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Hello all you fine people out there! I have been enjoying the cooling monsoons after the hot dry months of early summer and late spring. What a difference the rains make! So how have you been? Hopefully not too hot or too cold, lol!

Speaking of hot, I recently learned that there is a sect of magicians that are trying to discount the miracles that Jesus carried out during his ministry here on earth. Many of them even have signed “contracts with satan” to sell their soul in exchange for the “power” to do these same miracles thus proving that Jesus wasn’t unique nor that powerful. These dark magicians feel it is their duty to challenge the miracle accounts recorded in scripture, calling them the greatest myths in history that have turned into legends. Here is the sight that I got most of my information from:     

These are a few of their attempts at disproving the miracles documented in the Bible…

The parting of the Red Sea; A cup of coffee is used. Notice that it is very dark and you cannot see the bottom. The magician moves his hands about vibrating them, but surface of the coffee remains smooth. Then he blows on it and it starts to churn and bubble and a small indentation appears down the middle. When the coffee settles back down there is a bluish substance swirling on top. The magician then dumps the coffee out so you can see there is no motor hidden on the bottom. There are several things that give this away as an illusion. First the blowing on the liquid, second the bluish substance floating on top. And the timing, the magician did his trick quickly after he
sat down. It is obvious this was a chemical reaction. The dark color obscured the  chemicals at the bottom. Also it is a far cry to part a half an inch of liquid in a coffee cup than to part the Red Sea. If these magician really want to discount the Creator God, then let them part the Red Sea. Or bring on the ten plagues Moses participated in, in Egypt.

Turning water into wine; It is obvious the hand of the
magician hovering in front of the water is allowing particles of dye to fall into the cup; or the cup already contains dye or both. As far as I know no one tested the colored liquid to see if it was wine. And again, if they really can duplicate Biblical miracles why don’t they turn six, 6 gal jugs of water into the best wine? 

Walking on water; Notice (by the crowds) it was a prearranged location and the water was calm. Also notice
how the man walks. He moves very slow, dragging his feet, sliding them around. At one point he even looses his balance and you can see his feet searching for a footing. Also, the man’s feet are slightly under the water, about half his foot. Again, if they really want to discount Jesus, they need to go to any given lake at any given time, take a boat out in a storm with his waves and walk on water. 

Sticking a pin through your body; Any good physician can coach a magician to maneuver a small round pin through most parts of the body to avoid major arteries and organs. Also puncture wounds are notorious for not bleeding. Then all you have to do is manage the pain. So why do this trick since Jesus, nor Moses or any of the other patriarchs did that? 

Now for the trick of many fish coming out of a bucket that originally only contained one. That is an illusion I haven’t been able to figure out…yet. So if any of you know, please write in the comment section and enlighten us all!
Often these dark magic magicians practice necromancy (the supposed practice of communicating with the dead,
especially in order to predict the future), witchcraft, sorcery, vampirism, Kabala, alchemy (the medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter). So bending the top of a glass bottle would be considered alchemy. However, if you notice, something was dropped inside the bottle which obviously caused a chemical reaction in the top of the bottle glass causing the glass to be pliable. There is some truth to some of this for the Bible warns us again contacting the dead, witchcraft, and sorcery. And that is just what we should do—abhor and avoid evil, unlike these people who embrace it. If embraced and without Jesus, the principalities of darkness will take over for they do have some power. 

Do not be confused with these illusions though. Here are a few more things to notice. Illusionists play on our emotions. To they want to 

awe, to frighten or to cringe (such as poking
both eyes black
a large needle into oneself does). When emotion is evoked, rational thinking tends to lessen. Things like playing dramatic, eerie music brings on a sense of anticipation, awe, and even
setting contact
fear. Playing along with Hollywood’s interpretation of how demon possession should look, some of these magicians even use contacts to make their eyes look changed to “show” the demon has entered
only the left eye took (one dark eye, one blue)
them, blinking hard to set the contacts into place. Having participated in the exorcism of several demon possessed people, I can tell you from personal
squeezes eyes tighter
experience, that is pure Hollywood; there is no change in eye color. But again that plays into human emotion (that’s why Hollywood uses it). 

and there you go, both contacts in place

What really needs to be asked is what is satan’s agenda. It is not to entertain people but to keep souls from entering the Kingdom of God to spend eternity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These dark magicians are just using this angle to gain an audience for themselves (but I do believe they think satan is on their side—very deceived. By the way, satan is on no one’s side but his own). Also, satan and his minions cannot create, they can only destroy. 
I hope this clears some things up for you. Until next time, God bless and take care,

Willow Dressel

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