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Greetings all! 

I just came from a wonderful creation seminar near my home. Presented was a small list of physical evidences that support a young universe. I will share this below but first how are all of you? I pray you are in good standing and enjoying the life God gave you (or at least for the most part, lol!).

Here is a short list with short explanations: 

  • Comets. A comet is an icy mass that orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern.  When a comet moves around the sun it looses a small percentage of its tail. This loss of material
Halles comet. commons
(ice, gas, dust and rocks) gives the comet its distinctive tail. Because of this loss, a comet can only last a certain amount of orbits around the sun before it runs out of material. Scientists estimate an ordinary comet can only orbit the sun approximately 100,000 years at the most. So since there are a lot of comets out there, they support a young earth as opposed to billions of years the secular community proposes. 

    Mississippi delta. wikipedia commons
  • The Sea Floor. Mud accumulates at approximately 400 meters per year. It is estimated that 20 billion tons of mud have entered the oceans so far in history. And 1 billion tons exit the oceans through plate tectonic activity. That means if the earth were several billions years old and 19 billion tons of mud per year entered the oceans, the oceans would cease to exist. They would have become dry land by now. However since we still have very deep oceans, this is physical evidence the earth is young.

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  • Sea Salt:  Sodium enters the oceans at about 450 million tons per year at its current rate. If our earth was billions of years old, the sea would be so salty nothing could live in it. 

  • Earth’s magnetic field. Simply put, the earth’s magnetic
    Earth’s magnetic field. public domain
    field looses energy too fast. It looses around half its energy every 1400 years. At this rate the oldest the earth could be is 20,000 years old.

  • DNA. DNA dissipates in approximately 10,000 years. DNA needs regular maintenance in order to survive. That is why your cells are constantly repairing your DNA. Yet
    secular scientists estimate the age of Neanderthal man to be 40 to 70 thousand years old. And dinosaurs to be 65 to 70 million years old. If DNA has long since degraded and vanished by 10,000 years, why do we find DNA in Neanderthals and dinosaurs? If we are finding DNA in these fossils, there is only one logical explanation. The fossils are less than 10,000 years old. This is more evidence of a young earth.

Carbon cycle courtesy or Answers in Genesis
  • Carbon 14. Carbon 14 (c14) has a half life of 5,700 years. That means no c14 should be detected in fossils after 500,000 years. Yet all fossils contain c14. And significant amounts of it too! Interestingly enough, the same amount of c14 is detected in fossils at the top of the fossil layer (the KT boundary layer) as the fossils at the bottom.  Again, evidence of a young earth and a global flood.

I hope this has helped to clarify doubts you may have about the Bible’s authenticity; word for word, cover to cover.

Have a wonderful week and may God bless you all!
Willow Dressel


Dr. Humphries, PhD, Creation Seminar, 10-2016.

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