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            Hello again my friends! Did you all have a great week? I did…and the end of the week was the best. I spent it helping my friend create a beautiful Mediterranean birthday. We had such a fabulous time, that before it ended we were already planning for next year! It is something we definitely want to repeat. Which leads us to our question of the week; Do ice ages repeatedly happen?
Secular scientists have presented for many years, the idea of more than one ice age. Most secular scientists believe in four or five ice ages. But what does the physical evidence say?
The edge of a glacier is dynamic in nature. When glaciers extend forward, they deposit glacial till (the erosion, transportation, and deposition of a mixture of undifferentiated material ranging in size from clay to boulders to pebbles). When they melt, a layer of sand or uniform soil of some type will be present. Secular scientists believe each layer of till represents an entire ice age. However, these features can easily be explained by; the edge of a single glacier melting (within a single ice age), then surging forward and repeating this process numerous times. When this happens you will often find a layer of glacial till, a layer of sand, then another layer of glacial till and so on. This is why the secular scientists believe there was more than one ice age. They account each layer of glacial till as one ice age and thousands of years.
The journal of Geology states “Glacial reconstructions commonly assume a multiple-glaciation hypotheses in all areas that contain a till cover.”[i] This is the number one reason secular scientists believe in more than one glaciation period…did you catch the key word? Assume. So even though it is presented as fact in our public schools…multiple ice ages is just a hypotheses, a theory.
Because secular scientists believe ice ages are reoccurring, they had to come up with a time period. So 10,000 years became the common agreement. According to them, the last ice age happened about 10,000 years ago and we are in an interglacial period. But that means they believe we are now due for another ice age. Is this true? Back in the 1970’s there was a big stirring in the scientific community about global cooling and the coming of another ice age. Books were even published on it! (now, as you know, they have changed their minds and say we are in a state of global warming[lol]).
Well, does the bible say anything about this? Yes! As a matter of fact, only the bible really explains the ice age (remember, secular science still cannot come up with a feasible answer to how all the snow came about and are far from a solution). Since all the evidence points to (and by the ways, makes perfect sense), the Noachian deluge being the sole cause of the ice age, we can rest assured there will never be another one. How? God gave us his promise there would never be another flood (and therefore there will never be another ice age since the ice age was a direct result of the flood). He even gave us the rainbow as His covenant. Isn’t He awesome! If we would only turn our minds (and our hearts)to Him, He has already given us all the answers!
Food for thought…if the secular scientists can’t , after all these years, come up with a viable mechanism for the ice age, why should we believe them about their ice age theory? Or for that matter, any of their other theories?
Don’t miss next week’s blog were we will answer everyone’s question about the ice age…what about the mammoths?
Until then, God Bless!

[i] Young, et. al., “A Single Late Wisconsin Laurentide Glaciation, Edmonton area, and Southwestern Alberta”, Geology, vol. 22, 1994, pages 683-686.

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