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“Bronze Age” artifacts


Good afternoon all my fine friends out there! Everybody doing good this past week? I sure hope and pray so! It has been a busy week for me as I get my novel ready for publishing. Have I ever told you that I wrote a book? It is a historical Christian fiction that takes place during the time of the Tower of Babel. It’s about one young woman’s experience during the language split. I’ll let you know more about it when in a few weeks it’s in print/e-book. 

So speaking of the language split and the resulting dispersal, more physical evidence of a massive human dispersal has been found. “Scientists used new techniques to sequence 101 ancient human genomes (the genes that make up specific people groups) believed to be from Bronze-Age populations in Europe. Their findings indicate a massive migratory influx of genetic diversity just a few
Answer in Genesis depiction of the Tower of Babel
thousand years ago. This data also coincides with known language diversification patterns, providing strong evidence for the dispersion of people groups at the Tower of Babel.”1 

Secular time scales date what has been dubbed the “Bronze Age” to have occurred from around 1,000 to 3,000 B.C.. Secular historians equate this time frame with great cultural changes because of the diversity of artifacts that are usually found with the ritually buried dead. It is thought because of the immense diversity that it was a “highly dynamic period
involving large-scale population migrations and replacements, responsible for shaping major parts of present-day demographic structure in both Europe and Asia.”2

To further study this era, a large group of secular scientists conducted a DNA sequencing project on 101 different human remains. These ancient  humans were estimated to have died during the Bronze Age and were
taken from across Eurasia. The very newest methods of DNA extraction were utilized to virtually eliminate modern DNA contamination.

Here’s what they discovered… “Compared to modern Eurasians whose genes have been mixing together for several thousand years, these ancient remains showed a variety of distinct relatively unmixed genetic lineages. This is
exactly what one would expect from human DNA sampled

immediately after a massive migration that followed a genetic bottleneck. In fact, previous research showed that this type of genetic data also closely correlates with the geographical dispersion and the distribution of languages. In addition, several other recent studies analyzing the rare variation in the protein-coding regions of modern human genomes, have concluded that the human genome has
diversified not more than about 5,000 years ago.”3

Evolutionary secular historians find this result controversial and unbelievable because it doesn’t fit with the man-made history and long ages of apes evolving into humans and the Bronze Age. However, when you look at the unaltered timeline presented in the most reliable ancient text, the Bible, it very closely aligns with the account of the Tower of Babel were mankind went through a genetic bottleneck estimated around 4,400 years ago. “This is the underlying basis of diversity among nations and people groups that we see today—including an explanation for the new genetic data observed in the ancient Eurasian human remains just [recently] reported.”4

Imagine that, once more the physical world confirms that the Bible is true—unaltered and untainted! 

Remember the Iceman we talked about a few weeks back? Where does he fit in the unaltered time line? Find out next week!

Until next time, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



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