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How are you all doing this week? Sorry I am a day late, but glad to say not a dollar behind! Don’t you hate how sometimes (it seems especially in the summer and around Christmas time) there are so many things happening that they overlap and you have to choose one over the other? It happens to all of us…the trick is to enjoy where we are at, not what we are missing!

In the same sense, our world history is that way. As time proceeds and the human population expanded both in numbers and around the world, events begin to overlap. Such is the case with fossils and evidence of the presence of dinosaurs/dragons after the Great Noachian Deluge.

For example, we have scripture that refers to dinosaurs/dragons. Deuteronomy 32:33 states “Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.” Asps we know are vipers such as rattle snakes, which indeed are venomous. If the second half of this scripture is true, then the first half must be also (as is all scripture).  As a matter of fact, Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C. – 43 B.C.), a Roman statesman and philosopher, writes in his book On the Nature of the Gods (De Natura Deorum), I. xxxvi, 45 B.C.,  “Even the Egyptians, whom we laugh at, deified animals solely on the score of some utility which they derived from them; for instance, the ibis, being a tall bird with stiff legs and a long horny beak, destroys a great quantity of snakes: it protects Egypt from plague, by killing and eating the flying serpents that are brought from the Libyan desert by the south west wind, and so preventing them from harming the natives by their bite while alive and their stench when dead. I might describe the utility of the ichneumon, the crocodile and the cat, but I do not wish to be tedious.” 

Again, Ammianus Marcellius a 4th century Roman, writes about the ibis (a wetlands bird extant today) and how it eats the eggs of serpents “…making fewer of those destructive pests.” He goes on to explain how the flying serpents “produce deadly poisons” and how the ibis meets these serpents. If a bird we know exists, attacks another creature, it could not logically be mythical. It is most likely Marcellius was writing about a species of pterosaur.

            These are two beautiful examples of dragons (dinosaurs) being included with other animals in a scientific study which denotes that the bite of these particular dragon is poisonous, just like the bible states. And of course, there are many fossils of pterosaurs found throughout the world, physical evidence that these type of creature did exist along side of man.

            Let’s take a look at another scripture. Nehemiah 2:13 (KJV) says “And I went out by night by the gate of the valley, even before the dragon well…” Some bible translations change “dragon” to “jackel”. However the Hebrew word tannin means dragon. It “Most likely refers to dinosaurs which survived into historic times and gave rise to the worldwide legends of dragons. The dragon well was known as such by the Jebusites who inhabited the region long before its conquest by Israel. Quite possibly the well was given its name by the first inhabitants who migrated there after the dispersion from Babel, when dinosaurs frequented the spring.”1

            There are many extra biblical accounts of dragons hanging around springs. The famous account of St. George slaying the dragon happened because the dragon (dinosaur) hung around a spring and periodically killed livestock the villages brought to be watered. The legend goes on to state when there were no more livestock, the orphans were rounded up and brought to feed the dragon while villagers drew water for themselves. When there were no more orphans, a drawing was taken with the town’s people and
whoever was drawn was brought to the dragon. As it turned out, one day the head noble man’s daughter was drawn and on the way to the spring, St. George came upon the somber party bringing the virgin to the dinosaur. Upon inquiry he discovered the problem and gave the famous statement, “Fear not my fair lady, for I shall slay the dragon.” And off he went and killed the dragon. From depictions of the legend the dragon fits the description of a young Baryonyx dinosaur. Skeletons and fossils of this animal have been found in England.

            So in the timeline of World history, fossils are continuously made under the right conditions. Dinosaurs/dragons inhabited the earth the same time as man. And it has all been recorded by man in depictions, literature and by God in scripture. Next week we will take a look at other scripture that reference this fascinating creature.

Until then, God bless and take care!
            Willow Dressel

This week’s night skies reveal for June 11th “The IAU's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams sent out a notice this morning about a possible outburst late tonight of the rare Gamma Delphinid meteor shower: "P. Jenniskens (SETI Institute) and E. Lyytinen (Helsinki, Finland) predict a return of the 1930 Gamma Delphinids meteor shower with a peak on 2013 June 11 at about 8:28 UT [4:28 a.m. on the morning of the 11th EDT, 1:28 a.m. PDT]. The shower is expected to last only about 30 minutes. During the 1930 outburst, three observers in the American Meteor Society recorded 51 meteors appearing in 30 minutes through the light of the full Moon. This account is [now] interpreted as having been caused by the dust trail of a long-period comet, which thus is an unknown potentially hazardous comet that passed close to Earth's orbit in the previous return.... If so, that stream of dust is predicted to move into Earth's path in 2013 — if the radiant position of the meteors was correctly recorded in 1930.  Also early Wednesday morning, the faint asteroid 332 Siri will will occult (hide) a 6.4-magnitude star east of Antares for up to 4 seconds as seen along a track from Oklahoma across northwest Texas, southern New Mexico, and southern Arizona. The star is an unusually bright one to be occulted by an asteroid, but the event happens low in the southwestern sky.2

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Hogue, Bodie, Dragons, Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs, 2011, Master Books.

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