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Hello all my fine friends!

Another week has passed us by and I can’t even begin to tell you all the things that have transpired! Everything thing seems to be moving so fast, including the weather! There are so many flowers blooming right now-it is such a delightful aroma!
That is how the world was too, in the first decades after the flood. Remember last week we discovered the first and second Post-Flood generations lived in a quite balmy climate as fossils of subtropical vegetation are found between the sediment deposits (laid down by water) and the great ice sheets still existing in the polar regions. Now that is not to say they weren’t dealing with massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions on a huge magnitude, ‘super-storms’ and constant local flooding as the earth settled. It just means the weather was amiable toward a subtropical climate or we wouldn’t have such fossils in the Arctic and Antarctic. The geological and archeological facts are that during the first Post-Flood generation, forests grew in both of the frost-free polar regions. Animals spread throughout the world and no human tools or fossils are found in these deposits throughout the entire world. Also, during the second Post-Flood generation is when ice formed over the continent of Antarctica and the southern parts of Australia and South America. Grasslands spread out across the continents. Forests changed to deciduous trees and tundra. No human tools or fossils are found in these deposits throughout the entire world.

babel and groundsBible fact; The Bible tells us during the first and second Post-Flood generations, mankind had remained in the plain of Shinar near the first settlement, Babel. By the third Post-Flood generation (Eber), construction of the city of Babel had begun and was completed around 2250 B.C. God’s judgment for man’s disobedience (to fill the earth) was indeed a very mild judgment (to confuse the language of mankind) compared to the Great Deluge administered just 100 or so years earlier. Interestingly enough, just like Creation and Flood legends, there are extra-biblical accounts of a language split found in Europe, India, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, the Middle east, Africa, Guatemala, central and north America legends. All attest to it happening a long time ago.

So we know this language split occurred by the beginning of the fourth generation, the birth of Peleg “…because in his time the earth was divided…” Genesis 10:25. By this time, the climatic had taken a turn for the worst.
Geological/archeological facts; The term ‘Ice Age’ techniquely refers only to the time when great ice sheets formed in the Northern Hemisphere. This occurred after the Antarctic ice sheet had already arose (during the second Post-Flood generation). By the third Post-Flood generation, fossils of the first mastodons appear in these deposits. Towards the very end of this generation, the Ice Age had begun. Huge portions of the northern hemisphere were covered in ice. Human tools and fossils don’t appear anywhere on earth until these layers (deposits) of the Ice Age.

Bible Fact; the dispersion of the people in Babel would have occurred shortly after the beginning of The Ice Age. Peleg was born at this time marking for all time the history of this events.
More geological and archeological facts; Deposits of plants and animals associated with the Ice Age time period fall within the Pleistocene deposits (the secular Pleistocene time line is equivalent to the fourth through the tenth + Post-Flood generations). Ice Age animals first occur in these layer and disappear at the end of this time frame.

Biblical fact; As the harsh conditions of the Ice Age settled, the first Post-Babael generation was forced to scatter after the judgment at the Tower of Babel, just as God first commanded them to do.
Geological/archeological facts; as the cold and harsh climate continued and spread, it would be increasingly difficult to grow crops. Even if a settlement could get a crop in this year, one or two years later, the weather associated with the every growing glaciers would make it impossible for agriculture. It is in the first Post-Babel generation deposits that the first tools and human fossils appear. At the very end of this generation the first woolly mammoths appear in the fossils. By the second and third Post-Babel generation, stone tools improve rapidly, the first woolly mammoths appear in North America. And humans enter Australia.

When the people scattered, the world they moved around in was much different than it is today.  By this time the waters have drained from the Persian gulf, North Sea, and the Bering Strait.At the height of the Ice Age, ‘land bridges’ were above water for the first time connecting places like Japan and England to the mainland, and even connecting Alaska and Russia. Also, the bottom of the Red sea connected Saudi Arabia with Africa making the Red Sea a lake.   At this time, the earliest remains of humans suddenly appear throughout Africa, Asia and Europe in the fossil record (secular science = Pleistocene layers). The use of stone tools in these deposits (indicates the dispersing generations began to turn from agriculture to a hunting gathering society.

Also interestingly enough, fossilized ape remains are found in earlier geologic layers than fossilized human remains. All the studies Dr. Leaky and Jane Goodall conducted, finding the ape fossils below human fossils, were to prove evolution was indeed a fact. But after a certain point, ape and human remains are intermittently found in the same deposits.
Biblical fact; the human population remained for at least 106 years after The Flood in one place-the plain of Shinar. All the animals, including apes dispersed immediately. Apes inhabited Africa 100 years before mankind did. It is logical their remains are found in lower layers (deeper deposits) than humans.
 babel map2   TRUE
Map of the dispersion of mankind over a hundred years after the  Dispersion of  the animals. People accountable to God.  Biblical, historical and physical evidence supports.
human fossils east Africa map                                                                                                 young universe man chart        FALSE        

  Apes evolved into man. People not accountable to God. Biblical, historical and physical evidence does not support. Fossils are either completely human or completely primate. (map is of earliest known hominid fossil locations in Africa)
And now my friends, here is a point to ponder… perhaps the Ice Age was God’s plan to keep people from resettling too quickly in one place again. Hm-m-m…

Do you see Jesus in any of this? Remember, God is triune; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every time you see the word God, Jesus is a part of that. Jesus was there in the beginning, there during the Judgment of the Great Deluge, there during the climatic changes, there during the Judgment at the Tower of Babel, there during the great dispersal of mankind and there during the Ice Age.

Until next time, God Bless and take care!
Willow Dressel
This week in the night skies: on Thursday, April 18th, the Moon is exactly first quarter. Also Saturday the 20th, look for the Moon shinning directly below Regulus, the brightest and lowest star in and the constellation of the Sickle of Leo.

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http://www.answersingenesis.org  (first two photos also)

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