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Hello everyone!

How have you been? I am getting sick again from acute allergies and am trying to fight if off with herbs and my nebulizer. The extreme hot heat has finally begun to cool with the coming of the monsoon season. Something everyone one around here is woefully thankful for.

So speaking of hot heat, have you ever wondered if the fire in hell is the same real fire that we experience here on this earth? Many scriptures refer to the fires of hell. Let’s take a look at a few…

Henry Morris of the Institute of Creation Research has written in the Days of Praise devotional a short article entitled “Fear of Fire”. Let’s see what he has to say;

“ ‘And others save with fear; pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh’ (Jude 23).

“This exhortation refers both to attempting to ‘save’ unbelievers by warning them of hell and to warning believers against the influence of apostates.

“The ultimate hell (Greek, gehenna) is not the same as the present hell (Greek, hades), although eventually all those lost
souls now in the latter will eventually be ‘cast into the lake of fire’ (Revelation 20:15). Both are fearsome places of real fire. The inhabitants of Sodom, for example, have been ‘suffering the vengeance of eternal fire’ (Jude 7) for thousands of years, though not yet in that ultimate hell. Also the rich man mentioned by Jesus was in hades and yet was being ‘tormented in this flame’ (Luke 16:23-24).
Both ‘hells’ have literal fires, but it is hard to understand how material fires could torment non-material souls. There is a clue in James 3:6, which calls an unbridled human tongue ‘a fire, a world of iniquity: . . . set on fire of hell.’ Since the tongue is not literally on fire, but can be extremely destructive in human relationships, the implication is that hell itself is a ‘world of iniquity.’

“This aspect of hell makes it even more fearsome than literal fires could ever be. The existence there of billions of unredeemed souls, eternally separated from the holiness and love of God, where all who are ‘unjust’ and ‘filthy’ will continue forever to increase in their unrighteous and filthiness (Revelation 22:11), and in the constant presence also of the devil and his angels, is unspeakably appalling. Yet that was their choice when they rejected or ignored the infinite love of Christ.

“No wonder that Jude urges us to warn them of such awful fire and seek to save them with fear if they won't respond to the compassionate love of Christ. HMM”1

It is this author’s personal opinion that hell is both a real burning fire as well as being surrounded with torturous people. Wouldn’t that be the worst kind of hell?

Please take the time and have good courage to tell people of Jesus’ saving grace this week. And only if you have to, use words.

Until next week, God bless and take care!
Willow Dressel



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