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How have all you wonderful people been this last week? Hopefully you have faired better than I for I fell to a terrible cold or flu. I am still recovering from it but have lingering cough. Back in the old days something like this could have been fatal. Thank you Jesus for modern medicines!

Speaking of the old days and fatalities, when did Ötzi the Iceman live? And how did he die? For the first question,
Secular scientists tell us he lived about 5,300 years ago and was at first assigned to the stone age because Ötzi had a flint dagger and arrow heads. However, a copper axe was also found with the Iceman. Secular archeologists then assigned him to the early European Copper Age stating that the transition from Stone
Age to Copper Age must have occurred much more rapidly than previously thought. However upon discovery of intact red blood cells from an open wound in Iceman’s hand, these scientists claim in surprise that Ötzi has the oldest intact blood cells ever discovered. Upon looking a little closer, the reason these evolutionary scientists were so surprised is because they assumed no red blood cells could be intact for that long of a period of time because of autolysis. “Autolysis is the process where oxygen, which is especially abundant within oxygen-carrying red blood cells, reacts with and fragments the proteins that comprise cells (thus disintegrating them). Few, if any (scientists), expected that red blood cells could have persisted within Ötzi for
perhaps thousands of years until today.” Yet there they are. But that’s not all evolutionists can’t explain. They are even more puzzled by intact red blood cells found in dozens of dinosaur bones. They wonder how both an Ice Age human and ‘pre-historic’ dinosaurs can have intact blood cells. But when you look at the unaltered timeline, recorded in the Bible, it all fits nicely.

Since Ötzi lived in a cold region, known not only by the ice he was found in but also by his clothing; a fur coat, bearskin hat, fur leggings, and grass insulated boots, and some of his equipment; birchbark containers, hazel wood and dog wood shafts — trees found in cooler climates, an alpine swamp grass mat, and a dagger made from flint that came from the Lessini Mountains in Northern Italy. 

The cold climate came from The Ice Age which occurred
Post-Flood and gives us a clue as to when the Iceman lived. In the northern hemisphere The Ice Age started about 100 years after the flood during the 1st Post-Babel generation, and peaked near the end of the 3rd Post-Babel generation about 100 to 200 years later. Glacial decline occurred about halfway through the 5th and during the 6th Post-Babel generations. So It is reasonable to say Ötzi most likely lived sometime between the 2nd and 5th Post-Babel generations about 4,000 years ago. This of course would have been after the language split and dispersal mankind would still be occurring. It is not a
problem for creation archeologists for a find to have both metal and stone tools. This is because we know knowledge of metallurgy was utilized in the Pre-Flood world and brought through the global flood by Noah and his family. Only after the dispersal of mankind would that knowledge, and the Pre-Babel metal utensils and weapons have been limited. Thus it is also reasonable to find metal and stone tools, utensils and weapons together at one site. As a matter of fact, according to the unaltered timeline, we should have these finds. 

Once again the physical evidence, in this case what Ötzi carried with him, supports the Bible.

So how did Ötzi die? Was it exposure? Did he get lost and get caught in a storm? Or was it something else, something more sinister…

Find out next week! Until then,
God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel 

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