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Ruins of Laodacea

Two of the Revelation Churches

Hello once again my fine friends!

Much of Laodacea still lies unearthed 
Sorry again I’m getting this out a little late. It seems like I am always apologizing for my tardiness in getting out my blog, ha ha! I just have been buried under so much work for my book and video trailer it has been difficult.
Dave Stotts from the series Drive Through History
squats on top of a Roman arch almost
completely buried at Laodacea 

Speaking of buried…I just recently found out that two of the churches mentioned in the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, have had very little if any excavation completed. I just had assumed that these biblical cities where all excavated long ago.

Virtually all of Colossal is buried, lying under this mound
Laodacea and Colossal are the two churches I spoke of. Both are not common tourist stops and both are outside of modern cities. What was once ancient thriving cities now sit all by themselves. And the destruction of both cities was due to earthquakes, one very large one in particular was record in AD 60 and could very well have caused the final demise of these
Only a few artifacts let you know anything
was ever here at Colossal
metropolises. Not only did I think that all the churches mentioned in Revelation had been or were in the process of being excavated, I also thought they were within modern cities. But I was wrong…

You may or may not have known about these places, but I wanted to share them with you anyway. 
The telltale signs of a buried Roman city is the to of
an arch like this one at Colossal

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel

PS A big time thank you, and all credit goes to Dave Stotts and the show Drive Through History (Coldwater Media). If you haven’t watched this series, I recommend it highly. It is an entertaining way to learn about our ancient history, often little known facts, all done with original research.


Drive Through History, season 1 episode 8

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