information that supports the unaltered truth the Bible has recorded is about, you guessed it, dinosaurs.

New evidence that man and dinosaurs existed together has recently been found in the Amazon. The Amazon is an enormous jungle. According to the 2016 Encyclopedia Britannica, the Amazon rainforest is 2,300,000 square miles. To give you some perspective, the state of Texas is 268,820 square miles. It would take 8.5 Texases to hold the Amazon rainforest. Another comparison is Great Britain. It is about 150,000 square miles. It would take 15.3 Great Britains to cover the Amazon. Now that is one gigantic jungle! 

Photo Courtesy of Answers in Genesis

It is not surprising then, and even rather logical, that there are many things that are still being discovered in that area. Including evidence of dinosaurs! During an exploration trip in 2012 of an Area of the Amazon, researcher Vance Nelson was able to convince a local secular archeologist to guide him to some caves. Once inside, Vance was amazed to see several pictographs of dinosaurs. Even more fascinating, one of the pictographs depicts nine men hunting what could only be a large sauropod dinosaur. One of the hunters on the top even has a spear raised ready to kill the animal. 
Photo courtesy of Answers in Genesis

What is the significance of this? The people who drew the picture were not doing so from fossils that they may have seen. This was a living, breathing animal that nine warriors were hunting! Vance also discovered that in 1940 a North American explorer had come through the very same area. This explorer recorded that the indigenous people knew of a “strange” creature that lived by the river. The animal fit the description of a sauropod dinosaur. 
Photo courtesy of Answers in Genesis

Is this proof that dinosaurs and mankind lived together during the same time? The answer would have to be an undeniable yes. If not, you would be lying. Even the archeologist who guided Nelson to the caves and believes in the secular sciences spoke the truth when he wasn’t being recorded. Off camera he admitted that the pictograph could be nothing else but a dinosaur that had survived extinction. 

Learn more about this in Answer in Genesis’ publication Untold Secrets of Planet Earth available from their catalog/online store. 

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel 


All photos are courtesy of Answers in Genesis from the above https address.

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