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Well hello once again my fine friends!

How has everyone’s week been? Mine was not quite as hectic as the week before (praise God!), and I am getting things a little more organized around my house and yard in preparation for the summer months.

Speaking of organization, God’s laws allow for the process of nature to function in an organized manner. Such as the fossil record.

Secular science once stated (and some still believe) that it takes millions of years for fossils to form. However there are several inherent problems with this. For example; if an animal dies and falls on top of the ground it doesn’t remain there very long. Scavengers and predators will eat its flesh and bones and scatter the remaining pieces. If that is not enough, invertebrates and microorganisms finish off the rest turning the remains into soil. Even evolutionists now agree that fossils must form quickly in order to prevent decay.

So the secular scientists today teach fossils have been buried quickly (like by a cataclysmic event), but that it happened millions of years ago. Again, there is much evidence this is not so. Let’s take a look…

Rapid Formation of Fossils is a matter of condition, rather than time. “Most fossils are formed when a plant or animal is quickly and deeply buried, out of reach of scavengers and currents, usually in mud, lime, or sand sediment rich in cementing minerals that harden and preserve at least parts of the dead creatures. Evolutionists and creationists agree: the ideal conditions for forming most fossils and fossil-bearing rock layers are flood conditions…Nowhere on earth today do we have fossils forming on the scale that we see in geologic deposits.”1 It is another clue to a global flood that occurred in the past!

Examples of rapid fossil formation include;
1.      Fossil hat-this miner's hat is rock hard. It was found in a mine in Tasmania where it had been covered with water for more than 50 years. Over that time the chemicals in the water precipitated within the open structure of the felt material of the soft hat, thus turning the soft hat into stone by a process called calcification, which means that solid calcium carbonate has impregnated the original felt material of the hat. 

2.      Fossil teddy bears-small teddy bears placed under a waterfall in Yorkshire, England “turned to stone” in three to five months. The so-called Petrifying Well at Knaresborough has been a tourist attraction since 1630. Its water originates underground and has a high mineral content. As the water splashes onto the hanging objects, the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate) is deposited along with small amounts of other minerals. So much for millions of years!

3.      Fossil cowboy boot-“The boot was hand made by the M.L. Leddy boot company of San Angelo, Texas which began manufacturing boots in 1936. Gayland Leddy, nephew of the founter, grew up in the boot business and he manages Boot Town in Garland, Texas. He recognized the ‘number 10 stitch pattern’ used by his uncle's company and concluded that the boot was made in the early 1950's. Only the contents of the boot are fossilized, not the boot itself, demonstrating that some materials fossilize more readily than others. The bones of the partial leg and foot within the boot were revealed by an elaborate set of C.T. Scans performed at Harris Methodist Hospital in Bedford, Texas on July 24, 1997. The Radiologic Technician was Evelyn Americus, AART. A complete set of these 2
scans remains with the boot at the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.”

4.      Fossil dinosaur bones with intact tissues-Bone slices from the fossilized thigh bone (femur) of a Tyrannosaurus rex found in the Hell Creek formation of Montana were studied under the microscope by Schweitzer. To her amazement, the bone showed what appeared to be blood vessels of the type seen in bone and marrow, and these contained what appeared to be red blood cells with nuclei, typical of reptiles and birds (but not mammals). The vessels even appeared to be lined with specialized endothelial cells found in all blood vessels. Amazingly, the bone marrow contained what appeared to be flexible tissue. Many studies of Egyptian mummies and other humans of this old age (confirmed by historical evidence) show all the sorts of detail Schweitzer reported in her T. rex. In addition to Egyptian mummies, the Tyrolean iceman, found in the Alps in 1991 and believed to be about 5,000 years old, shows such incredible preservation of DNA and other microscopic detail.
            And recently, just down the road from where this T. rex fossil was found, the skeleton of a triceratops was located by a rancher. He in turn informed the Creation Research Society who came out to investigate. They dug up one of the horns-which was in the same deposit layer as the T. rex-and after contacting Schweitzer, proceeded with the exact same analysis that she utilized on the T. rex. To everyone’s amazement the horn not only contain soft tissue, but intact blood vessels and muscles as well as red blood cells!

      Preservation of vessels, cells, and complex molecules in dinosaurs is entirely consistent with a young-earth creationist perspective and the Bible. However, it is highly problematic with the evolutionist’s perspective about dinosaurs that died off millions of years ago.

So, as the physical evidence tells us, most of the dinosaur fossils (and most fossils in general) were formed under the conditions of the Great Deluge. In would not be improbable for tissue to survive for several centuries or even millennia under the right conditions. But even under the right conditions, for such things to survive intact for millions of years in just impossible.

On our timeline, dinosaurs (dragons) were created on day five and six depending whether they flew, swam, or were land animals. All but two of each kind (of the land and areal kinds) perished in the flood. And we have much evidence that dinosaurs/dragons existed after the flood as well. Which would account for some of the dino/dragon fossils found in Post-Flood deposits, caught in conditions suited to induce fossilization.
            Which all fits nicely with the history recorded in the Bible! God would not lie to us or mislead us. It is all there-we just have to trust Him!

            Get out there and ejoy God’s beautiful world!
            God bless and take care!
            Willow Dressel
            This week’s night skies reveal onFriday, June 7 Mercury will reach its farthest distance above Venus, 5°… This is the same separation as between fainter Pollux and Castor above them, which come into view as twilight fades further (in the northern hemisphere). 5° is about three finger-widths at arm's length (depending, of course, on the width of your fingers relative to the length of your arm!).”3 Also Saturday the 8th in the new moon, a great night to view all the stars!

photos from Answers in Genesis

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