Monday, July 31, 2017



Hello all you fine folks out there! How have you been this past week? I pray very well. I had a very, very, very good weekend. I went to a Christian Writers Conference and was blessed with the fabulous messages taught by author Ted Dekker. 

Here are just a few teachings I’d like to share…

“Our lives are a series of events in which we can change by changing our perception of the events.”

“Whatever God gives us in our own lower nature will be heavy. But in the Light (Jesus) it will not be heavy.” Think about it. Jesus abides in us and we in Him. So if we keep our focus on the Light (which abides in us and in heaven) our burden will be light. 

“THERE IS NO FEAR IN LOVE!” (Big lesson for me , ha ha!)

“Whenever you enter into judgement you become blind—casting yourself out of peace into suffering.”

“This is eternal life; to know Him. Let go of all you think you know of Jesus. Let go of the need to know. Be like a little baby attached to its mother. Attach to Him.”

“Enter into the darkness to find the Light (a place of peace, and wonder, and power).” Often Ted Dekker refers to Jesus as the Light.

“We live in a story. The human man perceives (the events) of life in stories.”

“Put your identity in Christ. The battle is finished. So who are we? We are Christ’s light.”

“If you see correctly, your perception, you see The Light.”

“Your perception of The Light determines if you walk in it.”

And there was much, much more. I actually had the opportunity to speak personally with Mr. Dekker and because of his journey in Christ, he was able to answer questions that have plagued me for thirty years. And through it all my heart has been opened, just a crack, but opened to allow an intense stream of The Light in. I am blown away. I am so excited about my journey into The Light. 

I am beginning it with a devotional that Ted Dekker wrote called “The Forgotten Way.” I know what I will find when I begin. It will be a story about me.

Until next time, God bless and take care,
Willow Dressel


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