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Hadrosaur fossil skeleton (Wikipeda commons)


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Can you believe that it is mid-week already? How time flies! I have been thinking it is Tuesday all morning! Have you ever done that? Think its one day when it really is another, ha ha? Is my apologies that this is getting out a little late.
Picture from Institute for Creation Science

Speaking of time, I ran across a picture I just have to share with you. This a photo mummified Edmontosaurus hadrosaur (aka duck-billed dinosaur). Yes, you read correctly, a mummified dinosaur!  “In 1908, famous American fossil hunter Charles Sternberg and his sons uncovered in Wyoming the first of two of the world’s best-preserved dinosaur remains—naturally mummified hadrosaurs. The placard beside a replica of the ‘Senckenberg mummy’ in the Black Hills Museum of Natural History quotes Sternberg’s description of 'the skin preserved with its complex arrangement of minute scales and clinging to the bones.’ He did not use today’s sophisticated techniques to identify specific proteins, but his word choices more easily match the ‘original tissue’ phrase that modern researchers continue to use as they verify proteins and tissues in supposedly ancient fossils.”1 

Picture from Institute for Creation Science

The big question is, “How can dried tissues like skin, tendons, muscle and even bone last that long?” Many scientists who believe in deep time (long ages in an old [billions of years] earth) are having difficulty in coming up with answers. Modern biochemical techniques have confirmed many original tissues in many different partially fossilized animals. From a ichthyosaur eye, to a triceratops horn, and  T. Rex femur, to several Gobi Desert (China) dinosaur species, to sauropods, an archaeopteryx bird, scorpions, and even marine worms! Just to name a few.

One of the arguments that deep time scientists claim is the original tissue is mineralized. However even those who
Edmontosaurus hadrosaur (commons)
claim deep time, those who have a willing and investigative spirit will record the truth; “For example, the study authors of the Jurassic Chinese sauropod proteins wrote, ‘[SR-FTIR spectroscopy] made it possible to detect the preservation of organic residues, probably direct products of the decay of complex proteins.’ Secular researchers wrote about the Precambrian worm casings, ‘Minerals have not replicated any part of the soft tissue and the carbonaceous material of the wall is primary [not replaced], preserving the original layering of the wall, its texture, and fabrics.’
I am forever thankful for those scientists who seek the truth even if it goes against what they believe.
Picture from Institute for Creation Science
The science of original-tissue fossils is evidence confirming a world wide (global) Flood that occurred only thousands of years ago just as the Bible recorded this unaltered truth of our history!

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