Tuesday, June 26, 2012


  Hello my friends! How did everyone fair this week? A few of my friends have been struggling with different issues in their lives. Don’t we all? However, about 3,500 to 4,000 years ago, several groups of people struggled with something much bigger. A cold and snow such has never been seen before or since. The ice age.
     Let’s recap just a little to bring everyone up to speed. We just finished a series on the tower of Babel and the dispersal of man (see earlier posts). We learned after God scrambled the languages, due to man’s rebellion and disobedience, people moved from the central location of the city of Babel. They dispersed according to their families and language groups, some of the names of these ancient people are still reflected in names of places and cities around the world today, giving evidence to the truth of the bible.
     So now let’s look at the climate conditions the early travelers who journeyed north would face. Currently, about 10% of our world in covered in ice and snow. During the ice age, about 30% of the world was covered in ice and snow, most in Canada, the northern parts of North America, northern Europe, Asia, and Siberia. The conditions for an ice age must include; cooler summers; in very frigid areas – warmer winters, in warm winter areas – cooler winters; greater snowfall; and it all must persist for many years. What would cause this to happen?
     First, it is obvious the ice age occurred after the Noachian deluge; horseshoe moraines, lateral and end moraines, and bedrocks and loose rocks baring deep parallel groves (striations), etc., are all geologic evidence of glaciation, not receding flood waters. Volcanic dusts and aerosols cause cooler summers over land (the volcanoes would have to be big enough for particles to reach the stratosphere and since these dusts and aerosols tend to dissipate in one to three years, many volcanoes, due to the earth’s settling after the flood, would have been active over a several hundred year period of time), the opening of the great fountains of the deep and underwater volcanism cause warm homogenized  oceans (warmer oceans means greater evaporation), and these conditions would persist over time gradually waning as the oceans cooled.
      In other words, the warm oceans took several hundred years to cool. The land masses in the northern hemisphere would already be cold curing this time. When the warm air over the water meets the cold air over the land it caused the moisture in the air to turn to snow. Summer and winter. This extreme snow piling would build the glaciers. And it would continue until the ocean waters cooled.
     The next question is how long did the ice age last. Michael Oard, well known creation researcher,  speaker, and meteorologist, calculated (using maximums and minimums to bracket the time), energy balance over snow cover which is the most accurate way to measure snow and ice melt; and average depth of ice. His model came very close to the melting averages of the edges of existing glaciers (33 feet per year). The interior of glaciers would be much less (as it is with today’s glaciers). Based on this research the average time for the ice age (glaciation) to reach its peak is 500 years and total time for the post-flood ice age is, on average 700 years. A hundred thousand years is not necessary for the ice age to occur  as secular scientists argue.  
       Secular scientists and creation scientists all start with the same evidence. The different conclusions come about from different assumptions (old earth theory and millions/billions of years). I would rather believe the One who was there in the beginning and the book He left with us…the bible.

Until next time, take care and God bless!

PS  after the sky darkens, Mars, Saturn, and Virgo’s brightest star, Spica, pop into view in the western sky. Take the time to star gaze!
 References:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2IT848_nS8&feature=relmfu  (Michael Oard)

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