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Good morning! How are all you fine folks out there? Here in the northern hemisphere time is rapidly marching us toward spring and in the southern latitudes time is marching all you wonderful people toward beautiful autumn! 

Speaking of time, coal deposits are one of the physical “evidences” utilized by secular scientists at “proof” of an old earth (millions of years). But of course they are stumped, and often ignore anomalies that occur within coal deposits. 
Map of coal mine area and where lump of coal with metal was found.

Let’s take a look at two physical objects that indeed prove these evolutionists wrong…

Chernogorodskiy coal mine
A Pennsylvanian coal deposit from the Chernogorodskiy mines of the Khakasis region north of Mongolia has given up a secrete. Coal from this mine is distributed to several areas including all the way to Vladivostok, Russia. In this coastal city, a Dmitry was adding coal to his fire when he noticed a piece of metal sticking up out of
the lump of coal. Upon closer examination he saw that the metal had teeth such as one would find in a geared wheel. Luckily he didn’t throw the piece into the fire but rather brought it to nearby scientists. “According to international Russian news source Komsomolskaya Pravda, biologist Valery Brier helped analyze the odd-shaped object. X-ray diffraction revealed that it was mostly aluminum with about two to four percent magnesium. This unique alloy is not generally produced today. And Brier noted that refined aluminum implies high technology.”1 

lump of coal
When finding like this are discovered, it is extremely difficult if not impossible for secular scientists to explain. So what do they do? Often they turn to non-scientific explanations such as intelligent aliens or time travel. But there is another reasonable explanation. We have a reliable, ancient source that has documented everything from the creation of the universe to the future. It is, of course, the Bible--dictated by the Intelligent designer Himself. And He has told us that in the pre-Flood world, people mined and refined metal (Genesis 4:22). This all makes sense because scientifically speaking radioactive carbon-14 disappears by radioactive decay in under 90,000 years, a significantly large difference from the evolution assumption of 300 million years. It is reasonable to conclude that these artifacts were produced by people who lived prior to and at the same time that vast forests were catastrophically buried by a global flood to become coal. 

Metal gear can been seen protruding from coal in upper right photo. 
Next week we will look at something even more interesting…dinosaur tracks found in coal. What? Tune in next week to find out!

God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel

This week in the night skies; for everyone, Feb 19 is the new moon. For the northern lats; “Juno, the 3rd-discovered asteroid, was at opposition three weeks ago but is now better placed for evening viewing. It's a little west of the head of Hydra (which is west of Jupiter) and magnitude 8.5. With your telescope, work your way to its exact position using the chart in the February Sky & Telescope, page 50. Also on Friday, February 20 Venus, the thin crescent Moon, and little Mars form a tight bunch in the west-southwest during and after dusk, as shown above. They fit in a circle just 2° across at the times of dusk for most of North America.”2

For the southern lats; “Jupiter  is now easily seen  in the late evening sky. It is the brightest object above the north-eastern horizon when twilight ends. It is not far from the bright star Regulus in the sickle of Leo (this forms the head of the constellation of the  Lion). Jupiter was  at opposition, when it is biggest and brightest in our sky, on the 7th, but it will be an
Photo from Astroblog
excellent object for may weeks to come. Jupiter is visible all night and is high enough for decent telescopic observation from around 11 pm, although its visibility will improve in the coming weeks. Jupiter's Moons will be putting on a good display in both binoculars and small telescopes. On the 14th Io and its shadow transits the face of Jupiter from around the end of twilight for about an hour, adn on the 17th Ganymede and its shadow transits from around 2:30 am.”3


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