Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Courtesy of Answers in Genesis


Hi everyone! Soooo how was your last two week? Mine were fine and busy helping family out!

Speaking of families, did you know that mitochondrial DNA
only gets passed from Mother to daugher? “Every cell stores genes in its nucleus. But a small set of genes are also stored in the energy factories of the cell, called the mitochondria. The mitochondrial genes are separate from the nuclear genes. Our nuclear genes come from both parents, but our mitochondrial genes almost always come only from our mothers. If a woman fails to have daughters, her mitochondrial genes won’t be passed on to future generations. They go extinct, as it were. As a result, it is
relatively easy for mitochondrial gene diversity to be lost during a bottleneck. Sure enough, when we examine people’s mitochondrial DNA today, we find very little diversity. Generally, mitochondrial genes are very similar. That also implies that there has been little time for mutations to occur. The ancestor of our mitochondrial genes, the woman from whom humans inherited their mitochondria, must have lived relatively recently.”

 Location of mitochondrial “Eve” within the three-node structure of the human mitochondrial DNA tree. Whole genome alignment and resultant phylogenetic tree of 828 human individuals … show three major nodes...and “Eve” was located at one of the nodes which happened to be the node containing the most individuals in the dataset. Courtesy of Answers in Genesis.
In the early 2000’s scientists released several articles in journals such as Nature and the Journal of Science that identified mitochondrial DNA as being only several thousand years old. They even called this “origin” mitochondria DNA, Eve. 
A more recent study has identified three bottlenecks and one origin. It also discovered that mitochondrial DNA patterns within families has occurred at constant rates. Amazing! These studies  all match up with the history recorded in the Bible. And that my friends, is because the Bible has recorded the unaltered truth!

Until next time, take care and God bless,
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